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"RuneScape": 99 Construction Guide

I am still looking for something more specific to write about, but until then, I will share my knowledge of "RuneScape"!

Learn how to level Construction quickly in "RuneScape" and minimize your training costs!

Learn how to level Construction quickly in "RuneScape" and minimize your training costs!

Training Construction in RuneScape

Construction is one of the fastest skills to obtain level 99 in, but with that speed comes a very high cost. You will be looking at 100m+ to get 99 at the current prices of oak planks and supplies, so construction is not a skill for the poor. But if you are looking to get a few levels or have the money to get 99, you will be leveling very quickly and obtaining the skill cape in a short time frame.

Buying Your House

In order to purchase a house, simply visit any real estate agent throughout RuneScape. The one I usually used was in Varrock on the east side on the road north of the bank. Simply talk to the agent and purchase a house, and you will be able to get to your house in whichever town it is located (or by using the house teleport spell). Once you have a house, you can build the required rooms which I will list as the levels progress.

Level 1–19: Crude Wooden Chair

Items Needed: Saw, Hammer, Planks, Nails

Until you get to a higher level, you will have to run/teleport to your house and to the bank in order to get your planks since you will not be able to use a butler of any sort. I used the ring of dueling in order to teleport to castle wars and used a house teleport tab to get to my house during this stage. Simply build a Parlour, and build and tear down the crude wooden chair until you hit level 19.

Level 19–22: Oak Chair

Items Needed: Oak Planks, Hammer, Saw

The same as the normal chairs, you will be building and tearing apart the Oak chairs until you hit level 22. You will no longer need any nails, you will only need the hammer and saw along with oak planks to build these. At level 20 you are able to hire a servant if you would prefer to not have to bank. You can simply bring noted planks instead and pay your servant to unnote these. From this point on, you will want to hire the best servant or butler possible for your level.

Level 22–33: Oak Tables

Items Needed: Oak planks, Hammer, Saw

You will now move over to your dining room where you will be building Oak tables until level 33. The process is exactly the same where you will be building and tearing the tables apart. Make sure you are using the best servant possible in order to help save time.

You can hire a butler at level 40.

You can hire a butler at level 40.

Level 33–74: Oak Larders

Items Needed: Saw, Hammer, Oak Planks

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You will now move into the kitchen where you will be building Oak Larders until level 74. It uses the same process as everything else where you will be building and tearing the larder apart. Once you hit level 40, hire your butler who you will be keeping for a while since a demon butler is not required. The butler is fast enough and brings you enough supplies that you will be constantly moving and will not need the additional supplies a demon butler brings. Build these until you hit level 74, where you will be moving to the dungeon.

Level 74–99: Oak Dungeon Doors

Items Needed: Hammer, Saw, Oak Plank

Once you hit level 74, you can begin building your Oak Door's inside of your dungeon. These require 10 oak planks each, and will net you approximately 200K xp/hr. This will be a very fast way to get level 99 and very cost-efficient, but if you are looking to get there as fast as possible and money is no object, then you can begin building mahogany tables inside of your dining room at level 52 and use mahogany rather than oak planks. This will increase your XP/hr, but it will also cost much more, so for the small amount of time saved, I would not recommend using this option.

To get your butler into the dungeon, simply build a dining table, and ring the bell. He will then come down to the dungeon where you can begin getting him to unnote your planks.

Money Saving Tips/Tricks

If you want to level construction but do not want to spend as much money, there are a few things that you are able to do in order to save you some cash.

Making Your Own Planks

The first thing you could do would be to turn your own oak logs into planks. Simply run them from Varrock east bank to the lumberyard to the north-east of Varrock and convert your logs into planks. This will cut down on cost heavily, but will add much more time on your quest to get level 99.

Using Sacred Clay Hammers From the Mini-Game

Another thing you can do to save money is to play the mini-game stealing creation where you will earn sacred clay hammers as rewards which you can use in place of your normal hammer. These will give you double experience for a short period of time until they disintegrate, but this will mean you need half the supplies as what you normally would to get to level 99 if you have enough hammers. This also increases the XP/hr once you do get started on construction, it will just take much longer if you factor in the time it takes to get each of these hammers.

The Construction skill cape.

The Construction skill cape.

Skill Mastery

Once you reach level 99, it is time to go and purchase your skill cape, and reap the rewards of all that money and time you spent getting your construction up. You will head to any real estate agent around RuneScape where you will be able to purchase the skill cape for 99K gp. Once you have reached level 99, you will no longer be required to pull apart and rebuild any of your house, so at this point you may decide to build your house how you would like it.

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