Runescape 3: 1-99/120 P2P Invention Training Guide 2019: What to Disassemble for Parts, Augmenting Tutorial

Updated on March 25, 2019

Welcome to my RuneScape Invention leveling guide. Here I'll tell you everything you need to know about invention, as well as what to augment, what to disassemble, how to level up invention quickly, how to do it cheaply, and how you can make money leveling invention!

First we will ask - What is Invention?

Invention is currently the most recent skill added to RuneScape. It was added in January 2016 and was the first elite skill, requiring level 80 in Crafting, Smithing, and Divination before you can unlock this skill.

It is the second skill after Dungeoneering to have a level cap of 120 (not including virtual levels) so has a master cape of accomplishment as well as a regular one!

Future Updates

Invention was only recently released and as such has not been "completed" as of now, an update is planned for September 2017 which will tweak the skill adding several features such as:

  • Adding a way to store gizmos
  • Adding more content between levels 99-120
  • Removing the inspiration mechanic
  • Adding machines in the Invention Guild
  • Adding benefits to items leveled up higher than level 10

Note that all these updates are subject to change and there will be several other features added too!

Initial concept art for Invention weapons.
Initial concept art for Invention weapons.

Starting Out

When you finally achieve the level 80's required to begin inventing - you should head to the Invention Guild, found between Falador and Barbarian Village - there is a large invention symbol found on the floor outside it. Here you should speak to Doc who will guide you through the Invention tutorial. This won't take very long and should give you a good grasp of how Invention works! From here onwards the guide will asume you have completed the tutorial and understand the basics of Invention.

Now you understand that nearly all invention is carried out at Workbenches; there are actually several of these found around Geilinor:

  • Furnace west of the church in Ardougne
  • Oldak's laboratory in Dorgesh-Kaan
  • Anvil in Constorium building in Keldagrim
  • Seer's Village anvil
  • Anvil south of west bank in Varrock
  • Anvil south of bank in Yanille

Training The Invention Skill

There are a few ways of training the Invention skill:

  • Leveling Equipment and siphoning/disassembling them at high levels to get large amounts of experience - siphoning keeps the equipment but gives slightly less experience
  • Creating Gizmos which gives good exp but can be expensive to gain the parts required
  • Creating Items such as equipment siphons or Pogo Sticks

The most common method of training is the first method which has the advantage that it can be trained in conjunction with other skills. The most common way of training Invention is to do something like Slayer or Fishing and augment all your equipment. As you train your skill your equipment will level up and eventually you will be able to siphon/disassemble it for large amounts of invention experience.

Tech Trees - Specialization

At level 40 invention the player has the opportunity to switch from the basic Human tech tree to the cave goblin or dwarven tech trees - these influence which items are unlocked first but no matter which tree you choose - you will still be able to craft all items eventually!


As you level up, more and more blueprints will become available to discover. Discovering a blueprint requires a certain amount of inspiration, a currency which is rewarded for playing the game and gaining experience. A future update plans to remove the need for inspiration so this feature may be redundant soon!

Once discovered the blueprint must be "solved" in order to use less inspiration - this is done by solving a small puzzle regarding the position of certain construction materials and is generally not difficult to solve.

The blueprint "solving" interface!
The blueprint "solving" interface!

Disassembly Guide

Players are able to disassemble items in order to gain parts. These parts are what is used to craft gizmos and as such disassembling items is a huge part of Invention. You can disassemble items by dragging them to the Invention button - found at the bottom of the inventory beside the currency pouch.

Disassembling something gives a small amount of experience and some parts. The parts you get depend on the item, for example - a needle will give junk nearly all the time, while a Noxious Scythe will give Noxious components 100% of the time. Higher tiered items are more likely to give higher tiered items.

Some of the most common parts, as well as what should be disassembled to obtain them can be found in the table below!

Common Items

Item to Disassemble
Rune bolts
Dragon longsword
Crystal flasks
Titan's con. scrolls
Harmonic dust
Black kiteshields
Magic stock
Dragon spear
Antipoison++ (4 dose)
Portent of restoration X
Royal d'hide vambraces
Rune maces
Magic logs
Tortured souls
Rings of slaying
Magic shieldbow
Royal d'hide vambraces
Junk refiner device
Dragon 2H sword
Adamant ore
Rune maces
Titan's con. scrolls
Magic shieldbow
Magic stock

Rare Items

What to Disasssemble
Third-age items
Armadyl items
Sirenic gear
Bandos items
Spirit shield
Barrows gloves
Royal crossbow
Hand cannon
Treasure trial unique items
Ganodermic gear
Elemental items
Black/white items
Noxious items
Seasinger items
Void knight items
Tetsu items
Saradomin items
Crystal items
Chaotic items
Death lotus items
Zamorak items
Zaros items


As you level up and unlock more gizmos and items, you will also be able to augment certain weapons, armour and tools! To do this you must build an Augmentor at an Invention workbench and then apply it to the item. After this the item will be untradeable and you can now add gizmos with perks to it!

Perks are added to gizmos through the Invention interface and can be positive or negative and higher quality parts will give better perks. The RSWiki gives exact layouts for what parts to use to get the higher leveled perks!

First a player must create a gizmo shell and then fill it with materials (parts). There are 5 slots and using common materials puts 5 in each slot whereas rare materials only use one per slot.

Perks can also be different tiers - up to tier 5 on some perks.

Leveling Up Equipment

Once your item is augmented you can begin leveling it up. Take a look at Fishvention for example:

  • You craft a fishing Rod'O'Matic through a workbench - then you can add gizmos to it such as furnace which will occasionally burn the fish for extra exp
  • You train fishing using your Rod'O'Matic as normal - but with slightly faster fishing exp due to your perks!
  • After around 800K Fishing exp your Rod will be level 10 and can be disassembled for around 500K Invention exp

This process can easily be applied to Slayer/Combat as well! You augment your weapons and armour, put on good perks to improve your combat efficiency, then train Slayer as normal and disassemble/siphon at level 10/12.

As you use augmented equipment you will use up charge, a currency which can be added to your tool belt by buying divine charges. These are quite costly and crafting your own can be a great way to make a lot of money!

Disassembling at different levels gives different experience and other rewards, seen below!

Useful Tools

Parts can also be used to create useful tools such as:

  • Chinchompas which do more damage than non augmented versions
  • Accumulators which work like urns
  • Siphons which reset item experience and give Invention experience but do not destroy the equipment

These items can be useful in playing the game and make Invention a very useful skill!

Thank You

I hope my guide has helped you learn some more about Invention! If you have any questions feel free to ask below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks and good luck!


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      it skips uncommon items


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