RuneScape 3: 1-99 F2P/P2P Solo Dungeoneering Training Guide 2018 - What to Rush/Skip, Floor Size, Keying!

Updated on March 23, 2018

The Goal

Dungeoneering Skillcape and Master Cape
Dungeoneering Skillcape and Master Cape


Dungeoneering Level
Number of Binds
What That Bind Should Be
The best weapon you can use
The best platebody you can use
A weapon switch (preferably whatever style your main style is weak to)
The Blood Necklace
The Shadow Silk Hood


Welcome to my 1-120 P2P Dungeoneering guide for RuneScape 3 in the EoC. This guide is still valid as of 2016 and is regularly updated considering recent updates and changes to the game. In my guide there are a few different methods to achieving the skillcapes in Dungeoneering. These include:

- The fastest route to 99/120

- The most beneficial route to 99/120

- The AFK route to 99/120

Dungeoneering is personally my favourite skill to level because it incorporates so many skills within the game. Also the fact that you can level it beyond 99 and into 120 adds another dimension of difficulty and challenge to the skill. Dungeoneering gives very good combat exp per hour as well, at least 50K XP/Hour is common when doing solo mediums; this makes for a good method of training combat passively.


In Dungeoneering, choosing the right equipment is vital. It is the difference between getting 50K XP and getting 30K XP. When you first start Dungeoneering you will get 1 bind slot - this should be used to bind the best weapon you can use. Note that if you are using dual wield weapons, you get an extra slot to accommodate the off-hand weapon.

Your next bind should be a defensive bind and the bind after that should be a weapon switch. After this, you can pick 2 amazing binds. The Blood Necklace damages all adjacent enemies for 300 every 15 seconds and also heals the user by the same amount. The Shadow Silk Hood hides the player from all humanoid monsters in the dungeon.

Dungeoneering Level?

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The Fastest Method

This guide is a solo guide to Dungeoneering; however, most of this guide can be applied for team dungeons as well. Just do large floors with 5 people instead of mediums with 1. Other than that, everything is pretty much the same. Assuming that you have followed the guide regarding equipment, and have read the tips for Dungeoneering at the bottom, the training should give you the most efficient XP rates for your level. All of the training methods can be summarised in the table below. Here is the terminology for the table:

-Rush: small size, complexity 1, aim to complete the dungeon in the fastest time possible to get them out of the way

-Small: small size, complexity 6, set difficulty to recommended and follow the tips above

-Medium: medium size, complexity 6, set difficulty to maximum and follow the tips above

Optimising Floors

Current Floor
Dungeoneering Level 1-58
Level 59-70
Level 71+
Frozen (1-11)
Abandoned (12-17)
Furnished (13-29)
Abandoned (30-35)
Occult (36-47)
Warped (48-60)

A Completely Filled Grid

The Most Beneficial Route

This isn't really a method as much as a style of Dungeoneering, getting 99 Dungeoneering will give hefty amounts of XP in lots of other skills as well due to skill doors and the combat requirements in Guardian rooms. The idea is the try to do as many skill doors as possible when in a party and if you are waiting for a key, do some skilling. C2 fishing is one of the fastest ways of gaining fishing XP in the game which involves doing dungeons on complexity 2 so that only fishing and some other basic skills appear.

Also, killing level 198 monsters may seem daunting but each kill gives over 2K combat experience and believe me, this adds up.

AFK Method

The AFK method is perfect for skillers who do not want to level up their combat stats - or any stats for that matter. Despite doing literally nothing, you can still achieve high XP rates exceeding 200K XP/Hour. For this method you will be joining the friend's chat "free leech". This is a friend's chat which specialise in providing free leeching for people. One thing to bear in mind is that the people who do the dungeon are there to try and break records and do not want to be interrupted by leechers, therefore it is important to not train skills, not attack monsters, just stay in the start room and do nothing. And also, definitely do not go AFK. Watch a movie or something in half screen while you wait for the dungeon to end - the hosts get really annoyed if they finish the dungeon and have to wait 5 minutes because you were away and this can get you kicked from the friend's chat.

Dungeoneering Tips

Here are some simple tips to complete dungeons faster:

- bind some law runes and start each floor by Runecrafting some cosmic runes (or vice versa) this allows you to create a gatestone which you can drop anywhere and teleport to. This makes the dungeon quicker

- avoid skilling in the dungeons, unless you need food or XP, skilling is a waste of time

- bonus rooms give an extra 13% of XP at the end of each dungeon, but if you need to make a potion to access that door, just leave it. It is not worth your time to open it

- create a mental mindmap in your head of which doors need which keys, this can help to understand the critical path of the dungeon and therefore complete it faster

Dungeoneering Guide

Thank You

Thank you for reading my guide on how to achieve 99 or 120 Dungeoneering. I hope it can help you achieve your goals as it helped me achieve mine. And hopefully it will be one more skill out of the way towards the Max Cape. At the time of writing this, all information was up to date and is regularly updated to fit in with RuneScape updates. Any comments are greatly appreciated - feel free to add any below.

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