RuneScape 3: 1-99 F2P/P2P Magic Training Guide 2019 - Abyss Training, High Alching for Profit, 800K Experience per Hour

Updated on March 25, 2019
The Magic Master Cape, unlocked after reaching 120 Magic Level
The Magic Master Cape, unlocked after reaching 120 Magic Level


This guide is for pay-to-play and free-to-play Magic training and it will assist you in finding the quickest, cheapest, most profitable, and most effortless ways of training the Magic skill. Magic is useful as it doubles as a combat skill and a utility skill; allowing players to both defeat high leveled bosses and cast useful skilling spells. For players who are pures or skillers exclusively, this guide will also have combat and non-combat methods of training Magic to 99, 120, or even 200 million exp.


There are some useful items to use while training mage to speed up training. For those choosing combat as their preferred training method, magic potions, or overloads are a very good bonus, as they can boost your magic level by up to 16 levels at 99.

A Vecna Skull is another useful item which temporarily boosts your magic level, though is quite useless in most other circumstances.

Those choosing the combat route should use the best equipment available, which is shown in the table below. Otherwise, if skilling, the best option is to use a staff to provide unlimited runes of whichever you are using. For example, casting the high level alchemy spell uses fire runes and nature runes, and using a staff of fire will negate the need for fire runes.

Best Equipment

Staff of Air
Wizard robes
Imphide book/wand
Imphide Robes
Spider wand/orb
Spider Silk Robes
Air Battlestaff
Mystic Air Staff
Splitbark Armour
Ancient staff
Skeletal Armour
God Staves
Grifolic Armour
Ahrim's Staff
Subjugation Robes
Staff of Light
Ganodermic Armour
Virtus wand/orb
Virtus Armour
Seasinger kiba/makigai
Seasinger's Robes
Noxious Staff
Tectonic Armour

Combat Route to 99

Levels 1 - 30:

For levels 1 to 30 you should train in the troll cave just north of Burthorpe. There are plenty of low level trolls here which pose no threat to the player. They are usually one hit kill and should get you level 30 in no time at all, giving 40 experience per kill.

Levels 30 - 41:

For levels 30 - 41 you should be killing hill giants in the Edgeville Dungeon. They are easy to kill and can be safespotted if you are worried about food. Remember that you should always be using the best spell available to you.

Levels 41 - 65:

From here you should switch to killing Ogres west of Yanille, they give 300 experience per kill and should get you to level 65 within a couple of hours. Note their weakness to air spells allows you to take advantage and kill them slightly quicker.

Levels 65 - 70:

For these 5 level you should use Water Wave on Exiled Kalphite Guardians, found south of the desert pyramid. These also have a high blue and crimson charm drop rate so you may wish to stay here for longer if summoning is a skill you prioritize.

Levels 70 - 99:

From here the quickest way to 99 is also the most AFK-able. You can get to 99 in a few days using the Abyss method. Making use of multi-target spells such as burst spells in the Ancient Magicks allows the player to gain around 250,000 Magic exp here per hour, that doesn't include constitution exp either. It is also possible to train defence in this way too, by changing the combat exp settings in game.

Non-Combat and Money Making Method

For those players who for some reason do not wish to level constitution, or simply want to make as much money as possible from skilling should use this section. Unfortunately getting to level 7 Magic without using combat is very difficult, so it is best to either get level 7 through combat, or use treasure hunter exp rewards to get to level 7.

Levels 7 - 33:

At level 7 you should begin making enchant sapphire tablets in your Player Owned House. This makes around 8 gp/exp and will quickly get you to level 33.

Levels 33 - 55:

At 33 you can begin using Telekinetic Grab on the gold necklace in west Varrock bank. Though this doesn't make money, it is the quickest non-combat way to get to 55. Alternatively, you can continue creating enchant sapphire tablets, or others if they make more profit, until level 55.

Levels 55 - 99/Higher:

At level 55 you unlock the High Level Alchemy spell. This is the best magic money maker in the game, aside from some combat methods. This allows you to turn items into money. Often it can be difficult to find good items to alchemise, however the best item in the game is Onyx Bolts(e). They have a GE Price much lower than their alchemy price and give around 10gp/exp until 99, giving around 130 million gp in total from 55-99.

Another Method

I couldn't make this guide without talking about Slayer. Slayer is one of the most convenient skills in the game as it allows you to train all combat skills at once. It is also a very good money maker when you get to higher levels as the drops from monsters improve significantly.

If you want to level magic exclusively then read above, however, if you are aiming for max, then Slayer should be prioritized as not to waste exp leveling it when you already have 99 Magic.

What is your favorite way to level Magic?

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Thank You

I hope this guide helped you level your Magic skill, if you have any questions please ask below, or check out one of my other guides below!


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