Ragnarok Online: Dancer Platinum Skill Quest Guide

Updated on October 10, 2017
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Ragnarok Online Dancer Platinum Skill Quest Guide
Ragnarok Online Dancer Platinum Skill Quest Guide | Source

If you want to grow as the most talented Dancer in Ragnarok Online, then it’s a given that you must learn all the skills available to your job class. Do you like performing musical dances in order to support your allies? Do you wish to exterminate enemies using your gracious moves? Do you want to bring peace to the world by using the art of dancing? Well, whatever the reason, you'll be needing all the help you can get.

As a Dancer, you have to learn all the necessary skills that can assist you in your adventure. Platinum skills are no exception! They are simplistic and not that powerful, but they sure can be helpful and useful in the long run. There is only one available platinum skill for the Dancer job class: Wink of Charm.

This guide will help you master it. Read on and blaze the trail to becoming a skillful Dancer in Ragnarok Online!

Dancer Platinum Skill
Wink of Charm

Requirement: Your Job Level as a Dancer should be 40 or above.

Quest Instructions:

1. Talk to Canell who is standing near the center plaza in Comodo (coordinates: comodo 204,172). Strike a conversation with her until she asks you to bring her a Crystal Mirror.

2. Go get a Crystal Mirror. It can be obtained either by defeating certain monster that drops it as a loot or buying it from the Trader who is situated near the tents and the pond in the Morroc Ruins (coordinates: moc_ruins 113,126). The easiest option would be buying it from the Trader for 15,000 zeny. Either way, the following monsters are known to drop Crystal Mirrors by chance:

  • Mavka – 15% Drop Chance
  • Bascojin/White Lady – 5% Drop Chance
  • Iara – 1% Drop Chance
  • Dark Frame – 0.03% Drop Chance
  • Abysmal Dark Frame – 0.02% Drop Chance
  • Owl Duke – 0.01% Drop Chance

3. Once you have the Crystal Mirror, return to Canell and give it to her. She will then ask you to search for Sister Aelle in Prontera.

4. Talk to Sister Aelle who is situated east of the bridge in Prontera that leads to the Prontera Castle (coordinates: prontera 183,333). Strike a conversation with her twice and she ask you to bring her some snacks and drinks. Here are the snacks and drinks she will require as follows:

  • Alcohol x1
  • Apple x1
  • Banana x1
  • China x1
  • Well-baked Cookies x5

It is noteworthy to know that the China can be purchased from the Gift Merchant in Prontera for 1,000 zeny. The Gift Merchant is situated near the stalls on the street on the southwest quadrant of Prontera.

5. Once you’ve gathered the snacks and drinks requested by Sister Aelle, give them to her and she will start to consume them immediately. She will promptly get stuffed and drunk. Talk to her until she asks you to return to Canell and sends you away.

6. Return to Canell and continually talk to her until you learn the platinum skill—Wink of Charm!

Skill Description: Wink of Charm is an active skill that charms the target by means of a sexy wink. The charm effect lasts for 10 seconds, and during that time, the target will not be able to attack you.

When used on monsters, Charm of Wink is affected by how much higher your level compared to the monster. This means that the higher your level, the higher the success rate. When used on players, Charm of Wink has the effect of causing the “Confusion” status ailment only.

Keep in mind that this skill only works on DemiHuman, Angel, and Demon monsters and doesn’t work on Boss monsters.

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