Ragnarok Online: Wizard Job Change Quest Guide

Updated on September 3, 2017
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Ragnarok Online Wizard Job Change Quest Guide
Ragnarok Online Wizard Job Change Quest Guide | Source

Whether you're a Mage or a Wizard, I see you’re ready to step up your adventure in Ragnarok Online. Wizards are the incarnates of power whose vast knowledge about magic knows no bounds. They’re highly knowledgeable and are capable of harnessing the forces of nature. They always possess multitudes of spells under their command. Once you become a Wizard, you’ll come to discover a whole new world governed by mysterious and mythical energies.

Now that you’re on your way to becoming a Wizard, there’s only one task left for you to complete and that’s passing the Wizard Job Change Quest! Don’t fret about it because this guide will help you successfully pass the trial and finally become the Wizard of your dreams.

The Wizard Job Change Quest

Step 1: Register for the Wizard Job Change Quest

Before you take the quest, keep in mind that your Job Level as a Mage should be 40 or above.

To begin, simply talk to Catherine Medichi who is at the top floor of Geffen Tower (coordinates: gef_tower 111,37). The Geffen Tower is located at the very center of Geffen.

Step 2: Take the First Test (Item Collecting)

Catherine Medichi will ask you to gather some items for her. There are two possible sets of items. Here they are as follows:

Set 1-

  • Blue Gemstone x10
  • Red Gemstone x10
  • Yellow Gemstone x10

Set 2-

  • Crystal Blue x5
  • Green Live x5
  • Red Blood x5
  • Wind of Verdure x5

After gathering the necessary items, give them to Catherine Medichi. Now you can take the second test.

Note: If your Job Level is 50, you can skip this test and automatically take the second test.

Step 3: Take the Second Test (Wizard Quiz)

The second test will be given by Raul Expagarus. He can also be found at the top of Geffen Tower in the corner of the room (coordinates: gef_tower 102,24).

Raul Expagarus will be conducting a Wizard Quiz. He will ask you ten questions with each question amounting to 10 points. You will be required to answer them all and garner at least 90 points. There are three possible quiz sets for you to take. Complete one set and you will pass the second test.

1st Set of Questions and Answers (Spell Quiz):

1. What skill is not required in learning Fire Wall?
Napalm Beat Lv. 4
2. What elemental property does a monster change into after you cast Frost Diver on it?
3. At level 10 mastery, what MATK multiplier does Napalm Beat have?
1.7 Times
4. What item is required in order to cast Stone Curse?
Red Gemstone
5. What skill is not required in learning Safety Wall?
SP Recovery Lv. 6
6. What is the base SP recovered after learning Increase SP Recovery at level 7?
7. At 50% SP, how much SP and what damage percentage is affected by Energy Coat?
SP 2%, Damage 18%
8. When using Safety Wall Lv. 6, how much SP is used and how many attacks are blocked?
SP 35, 7 Hits
9. How much SP does Thunderstorm Lv. 10 use?
10. What is the most effective skill to use in the Byalan Dungeon?
Lightning Bolt

2nd Set of Questions and Answers (Monster Quiz):

1. Which monster drops a slotted Guard?
2. Which monster is the easiest for a low-level Mage to hunt?
3. Which monster is not affected by Stone Curse?
Evil Druid
4. What is the damage percentage of wind attribute weapon against a Lv. 3 water attribute monster?
5. Who would win in a fight, a Baby Desert Wolf or a Familiar?
Baby Desert Wolf
6. Which monster cannot be a Cute Pet?
Roda Frog
7. Which monster is weak against the Fire element property?
Hammer Goblin
8. Which monster has the highest defense?
9. Which monster is different from the rest?
10. Which monster is not an Undead?

3rd Set of Questions and Answers (Mage Quiz):

1. What is the most important stat for a Mage?
2. Which element does not have a “Bolt” type attack?
3. Which of the following is not related to being a Mage?
Good at selling stuff.
4. Which town is the home of the Mages?
5. Which card does not affect INT?
Soldier Archer Card
6. What is a Mage good at?
Exceptional Magic Skills
7. At Job Level 40, what is the INT bonus of a Mage?
8. Which cannot be equipped by a Mage?
9. What is the catalyst for the Mage Test Solution 3?
Blue Gemstone
10. Which card has nothing to do with magic?
Magnolia Card

Once you’re done passing the Wizard Quiz, you can proceed in taking the third test.

Step 4: Take the Third Test (Combat Trial)

The third test will also be facilitated by Raul Expagarus. For this test, you will have to defeat elemental monsters in three different rooms. The elemental rooms and monsters are as follows:

Room of Water-

  • Cornutus x1
  • Marin x1
  • Marina x1
  • Marine Sphere x1
  • Obeaune x1
  • Phen x1
  • Vadon x1
  • Khukre x2
  • Hydra x4

Room of Earth-

  • Caramel x1
  • Deniro x1
  • Flora x1
  • Giearth x1
  • Hode x1
  • Mantis x1
  • Orc Warrior x1
  • Piere x1
  • Savage x1
  • Vitata x1
  • Yoyo x1
  • Mandragora x6

Room of Fire-

  • Elder Willow x1
  • Frilldora x1
  • Goblin x1
  • Greatest General x1
  • Metaller x1
  • Peco Peco x1
  • Scorpion x1
  • Zerom x1
  • Horong x2

You only have three minutes per room to defeat the monsters. Keep in mind that each room has its own elemental strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to prepare properly for each of the rooms.

It is also noteworthy that every time you fail the third test, you will be given a pop quiz before you can retake the test.

Here are the Pop Quiz Questions and Answers:

1. Which monster has a different attribute?
2. Which monster is not a looter?
3. Which monster does not recognize casting?
4. Which spell is effective against a Marine Sphere?
Lightning Bolt
5. Which monster is capable of moving?

After successfully passing this test, go back to Catherine Medichi and speak with her.

Step 5: Become a Wizard

Now that you’ve passed all the tests, you’ve successfully completed the Wizard Job Change Quest. Catherine Medichi will promote you to become a Wizard. She will also give you some Blue Potions as your welcome gift.

Congratulations, you are now a Wizard!

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