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"RuneScape" 2007: Fire Cape Guide Jad EOC

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JBastow is a "RuneScape" fan who enjoys sharing strategies and tips for the game.

The coveted fire cape in "RuneScape."

The coveted fire cape in "RuneScape."

This is a RuneScape guide that will tell you the fastest and best method for defeating Jad and getting a fire cape. This guide will also explain the best tactics for killing Jad and the monsters in the waves leading up to Jad.

How to Get to the Tz-Haar Fight Caves

There are various ways that you can get to the fight caves but my preferred choice is just to use a charged amulet of glory and to then rub it and teleport to Karamja. Once you have done this you will need to head towards the volcano on the island which is West so continue to run west until you reach some rocks.

Next you will see a rope going down into the cave and this is where you want to go so click on it and head straight down into the volcano. As soon as you have went down the cave you will see that there is a Brown and Orange cave entrance and this is where you want to go through next.

The next step is to continue to run west until you see the bank logo on your map and directly across from the bank is the entrance to the fight caves.

  • 43 Prayer
  • 45 Defense
  • 70 Range

Anyone who is trying to complete the fight caves must have at least a minimum of 43 prayer. This is because you will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to kill Jad later on in the fight caves when he begins to use his range and magic spells. I also recommend 45 defense as well as 70 range; this will become clear later on in the guide when I tell you about the tactics you should apply when in the fight caves and also what your inventory should contain and what armour you should be wielding.


I recommend that your Inventory consists of the following:

  • 8 Saradomin brews
  • 2 ranging potions
  • 18 Super-restore potions
  • A lot of purple sweets (optional)

What Should I Wear?

It depends entirely on your combat level and how much money you actually have but I recommend that you wear the best Ranging armour that you possibly can as well as a rune crossbow and a divine shield. If you cannot afford a divine or you don't have the required stats to wield a divine use the best shield that you can for your defence level.

Try to wear the best dragonhide that you can wear and also if you wear blessed dragonhide this will give you a prayer bonus which will help slow down the rate at which your prayer points decrease. I recommend that you use Diamond Bolts and that you are also wearing an Ava's Acumulator; this is because if you are not wearing an accumulator you will lose a lot of bolts and also a lot of cash.

You will need a lot of bolts for the fight caves so I recommend anywhere between 700–1200 bolts depending on your ranging level. I also recommend wearing an amulet of glory or an amulet of ranging.

Cheap Outfit

Rune crossbow, Black dhide body, Black Vambs, Rune platelegs, Rune Kiteshield, Archers Helm, Snakeskin Boots, Ava's accumulator, amulet of glory and also a lot of diamond or ruby bolts.

Expensive Outfit

Full Armadyl, rune crossbow, Ava's Accumulator, Amulet of Fury, Enchanted Diamond Bolts, Archer Ring, Regin Bracelet, range boots, Dragonfireshield or divine or unholy Zammy book.

The Monsters

Tz-Kih level 22: Each hit that it inflicts on you drains 10 of your prayer points so try to kill these monsters as quickly as you can as they also drain your prayer points if they don't hit on you.

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Tz-Kek level 45: These monsters are very easy to kill, and you should not have too much to worry about when killing these monsters.

Tz-Kek level 22: When you have killed the Level 45 Tz-Kek it splits into two mini versions of level 22 Tz-keks, again these are very easy to kill, and you should not really have much bother with killing them.

Tok-Xil level 90: This monster is very powerful and can hit constant 200's on you unless you use the protect against range prayer. It can also switch to use melee, so I recommend keeping your distance and ranging it.

Yt-Mejkot level 180: This monster uses mele but can be quite easy to kill if you use the various safe spots that are in the fight caves example; hiding around the corner and ranging it until it dies. You should not be using prayer against this monster as because of their size they are really easy to be trapped at safe spots.

Ket-Zek level 360: This monster uses magical attacks as well as mele, you MUST protect from magic when fighting this monster and also try to keep your distance as it can hit anywhere up to 600 on you with mele.

