RuneScape 3: 1-99 F2P/P2P Ranged Training Guide 2017

Updated on July 30, 2017


Welcome to my brand new 1-99/120 Ranged Guide for RS3! This guide will show you a variety of ways of achieving max level in Ranged and there are a few ways to do this:

  • Profitable
  • Quick
  • AFK

Depending on your time availability and how much money you have, you may prefer one of these ways to another. Ranged can be a very quick and expensive skill to get to 99 or can be slow and profitable like a lot of skills. You will also train Constitution at the same time, or you can choose to train Defence with these methods too!

Trimmed Ranged Skillcape EOC
Trimmed Ranged Skillcape EOC


Before you start training Ranged you need to make sure you have the right equipment! A more accurate bow or higher defensive gear will increase your kill speed and reduce your need to bank for food as much, meaning exp can be gained faster! The table below gives the best equipment for each level.

Note also that monsters are weak to specific combat styles, so sometimes we should use different styles of weapon (crossbow/bow/throwing knives) so we should utilize this to speed up training times.

Equipment Level
Soft Leather Armour
Hard Leather Armour
Oak Shortbow
Studded Leather Armour
Willow Shortbow
Snakeskin Armour
Maple Shortbow
Green Dragonhide
Yew Shortbow
Blue Dragonhide
Magic Shortbow
Black Dragonhide
Elder Shortbow
Royal Dragonhide
Elder Shieldbow (Sighted)
Crystal Bow
Royal Crossbow
Death Lotus
Death Lotus Darts
Ascension Crossbows

Fastest Way To Max

This part will show you the quickest way to get 99, 120 or 200M Ranged. Note that these methods are the standard methods, and while chinchompas are faster, and slayer is more profitable, this is a mix of both.

Levels 1 - 20:

Levels 1 - 20 should train on chickens, found on the eastern side of Lumbridge, getting 25 exp per kill. For a low level I'd recommend picking up the feathers as each one is worth 50gp and can quickly add up if you don't have much money to begin with.

Levels 20 - 40:

For this you should train at Chaos druids found at Taverley Dungeon. They give 50 exp each so wont take long to get to level 40. They are weak to arrows so use a bow, the also drop herbs frequently so collect for money or clean for herblore exp.

Levels 40 - 50:

At level 40 you should begin training at pyrefiends, found in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. They give 125 slayer exp each but also require level 30 slayer. If you don't have 30 slayer the best alternative is baby blue dragons, which ties nicely to the next levels. Remember you'll need an antifire potion here aswell!

Levels 50 - 70:

After level 50 you should train at blue dragons in the Taverley Dungeon for 263 exp each. They also have very good drops in the blue dragonhide and dragon bones. You'll need a dusty key to enter the dungeon however.

Abyssal demons are also a very good option if you have 85 slayer, and they also drop a lot of crimson charms.

Levels 70 - 99:

After level 70 you can continue all the way to whatever your goal is in a few different ways. In my opinion the best way is through training at waterfiends. They give 934 exp per kill and have one of the highest drop rates of crimson charms in the game which is great for summoning exp in the future.

Profitable Method

The best way to get ranged experience while turning a profit is in my opinion killing Rorarii in the Ascension dungeon. Although you will get more money per hour killing the Queen Black Dragon, Rorarii give a considerable exp rate, far more than the QBD does, making it my preferred choice. They drop ascension keystones at a rate of around 10 per hour, varying in price between 150 and 350K each. This can give a considerable profit. Taking an inventory of super restores and using soulsplit will sustain the player for as long as they need.

Another classic method of making money through ranged is Slayer. While it may sometimes be far more efficient to use other combat styles for a slayer task, a lot of tasks use ranged, and training all combat styles in unison while training slayer is a very efficient way to play.

AFK Method

The AFK (Away From Keyboard) method of getting a high ranged level is a very interesting one. It involves using red chinchompas in the abyss. As you may know, chinchompas are able to damage all enemies in a 3x3 area around where it hits. Using a bonecrusher and soulsplit or super restore potions will provide more than enough healing. To do this method, get the best armour you can and head to a quiet world in the abyss. Be careful going through the wilderness to get there. If you haven't been before you will need to complete the abyss miniquest. Once inside stand in an area with a higher than average amount of monsters and start attacking. They will remain aggressive for around 5 minutes until you should move to another area and return. This method can give upwards of 500K Ranged experience per hour. However it is quite expensive to buy chinchompas.


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Thank You

Thank you for reading my Ranged guide, I hope it helps you reach your goals! If you would like more indepth guides into the combat skills or training them with Slayer, feel free to read my other guides below!


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