Ragnarok Online: Bard Job Change Quest Guide

Updated on October 6, 2017
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Ragnarok Online Bard Job Change Quest Guide
Ragnarok Online Bard Job Change Quest Guide | Source

Are you ready to step up your adventure in Ragnarok Online by changing your job class from an Archer to a Bard? Bards are the musical poets of Rune-Midgarts. This male-only job class sings poetic songs and plays harmonic tunes in order to create a peaceful world. With the power of their voices and instruments, they can deal incredible damage on the front-lines and marvelously support their allies from the rear. One should never underestimate a bard because one voice could make or break everything. Once you become a Bard, you’ll come to fully realize that the world that is overseen by all the nuances of poetry and music.

Now that you’re on your way to becoming a Bard, there’s only one task left for you to complete and that’s passing the Bard Job Change Quest! Don’t fret about it because this guide will help you successfully pass the trial and finally become the Bard of your dreams.

The Bard Job Change Quest

Step 1: Register for the Bard Job Change Quest

Before you take the quest, keep in mind that your Job Level as an Archer should be 40 or above.

To begin, simply talk to the Wandering Bard who is near the center of Comodo (coordinates: comodo 226,123). He is standing near a bonfire just a few steps southeast from the center.

As part of the registration process, you have to ask him to sing for you until he tells you the method to becoming a Bard. Additionally, you have to give him a flower. Any of the following flowers will do:

  • Aloe x1
  • Frozen Rose x1
  • Hinalle x1
  • Illusion Flower x1
  • Izidor x1
  • Ment x1
  • Singing Flower x1
  • Witherless Rose x1

Once you give the Wandering Bard a flower, he will ask you to bring a gift from a talking snowman called Jack Frost and make friends with the people of Lutie.

Note: The easiest flower to procure is the Witherless Rose. It can be purchased from the Trader situated in Morroc (coordinates: moc_ruins 131,138), the Gift Merchant in Lutie (coordinates: xmas_in 169,34), and the Flower Girl in Lighthalzen (coordinates: lighthalzen 112,44).

Step 2: Travel to Lutie Town and Make some Friends

To start the “Lutie Snowman Quest” given to you by the Wandering Bard, you have to go to Al De Baran and talk to Mr. Claus in order for you to get warped to Lutie. Mr. Claus is situated in either the farthest northeast corner of Al De Baran or near the northeast side of the Clocktower.

Once you are in Lutie, head north and you’ll see a building. Go inside and talk to Father Christmas (coordinates: xmas_in 100,96). He will greet you the first time you speak with him. Talk to him again and he will give one of the following presents:

  • Monster’s Feed x1
  • Piece of Cake x1
  • Piece of Cake x2
  • Candy x5

Next, you have to talk to Debra who is inside a house east of the Toy Factory (coordinates: xmas_in 165,173). Debra will then direct you to Jack Frost, the talking snowman.

Talk to Jackfrost who is situated a few steps southeast of the Christmas Tree in Lutie (coordinates: xmas 134,112). He’ll hint that you have to speak with Peterson next.

Peterson can be found behind the Lutie Church just west of the Toy Factory (coordinates: xmas 117,304). He will give you a suggestion to talk to Hairy Uncle Ken about the secret of Jack Frost.

Speak with Hairy Uncle Ken (coordinates: xmas 176,236), and he will ask you to gather the following items in exchange for the secret of Jack Frost:

  • Squid Ink x1
  • Sticky Mucus x1

Once you have gathered the necessary items, return to Hairy Uncle Ken and he will tell you about the story of Jack Frost. After the conversation, he will direct you to Mima.

Mima is inside a house situated west from the center of Lutie (coordinates: xmas_in 27,103). Once you talk to her, she will ask you to bring her the Roughest Salt in the World from Jack Frost. Simply talk to Jack Frost again and bring back the Roughest Salt in the World to Mima. After doing so, Mima will tell you a bit about Jack Frost and direct you next to Howie the Clown.

Talk to Howie the Clown who is located under the Christmas Tree in Lutie (coordinates: xmas 146,136). Ask him about the snowman and he will give you a clue about two kids named Charlie and Marsha—two children who were saved by Jack Frost in the past.

Speak with Marsha who you can find at the east area of Lutie (xmas 208,168). Talk to her and she’ll tell you a lot about Jack Frost. She will even say that Jack Frost even gives presents to his friends.

Finally, return to Jack Frost and speak with him. Now that you know a lot about him, you’ve basically become a friend who understands and appreciates him. He will give you one of the following items as a token of gratitude and friendship:

  • Candy x5
  • Candy Cane x5
  • Piece of Cake x5
  • Well-baked Cookie x5
  • Candy x10
  • Candy Cane x10
  • Piece of Cake x10
  • Well-baked Cookie x10

Now that you’ve received a present from Jack Frost and made friends with him and almost everyone in Lutie, you can return to the Wandering Bard and tell him about your success.

Step 3: Learn How To Sing

The next test simply requires you to sing like the Wandering Bard. All you have to do is listen to him attentively and sing just like him. Key in the correct lyrics with correct capitalization and punctuation, and you will pass this singing test.

Step 4: Get a Musical Present

Keep in mind that this one is an optional task. In this task you have to collect the following items in order to have the Wandering Bard make you a musical instrument. The required items and resulting musical instruments are as follows:

  • Fine-grained Trunk x60 = Lute [2] x1
  • Solid Trunk x60 = Mandolin [2] x1
  • Barren Trunk x60 = Violin [3] x1
  • Trunk x60 = Violin [3] x1
  • Fine-grained Trunk x60 = Harp [2] x1

Note: The only way you can make the Wandering Bard craft a Harp [2] is to be an Archer at Job Level 50.

Step 5: Become a Bard

Now that you’ve passed all the tests, the Wandering Bard will tell you that you’ve grown to become a Bard. You’ll get a musical instrument from him if you asked him to make you one.

Congratulations, you are now a Bard!

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