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"RuneScape 3": Top P2P Ways to Make Money (All Levels, 2022)

Paul is very knowledgeable about "Old School Runescape," with a maxed Ironman as well as a maxed regular account!

This guide covers how to make money in "RS3" at any skill level.

This guide covers how to make money in "RS3" at any skill level.

Method 1: Killing Araxxi

The requirements for this method are shown below and this is a method for high-leveled players. Following this guide can make you a profit of 8,000,000 coin per hour!

The following skill levels are recommended:

  • 138 Combat Level
  • 96 Summoning Level
  • 96 Herblore Level
  • 95 Prayer Level
  • 90 Crafting Level
  • 92 Agility

The following items are recommended:

  • Araxyte pheromone
  • Level 90 Weapons
  • Level 85/90 Armour
  • Overload Potions
  • Super Restore Potions
  • Saradomin Brewa
  • Vampyrism aura/scrimshaw
  • Adrenaline Potion
  • Enhanced Excalibur
  • Any Shield
Araxxi's Acidic Sludge

Araxxi's Acidic Sludge

Strategies for Beating Araxxi

Araxxi is a very difficult boss for average players, but for people who are experienced at combat and especially with the mechanics of this boss, it can be a very very effective money making method. The main profit from this method comes from the completion of the Spider Leg. The spider leg is made by combining three parts of the leg. Each leg part is obtained from a different path and only two paths are open during any 4 day period.

Araxxi has 4 phases during his fight, the first and last of which are independent of the pathway taken. The strategies are listed below:

Phase 1

Two of the pathways are covered by webs and one is blocked, choose one of the webbed pathways and ignite the web to save time while you are damaging Araxxi. Once Araxxor reaches 5000 hitpoints, you can proceed to phase 2.

Phase 2

If you have selected the top path, Araxxor will be able to spawn 3 eggs which will explode if the player stands on them or will turn into 3 spiders if the player does not. You should stand on the eggs. He will also be able to spawn 5 spiders which should be killed before progressing. You can progress at any stage but you should defeat the smaller spiders and lower his health to 5000 hitpoints before proceeding.

If you have selected the middle path, you must lead Araxxor into the acid pool to absorb it. He can now spawn acidic spiders which must be dodged or it will kill the player by exploding. Lower Araxxors health to 20000 hitpoints before leading him up the ramp.

If you have selected the bottom path, Araxxor will block the light and the player will take constant damage. Occasionally Araxxor will drop from the ceiling and run at the player, the player must dodge so that Araxxor hits the wall, eventually destroying it.

When Araxxor swipes right, dodge right, when he swipes left, dodge left. When his legs point sideways, dodge up and when his legs point down, dodge down.

Phase 3

Here Araxxor will choose the other path available. He will also be healed during this phase by spiders, which can heal him to a proportion of the life points he finished the last phase with - hence it is important to lower his health before proceeding to the next stage. You must lower his lifepoints to 0 before phase 4.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is very rapid and can fluster a lot of players, lots of minions will be summoned for the first 50,000 health of the battle. Keep your stat levels high, eat and try to deal as much damage as possible to Araxxi. Once she is dead, loot the corpse for the remains.

This method provides a risky source of profit but is well worth it as a full spider leg sells for 130,000,000 gp!

Royal Dragonhide is a very good armour set.

Royal Dragonhide is a very good armour set.

Method 2: Tanning Royal Dragonhide

  • None

Tanning royal dragonhide is a very simple way of making money with absolutely no skill requirements. The only thing to note is that the more money you have the more money you will make. In an hour you can tan 20,000 royal dragonhides using portable crafters. 20,000 royal dragonhides will cost you around 100,000,000 gp, however, so it is advisable to buy around 2,000 and tan them then sell them then repeat.

Method 3 for Free Players: Superheating Runite Ore

  • 85 Smithing Level
  • 43 Magic Level

This method is the best way of making money for free players but unfortunately it requires a Smithing Level of 85 and a Magic Level of 43.

How to Maximise Efficiency

In one hour it is possible to superheat 1800 runite ore with maximum efficiency, there are several ways to maximise efficiency:

  • Use a staff of fire for unlimited fire runes
  • Use a bank preset configured to 11 nature runes, 11 runite ore, 7 coal and a coal bag and set it to the quick preset number 1 or 2 so you only have to open the bank interface and press a button to get your inventory loaded out.
  • Set the superheat item spell to your action bar and then you only have to continuously press a button to cast the spell

This method can draw a profit of around 2 million gp which is a very reasonable amount for a free to play player!

Method 4 for Free Players: Fletching Headless Arrows

  • None

This way of making money is quite slow, with a profit of around 500,000 gp per hour. However, it only requires 3 inventory slots and is very simple. It also has no skill requirements so can be used by anyone.

The method involves buying arrow shafts and feathers and then fletching them into headless arrows. You can craft around 40,000 headless arrows per hours, however the buy limit for arrow shafts and feathers is 10,000 and 20,000 per 4 hours so an overnight order should be put in.

Due to the fact that this method only requires 3 inventory slots, it can be used in conjunction with other methods which have a slow recharge time such as collecting grapes in the Cooks' Guild, red spider eyes in Varrock sewers, or collecting Wine of Zamorak outside Falador.

Thank You

Thanks for reading my money-making guide. This is updated frequently so will always have the fastest methods of making coins in RuneScape. The trick to making coins in this game is persistence! It does take time and effort to make money, some methods are easier, such as fletching headless arrows, and some methods are more fun, such as fighting Araxxi.

Make sure you stick with the methods and you will eventually so the spoils of your effort, and finally be able to afford that party hat!



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