Tz-TokJad level 702: This is the hardest monster of them all, and I will explain how to kill this monster later on in this guide.

Yt-Hurkot level 102: These monsters use mele and also act as healers towards Jad so you will have to focus on killing both these monsters as well as Jad if you are going to be successful in getting a fire cape.

Safe Spots at the Fight Caves

There are various safe spots within the fight caves but the first one that you will come across is the one directly in front of you as soon as you enter the fight caves. It is located north east of the entrance and it is very distinguished as it looks like the boot of Italy (shape of Italy). When here you will not have to switch to any other safe spots in the caves as this one is probably the best one that there is. I recommend using these safe-spots from about level 15 onward when the Yt-Merkot monsters come.

The 62 waves you'll face before Jad.

The 62 waves you'll face before Jad.

Tz-Haar Fight Cave Wave Stratergy

Waves 1–28

Waves 1-28 are rather simple and I recommend to start using the Safe spots at level 15 when the Yt-Merkot monsters come.

Wave 29

At wave 29 you will see two Yt-Merkot monsters spawn this is when you really have to concentrate, trap both behind the safe-spot and then after you have killed the first one you will have to activate your protect from magic prayer all the way up until Jad this is because the next round the level 300 Magic monsters come and these can 1hit you with magic.

Waves 30–61

Always protect from Magic continue to use safe-spots and now is also a good time to start using some of your ranging potions to kill the monsters quicker and to also get to Jad quicker.

Wave 62 and Jad

At the end of wave 62 pot up and stay calm and prepare yourself for Jad. Jad will use both magic and ranging attacks and can one hit you so you must be aware of what attack he is using and you must also be quick at switching from protect from magic to protect from range.

  • His ranging attack sounds like a stomping sound so when you hear this switch to protect from range and his magic attack sounds like a sparkley glitter sound so when you hear this switch to magic.
  • Try not to go close to Jad as he can also one hit you with melee.
  • When Jad is attacking with range you will see him stomp his two front feet this is when you want to switch to protect from range and when he is using magical attacks he will tilt his head backwards and release a large fireball this is when you should protect from magic.
  • When Jads Healers arrive you want to attack them all so that they are all focused on you and not healing Jad. Try to trap two healers behind you when you are facing Jad and two to the side. The healers can hit and kill you rather quickly so remember to drink your Saradomin brews and to also try to finish Jad as quickly as you possibly can.
The fearsome Jad.

The fearsome Jad.

I hope this guide helped you. If it did please comment below as I really appreciate your comments. Thanks!

© 2012 JBastow


jakob r on February 28, 2013:

i got mine before eoc using full gano, poly staff, sacred clay mage shield, inf boots, barrow gloves, fury, and mage cape(t). im 99 mage and was 85 def at the time and it worked very well.

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on July 26, 2012:

hey guys check out my brand new farming guide just releaed today!

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on June 21, 2012:

Will do I just haven't had time with my exams over he past few weeks but if you follow me/subscribe you will be able to see when I have published he new fight caves guide.

Jared on June 21, 2012:

Make a guide on new caves please! Not kiln, the new had caves. They changed a lot

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on June 19, 2012:

Old fight caves and I'm not sure I'd take as many as you can because if you have allot spare you cold always sell them after.

Jared on June 18, 2012:

How much diamond bolts would it take to kill him with 70 range? And also, is this the new or old fight caves?

Readifer on June 12, 2012:

Thank you for this guide, more helpful then any of the other guides. Personally I wear a guthix cape for prayer bonus so my prayer points don't deplete as fast, you already are safing so accumulator doesn't work. Otherwise a very good guide.

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on June 12, 2012:

Good luck Jacob and thanks for the comment Tarek, make sure you check out my other guides as they are all runescape related.

Jakob R on June 08, 2012:

this is a good guide, it really helped (: thanks! i died at wave 56 on my first attempt ): but im not giving up :)

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on April 09, 2012:

Thanks for the feedback josh! :)

joshua white on April 09, 2012:

nice guide really helped

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