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"Rust" Submarine Guide

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A veteran "Rust" degenerate with 4.5k hours, a rock, and a dream.


Submarines in Rust

A vehicle added to Rust during the summer of 2021, submarines allow players to dive below the surface. This can allow players a more sneaky way to traverse the map, especially to contest some of the monuments on the water. However, the primary reason is to reach the underwater labs added in the same update. The underwater labs update feature moon pools only accessible underwater for divers and submarines. The labs themselves hold significant loot, including barrels, crates, scientists, and even card rooms. Most notably, there are a significant amount of low grade fuel and crude barrels. Also, larger labs may feature all the card types, even multiple, and this can be an incredible way to get loot. To view the size of an underwater lab, you'll have to use the toggles of the underwater map to view the size and shape of each of its floors.

Going to the underwater lab is possible with a diving kit, but due to the threat of sharks and the speed of swimming, a submarine is the far favorable option.

How to Find One

While you can occasionally find submarines spawned on the beach similar to boats, the primary means to get one is to purchase it from the vendor in a fishing village.

  • Solo submarine costs 200 scrap to purchase
  • Duo submarine costs 300 scrap to purchase

When in a pinch, you can even go fishing off the fishing village docks, catch fish, and trade them in for scrap to buy the submarine. It'll be loaded with 50 low grade fuel to be immediately usable, which will last roughly 5 minutes, but a few gutted fish can give you enough to last more.

Buying a Submarine From the Vendor

For 200-300 scrap you can buy a submarine and explore the depths!

For 200-300 scrap you can buy a submarine and explore the depths!

How to Use One

The controls to use a submarine are fairly simple:

  • Use the typical directional keys, WASD on a keyboard, to move around.
  • Use the crouch button, Ctrl on a keyboard, to submerge and go deeper.
  • Use the sprint button, Shift on a keyboard, to float towards the surface.
  • Pressing the jump button, Spacebar on a keyboard, exits the submarine, so be careful not to do this while underwater or you could drown!

Each submarine features a small amount of storage and the option to load them up with torpedos. It's also important to note that they only have 10 minutes of oxygen and you'll need to surface to refill. However, in a pinch, you can wear an oxygen tank while underwater in a submarine and use that oxygen instead.


You can also arm your submarine with torpedoes shot by the driver. To get torpedoes, you will need to:

  • Buy them from a vendor in fishing villages for 75 scrap. You'll receive a stack of two.
  • Tech tree them on the level 2 workbench for 75 scrap, at the bottom of the weapons branch below high velocity rocket. This is not recommended as it's extremely expensive to get that far.

Ideally get them from the vendor for 75 scrap and research them for an additional 75 scrap.

Using a Torpedo

Load your torpedo into your submarine. In the duo submarine, simply look down while in the driver seat to find the storage. After that, it's simply point and click! The torpedo detonates on impact or after quite a long distance. It's also fairly loud, being between a gun and an explosive. It can do a number on boats and other submarines, so they are very valuable when contesting underwater labs or when countering something like a cargo or oil rig.

Torpedo Storage

Look down while driving to find and load up the torpedo storage!

Look down while driving to find and load up the torpedo storage!

Final Thoughts

Initially a strange update, the submarine feels like a fairly natural addition to the game that expands both the viability and complexity of playstyles favoring water and shorelines. Building on the water is just a little bit more practical with a new monument type that has multiple around the map, plus a new vehicle to move around in. Factor fishing into the mix that was added in the same update, and it definitely feels like a balancing on viable strategies on the map.

I definitely recommend giving it a try, in particular visiting the underwater labs. It's possibly the best loot in the game and clearly one of the best, if not the best, way to get low grade fuel.