Ragnarok Online: Assassin Platinum Skills Quest Guide

Updated on July 20, 2017
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Ragnarok Online Assassin Platinum Skills Quest Guide
Ragnarok Online Assassin Platinum Skills Quest Guide | Source

There's a lot to learn in Ragnarok whether you're playing as a thief or an assassin. Whichever path you take, you must be really determined to make the most out of your grand adventure in Rune Midgard! Are you determined because you want to sneak into the shadows and learn the ways of the assassin? Is it because you want your enigmatic skills to grow even more? Do you want to become the most vicious assassin in Ragnarok Online? Well, whatever the reason, you'll be needing all the help you can get.

Now that you’re an assassin, you have to learn all the necessary skills that can assist you in your adventure. Platinum skills are no exception! They are quite simple and not that strong, but they sure can be helpful and useful in the long run. There are two available platinum skills for the assassin class: Throw Venom Knife and Sonic Acceleration.

This guide will help you master both. Read on and blaze the trail to becoming a ruthless and pitiless assassin in Ragnarok Online!

Assassin Platinum Skills

Throw Venom Knife
Sonic Acceleration

1. Throw Venom Knife

Requirement: This quest has no Job Level requirement.

Quest Instructions:

1. Talk to Kiltin who is inside the Assassin’s Guild on Morroc Field 16 (coordinates: in_moc_16 14,27). Morroc Field 16 is situated 2 maps south and 2 maps east from Morroc.

2. Kiltin will have a conversation with you regarding the Throw Venom Knife skill.

3. After the conversation, Kiltin will teach you the platinum skill—Throw Venom Knife!

Skill Description: Throw Venom Knife is a long-ranged offensive skill that enables you to throw a poisoned dagger with high precision. This skill deals physical damage and has a high chance of poisoning the target. Note that this skill needs a Venom Knife equipped before you can use it.

2. Sonic Acceleration

Requirement: This quest requires you to have already learned the skills “Throw Venom Knife” and “Sonic Blow.”

Quest Instructions:

1. Talk to Esmille who is inside the Assassin’s Guild on Morroc Field 16 (coordinates: in_moc_16 23,27). Morroc Field 16 is situated 2 maps south and 2 maps east from Morroc.

2. Esmille will assign you a task from three possible tasks. Note that the task she will assign to you is random.

3. The task is to venture to the assigned location and claim the treasure.

4. Here are the three possible tasks:

  • Task 1: Sphinx Level 2 – Old Coffin (coordinates: in_sphinx2 212,267)
  • Task 2: Sphinx Level 2 – Stone Statue (coordinates: in_sphinx2 13,163)
  • Task 3: Pyramids Level 4 – Flooded Crypt (coordinates: moc_pryd04 85,96)

5. Task 1 yields a sapphire. Task 2 yields a ruby. Task 3 yields an aquamarine.

6. It is possible that you will fail in claiming the treasure at first try, so just try until you succeed.

7. After collecting the treasure and giving it to Esmille, she will teach you the platinum skill—Sonic Acceleration!

Skill Description: Sonic Acceleration is a passive skill that permanently increases Sonic Blow HIT by +50 and Damage by +10%.

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