Ragnarok Online: Monk Platinum Skills Quest Guide

Updated on October 13, 2017
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Ragnarok Online Monk Platinum Skills Quest Guide
Ragnarok Online Monk Platinum Skills Quest Guide | Source

If you want to grow as the finest Monk in Ragnarok Online, then it’s a given that you must learn all the skills available to your job class. Do you enjoy honing your body, mind, and spirit to their maximum capacities? Do you wish to increase your discipline as an individual to the highest degree? Do you desire of harnessing both internal and external energies in order to protect everyone dear to you and save the world from untimely destruction? Well, whatever the reason, you'll be needing all the help you can get.

As a Monk, you have to learn all the necessary skills that can assist you in your adventure. Platinum skills are no exception! They are simplistic and not that powerful, but they sure can be helpful and useful in the long run. There are two available platinum skills for the Monk job class: Ki Translation and Ki Explosion.

This guide will help you master both. Read on and blaze the trail to becoming an ascetic Monk in Ragnarok Online!

Monk Platinum Skills
Ki Translation
Ki Explosion

1. Ki Translation

Requirement: This quest has no Job Level requirement.

Quest Instructions:

1. Talk to the Monk who is located inside the building near the center of St. Capitolina Abbey (coordinates: monk_test 316,69). He is standing on the left corner inside the building where you took the Monk Job Change Quest. A conversation with the Monk will kickstart the platinum skill quest.

2. After talking to the Monk, go to the Apprentice Monk who is situated just outside the building on the farthest east corner of St. Capitolina Abbey (coordinates: prt_monk 270,198). Have a conversation with him and he will ask you to free yourself from selfishness.

3. To free yourself from selfishness, remove everything from your inventory. Remove each and every equipment and item until your weight is zero (0).

4. Once your weight has become zero (0), talk to the Apprentice Monk again and he will teach you the platinum skill—Ki Translation!

Skill Description: Ki Translation is an active skill that enables you to transfer one of your Spirit Spheres to a party member. This skill consumes 40SP and 1 Spirit Sphere, and lasts for 600 seconds.

2. Ki Explosion

Requirement: This quest requires you to have learned Ki Translation beforehand.

Quest Instructions:

1. Talk to the Monk who is located inside the building near the center of St. Capitolina Abbey (coordinates: monk_test 316,69). He is standing on the left corner inside the building where you took the Monk Job Change Quest.

2. While having a conversation with the Monk, he will ask you to kill some Mandragoras and gather the following items:

  • Shoot x3
  • Stem x20

3. Once you have exterminated some Mandragoras and gathered the necessary items, return to the Monk and he will teach you the platinum skill—Ki Explosion!

Skill Description: Ki Explosion is an offensive active skill that focuses your inner energies in order to deal explosive damage against target enemies. The damage you deal is equal to 300% of you ATK damage and has the power to knock back enemies by 2 cells and stun them for 2 seconds. This skill consumes 20SP and a little amount of HP, and has an area of effect of 3x3 cells.

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