Ragnarok Online: Mage Job Change Quest Guide

Updated on July 24, 2017
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Ragnarok Online Mage Job Change Quest Guide
Ragnarok Online Mage Job Change Quest Guide | Source

Hey there budding adventurer! I see you’ve decided to become a Mage. Magicians abide by the laws of magic. They are zealots of the natural forces and elements. They dance with magic and chant spells in order to further their knowledge and protect everyone from the darkness that threatens the world.

Now that you’re on your way to becoming a Mage, there’s only one task left for you to do—passing the Mage Job Change Quest! Don’t fret about it because this guide will help you successfully pass the trial and finally become the mage of your dreams.

The Mage Job Change Quest

Step 1: Begin the Mage Job Change Quest

Before you take the quest, keep in mind that your Job Level as a Novice should be 10.

To begin, simply talk to the Expert Mage inside the Mage Guild in Geffen (coordinates: geffen_in 164,124). The Mage Guild is situated on the farthest northwest corner of Geffen.

The Expert Mage will ask you to mix a certain solution for her. She will provide the details and the procedure for the mixing.

Step 2: Learn More about the Solution Assigned to You

The Expert Mage will assign to you one of the four possible solutions. To learn more about the solution assigned to you, you can read the solution guide book that can be found on the shelf in the same room.

Here are the Possible Solutions:

Solution #1
Solution #2
Solution #3
Solution #4
Jellopy x2, Fluff x3, Milk x1
Jellopy x3, Fluff x1, Milk x1
Jellopy x6, Fluff x1
Jellpy x2, Fluff x3
Solvent Agent
Payon Solution
Not Applicable
Payon Solution
Morroc Solution
Mixing Code
Catalyst (Provided by the Mixing Machine)
Yellow Gemstone
Red Gemstone
Blue Gemstone
1 carat Diamond

Step 3: Locate the Necessary Items Needed for the Mixing

Payon Solution:

You can ask Dollshoi to make it for you. He can be found near the spring in the Archer Village. The Archer Village is situated north of the town of Payon.

He will need an Empty Test Tube, which you can buy from the Tool Dealer inside the Mage Guild, and a fee of 50z.

Morroc Solution:

You can ask Ponka-Hontas to make it for you. She can be found near the entrance of the Pyramid in the Morroc Ruins. Morroc Ruins is situated northwest of the town of Morroc.

She will need an Empty Test Tube, which you can buy from the Tool Dealer inside the Mage Guild, and a fee of 50z.

Step 4: Operate the Mixing Machine

As soon as you gathered all the essential ingredients, you can mix your Solution in the Mixing Machine located in the middle of the main room in the Mage Guild. Be sure to input the right items and follow the procedure precisely to prevent any hiccups from happening.

Note: If you make a mistake in the mixing procedure, you will have to redo everything.

Step 5: Give the Unknown Solution to the Expert Mage and become a Mage

If your solution mixing was a success, the Expert Mage will give you her approval and officially accept you as a member of the Mage Guild.

Congratulations, you are now a Mage!

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