"Roblox: Adopt Me": How to Get Money

Updated on July 28, 2020
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Jon is the father of two wonderful and energetic girls and is constantly finding new games to play with the family.

Login Rewards

The first, very obvious, way to get money in Adopt Me is to log in each day. For the first four days, you will get progressively higher money rewards for each consecutive day you log into Adopt Me. The fifth-day reward is then a gift. After the first 5 days the money reward resets for another four days, but the next gift you get, on the tenth day, is a Big Gift. This then repeats until the fifteenth day where you get a Massive Gift. After the fifteenth day, the log-in rewards reset to the beginning.

Daily login rewards. They are always in sets of five.
Daily login rewards. They are always in sets of five.

Play as a Baby With Pets

You have probably figured out that you get money from completing tasks with your pet. But did you know that if you play as a baby you also get money from completing those tasks for yourself?

So by playing as a baby with your pet out you can effectively get twice as much money than playing as an adult with a pet.

Also, if you make a family you can "adopt" other players who are playing as kids. You and they will then get money whenever they complete these tasks. Your adopted kids can also have their pets out, which will then also give you money.

Tasks to Complete

These first ones usually come up at least once per "Adopt Me" day. They appear as a blue circle at the top of your screen.

  • Dirty - Appears first thing in the morning. Place your pet, kid, or yourself into the shower at your home too complete. Gives you 7 bucks.
  • Hungry - You need to feed your pet, kid, or yourself. The cheapest way to do that is to go to the school and grab an apple from the teacher's desk. You can then feed it to your pet or eat it yourself. Gives you 6 bucks.
  • Thirsty - You need to give your pet, kid, or yourself something to drink. Your pet can drink from the water bowl at the school, but you need to get drinks for yourself or your kid. This gives you 6 bucks.
  • Sleepy - Appears in the evening. You need to place your pet, kid, or yourself to sleep in a crib. Your home will have one at the start, but you can find them at a few other locations, such as at the school and the adoption center. This gives you 7 bucks.

You then usually get one of these tasks per day. They appear as an orange circle at the top of your screen.

  • Bored - Find the playground and hang around there. You don't need to do anything, but it can be fun to try the stuff there. You can also play a piano in your home. Gives you 12 bucks.
  • Pool Party - Find the outdoor pool and hang around there. You don't need to do anything, but it can be fun to try the stuff there. This gives you 12 bucks.
  • Let's Go Camping - This can task can appear at night. I really like it because you can both get money from sleeping and completing the camping tasks at the same time. Just find the campsite and use the stuff there to put your pet to sleep or get some sleep for yourself. completing this task gives you 18 bucks.
  • School - Just head out to the school and hang inside for a couple of minutes to complete this one. Might even feed your pet and steal a few apples while you are there. This task gives you 12 bucks.

These orange tasks are different from the blue ones as you need to complete them within a certain time (usually the same day/night) or they will vanish.

And finally, there is one task that you get on occasion.

  • Sick - You need to go to the doctor's office and talk to the doctor there. He can heal your entire family and your pets at the same time. You can also grab a golden apple there and eat it or feed it to your pet to get healthy. But it's easiest just to talk to the doctor. Again, this gives you 12 bucks.

So if you are playing as a kid with a pet you should get around 76 to 100 bucks per day from doing these tasks.

Doctor Heart will heal your entire family at once. Just ask him to do it.
Doctor Heart will heal your entire family at once. Just ask him to do it.

How to Set Up Your House to Complete the Blue Tasks

You can easily set your house up so that you can complete the blue tasks without ever leaving the house. You will already have a shower and a crib for the dirty and sleepy tasks. What you need is furniture that you can use to feed your pets and yourself.

Go into the "Edit House" tab and do the following:

1. Under "Stuff - Pets" you can find a Pet Food Bowl and a Pet Water Bowl. If you buy them and place in your house you can always feed your pet from them.

2. Under "Stuff - Pizza Place" you can find Pizza Dough, Tomato Sauce Topping, Cheese Topping and Pepperoni Topping. You can buy these items and place them in your house to make a pizza you can eat.

3. Under "Stuff - Eastern" you can find Green Tea Cup and Green Tea Kettle. Buy those items and you can make tea with them to drink when you are thirsty.

When you have done this you won't need to leave your house to do the blue tasks.

My kitchen with tea cups and a kettle, and a place to make and bake pizzas.
My kitchen with tea cups and a kettle, and a place to make and bake pizzas.

Get Yourself A Money Tree in Your House

You can collect bucks from a money tree, up to 100 bucks a day. You can buy a money tree from the "Edit House" menu when you are inside your home. The tree costs 1450 bucks, so it can pay for itself in 15 days. Place the tree is a nice place in your house and remember to use the tree every day.

A Money Tree in Adopt Me. Gives you money when you use it.
A Money Tree in Adopt Me. Gives you money when you use it.

Buy and Set up a Lemonade Stand or A BBQ Stand

If you want to you can buy a lemonade stand for Robux. You can then set the stand at a location where other players tend to gravitate too. You can then set a price for your lemonade and if another player buys from the stand you will get the money. You can do the same with a BBQ stand, which sells hot dogs.

A lemonade stand costs 50 Robux and a BBQ stand costs 95 Robux. You can buy them from the in-game shop you access by pressing the shop icon on the right side of your screen.

Buy Cash for Robux.

Finally, you can buy bucks for Robux, but personally I'd rather use my Robux's for things like flying potions and fancy pets than simple cash.

Anyway, I believe that this covers the ways you can use to get money in Adopt Me. If you know of any sneaky tricks not mentioned here I would love for you to comment about them below.

You should also share this article with your Roblox friends to help them along in the game, it's a nice thing to do and who doesn't want to be considered nice by their friends. So, good bye and good luck in getting those legendary pets and toys.

© 2020 Jon Sigurdsson


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