Ragnarok Online: Rogue Platinum Skill Quest Guide

Updated on July 21, 2020
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Ragnarok Online Rogue Platinum Skill Quest Guide
Ragnarok Online Rogue Platinum Skill Quest Guide | Source

If you want to grow as the most devious Rogue in Ragnarok Online, then it’s a given that you must learn all the skills available to your job class. Do you take pleasure in breaking rules and doing things as you please? Do you desire freedom above anything else? Do you want to make the world a better place by annihilating all the unfairness and injustice that currently exists? Well, whatever the reason, you'll be needing all the help you can get.

As a Rogue, you have to learn all the necessary skills that can assist you in your adventure. Platinum skills are no exception! They are simplistic and not that powerful, but they sure can be helpful and useful in the long run. There is only one available platinum skill for the Rogue job class: Close Confine.

This guide will help you master it. Read on and blaze the trail to becoming an outlandish Rogue in Ragnarok Online!

Thor Greg; Comodo Field 07
Thor Greg; Comodo Field 07

Requirement: Your Job Level as a Rogue should be 35 or above.

Quest Instructions:

1. Talk to the Thor Greg who is inside the house on the east side of Comodo Field 07 (coordinates: cmd_fild07). He will tell you the story of his father.

Note: Thor Greg is just one of the three brothers. You can also talk to either Loius Greg or Jay Greg to start this quest

2. Find Haijara Greg who is hidden inside the Rogue Guild (coordinates: in_rogue 355,179). His hideout can be found by going to the lower floor and passing between the two drawers inside the room with four beds. Talk to him and initiate the following conversations:

  • I don’t mean you any harm!
  • I came to help you.
  • No
  • Sure!

Repeat the above-mentioned conversations until he asks you to bring a letter to his youngest son.

Haijara Greg; Comodo Field 07
Haijara Greg; Comodo Field 07

3. Talk to Louis Greg who is inside the house on the southeast area of Comodo Field 09 (coordinates: in_rogue 152,29). You need a password to enter his house.

The password is: My Father never hoarded upgrade items.

After talking to Louis Greg, he will direct you to Thor Greg.

Louis Greg; Comodo Field 09
Louis Greg; Comodo Field 09

4. Return to Thor Greg. Once you talk to him, he will direct you to Jay Greg.

5. Talk to Jay Greg who is inside the hut on the middle east side of Comodo Field 04 (coordinates: in_rogue 181,114). You also need a password to enter his hut:

The password is: Antonio doesn’t enjoy destroying upgrade items.

After talking to Jay Greg, he will ask you to deliver a letter to Haijara Greg.

Jay Greg; Comodo Field 04
Jay Greg; Comodo Field 04

6. Return to Haijara Greg. Once you talk to him and give him the letter, he will direct you yet again to Thor Greg.

7. Return to Thor Greg. Once you talk to him, he will send you to the Close Confine training room.

8. Talk to Kienna who is the facilitator of the test. She will give you five (5) minutes to complete the test. The test is divided into two (2) parts. Here they are as follows:

  • Stand next to Kienna within 1 second – All you have to do is be near Kienna the moment she reappears.
  • Predict Kienna’s movements – All you have to do is guess Kienna’s movements six (6) times by blocking her from the left, right, or rear.

Note: For Kienna’s tests, you need to test your luck and try until you succeed. There are unlimited chances to participate in this test.

Kienna; Comodo Field 07
Kienna; Comodo Field 07

9. Once you’re done with Kienna’s test, talk to Thor Greg and he will direct you once again to Haijara Greg.

10. Talk to Haijara Greg. This time, a Killer will suddenly appear and intervene. You will have to apply what you have learned in Kienna’s test in this situation.

Killer; Comodo Field 07
Killer; Comodo Field 07

11. Predict the Killer’s movements and follow Haijara Greg’s instructions.

12. Once you’ve successfully stopped the Killer, Haijara will finally teach you the platinum skill—Close Confine!

Skill Description: Close Confine is an active skill that enables you to grab your target for 10 seconds and restrict all kinds of movement from both of you. This adds +10 bonus points to your Flee Rate. Should either you or your target die or use a teleport skill, this skill will be cancelled.

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