"Ragnarok Online": Hunter Job Change Quest Guide

Updated on July 23, 2020
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Find out what it takes to complete the Hunter Job Change Quest in "Ragnarok Online" with this step-by-step guide.
Find out what it takes to complete the Hunter Job Change Quest in "Ragnarok Online" with this step-by-step guide. | Source

How to Complete the Hunter Job Change Quest

Hey Archer, I see you’re ready to step up your adventure in Ragnarok Online. Hunters are esteemed warriors whose hunting prowess is second to none. They’re extremely agile and dexterous. Everything they do is always on-point. Once you become a Hunter, you’re bound to become an explorer whose mark never misses and whose aura is always melded with nature.

Now that you’re on your way to becoming a Hunter, there’s only one task left for you to complete and that’s passing the Hunter Job Change Quest! Don’t fret about it because this guide will help you successfully pass the trial and finally become the Hunter of your dreams.

Your quest begins with Hunter Sherin.
Your quest begins with Hunter Sherin.

Step 1: Register for the Hunter Job Change Quest

Before you take the quest, keep in mind that your Job Level as an Archer should be 40 or above.

To begin, simply talk to Hunter Sherin who’s inside a house in Hugel (coordinates: hu_in01 386,374). The aforementioned house is located at the farthest northeast corner of Hugel.

Once you talk to Hunter Sherin, the first test of the Hunter Job Change Quest will begin.

Note: In order to get to Hugel, you have to take an airship ride from Izlude to Juno, and another airship ride from Juno to Hugel. Also, if you are playing Classic Ragnarok Online (the version of the game where the town of Hugel doesn’t exist yet), you can reach Hunter Sherin by talking to the Hunter Guildsman who’s located in a place to maps east and one map south of Payon. He’s standing among the trees near the center of Payon Field 10 (coordinates: pay_fild10 148,252).

Hunter Sherin will conduct an interview with you as your first test.
Hunter Sherin will conduct an interview with you as your first test.

Step 2: Take the First Test (Interview)

Hunter Sherin will be conducting the first test, which is an interview. She will be asking you ten questions; all of which sums up to 100 points. For this test, you need to garner at least 90 points. The questions are not really difficult to answer. All of them can be answered with common sense.

Interview Questions and Answers

1. As an archer looking for a place to hunt, what should you do?
Ask a passerby/look for a hunting ground on your own.
2. You’ve found Sograt Desert to be a good place to hunt. The problem is—you’re in Payon! How do you get there?
Use the Kafra service/walk with a friend.
3. Your only choice is to use the Kafra service, but you have no money. How will you get some zeny?
Sell some items/hunt at a nearby place.
4. You’ve managed to make it to Sograt Desert. But then, you discover that the enemies are stronger than you. How will you tackle this situation?
Go back to town.
5. You’re running out of HP and a priest happens to be near you. How would you ask for help?
You say “Would it be possible to get a Heal, please?”
6. You have a rare item in your possession. What will you do sell it?
Wait for a buyer in your chatroom/look for someone who wants it.
7. Someone is asking for zeny from you. What will you do?
Tell them where to level and earn zeny.
8. If you run into someone who’s lost, how would you deal with the situation?
Accompany them to the place where they want to go.
9. You find someone hunting a Boss. What will you do?
Watch and get involved only if asked to help.
10. If you find a rare item just lying on the ground, how will you deal with it?
Try to search for the owner/just ignore it.

Once you’re done taking the interview, you can proceed to take the second test.

See the Demon Hunter for your second test.
See the Demon Hunter for your second test.

Step 3: Take the Second Test (Item Gathering)

The second test will be conducted by the Demon Hunter (Guild Receptionist). He can be found in the same house as Hunter Sherin (coordinates: hu_in01 382,382).

His task is simple; he will ask you to gather a few items that are easy to hunt. There are seven different sets that could be assigned to you. The item sets are as follows:

Set 1

  • Bill of Birds x3
  • Green Herb x3
  • Skel-Bone x5

Set 2

  • Animal Skin x3
  • Venom Canine x3
  • Red Herb x5

Set 3

  • Dokebi Horn x3
  • Piece of Egg Shell x3
  • Fluff x10

Set 4

  • Shell x9
  • Worm Peeling x9
  • Yellow Herb x9

Set 5

  • Bear’s Footskin x1
  • Sticky Mucus x1
  • Tooth of Bat x1

Set 6

  • Acorn x1
  • Yoyo Tail x1
  • Porcupine Quill x2

Set 7

  • White Herb x3
  • Claw of Desert Wolf x5
  • Trunk x5

After gathering the necessary items, give them to the Demon Hunter. He will then allow you to take the third test by telling you to go to the Guild Master in Payon.

One of the Guild Masters will supervise your third test.
One of the Guild Masters will supervise your third test.

Step 4: Take the Third Test (Monster Hunting)

The third test will be conducted by the Guild Master. It is noteworthy to know that there are two Guild Masters in Payon. Depending on your predetermined circumstances, you can go to the Guild Master who’s located inside the Archer Guild in the Archer Village of Payon or go to the Guild Master who’s located inside the Archery House on the right side of the Payon Palace in the center of Payon.

In this test, you hunting proficiency will be tested. You will be warped in a room full of monsters. All you have to do is hunt only monsters with the name Job Change Monster. Hunt four of them within three minutes and you will pass the test. Be careful not to hit the other monsters or fall into traps. A switch will appear after dealing with the four Job Change Monster. Simply click on that and make your way to the exit to finish the test.

Once you successfully finish this test, the Guild Master will give you a Necklace of Wisdom as proof of your accomplishment.

You're almost ready to become a Hunter! Go back to talk to Hunter Sherin.
You're almost ready to become a Hunter! Go back to talk to Hunter Sherin.

Step 5: Become a Hunter

Now that you’ve passed all the tests and gained the Necklace of Wisdom, you can return to Hunter Sherin and make her officially accept you as a Hunter. Additionally, she’ll reward you with a Crossbow[2] if your Job Level was less than 50. If your Job Level was 50, then she’ll reward you with a Hunter Bow.

Congratulations, you are now a Hunter!

Archer, Did You Choose to Take the Path of a Hunter?

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