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"RuneScape": 99 Firemaking Guide

I am still looking for something more specific to write about, but until then, I will share my knowledge of "RuneScape"!

Get advice on reaching level 99 in Firemaking the quick and easy way.

Get advice on reaching level 99 in Firemaking the quick and easy way.

About Firemaking in RuneScape

Firemaking is a pretty easy and fast skill to level to 99. It simply requires a lot of clicking and attention if you want to do it, so you must be willing to put in a lot of time and effort if you wish to achieve the skill cape. Getting 99 in this skill will cost you money, so it is not something you should do if you are looking to make money rather than spend it.

Experience Table














Curly Roots


Level 1–15: Normal Logs

Items Needed: Tinderbox, 61 Logs

Varrock or Falador are two pretty common places to burn logs. You just need somewhere that has no obstacles in the way for a long line so you can burn all 27 logs continually. To light the logs, simply click the tinderbox and use it with the log. This will burn a single log, and after successfully lighting the fire, you will move one space over where you can begin to burn the next log. Lighting logs in succession will speed the firemaking process, so make sure you are paying attention and begin lighting the next log immediately after you move.

Level 15–30: Oak Logs

Items Needed: Tinderbox, 183 Oak Logs

There is nothing new here between the normal logs and the oak logs other than the log type. Stay in whichever location you chose to firemake in, and repeat the same process only with oak logs. Each log delivers 60XP, and you will need to burn 183 logs to progress to level 30.

Building fires and burning logs.

Building fires and burning logs.

Level 30–45: Willow Logs

Items Needed: Tinderbox, 535 Willow Logs

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Again, there is nothing new here. Simply burn 535 willow logs, and you will be level 45. Willow logs are very cheap, so this will not cost you much money at all.

Level 45–83: Maple Logs

Here is where you can choose what kind of burning you would like to do depending on how much money you are looking to spend and how quickly you want to level. If you have 83 Woodcutting, there is something you can switch to at level 83 that is free and provides pretty quick experience along with earning you some woodcutting experience. From level 45 to 83, you will need 19,346 maple logs in total. If you choose to burn maple logs from 45 to 99 in order to save money, you will be burning a total of 96,096 logs instead.

Level 83–99: Curly Roots

Items Needed: Hatchet, Tinderbox, Juju teleport spiritbag

From level 83 to 99, you will be required to burn 27,361 curly roots in total. You also need 83 woodcutting in order to chop these roots though. Use the Juju teleport, and follow the route outlined in the video on the right in order to get to the lair. You will then chop the curly roots, and once you have a full inventory, you will use them on the fire in the lair to gain your firemaking experience. You get a total of 2 roots from each of the vines that are growing. These do not cost any money, so it may be a good way to obtain 99, or a good change up to gain some experience if you are bored of lighting logs.

Level 60–99: Yew Logs (Optional)

From level 60 to 99, you will need to burn a total of 63,016 yew logs. This is not recommended though, since the cost of yew logs is so high. But if you have a lot of money and do not really care, then this may be a time-saving alternative.

Level 75–99: Magic Logs (Optional)

In order to get to level 99 from 75 burning magic logs, you will need to burn a total of 38,921 magic logs. This option again is not recommended since it will cost you an incredibly high amount of money to get 99 in, and will not save you that much time.

The Firemaking skill cape.

The Firemaking skill cape.

Skill Mastery

Now that you have obtained level 99 firemaking, you need to head south of Falador in order to purchase your skill cape for 99K. All of the clicking and hard work has paid off, and you will now have a new cape to showcase the work!

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