Runescape's Sea Slug Quest

Updated on May 15, 2018
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Nini has been playing the MMORPG Runescape for over 12 years, and loves questing. IRL she loves pets, music, nature & Psychology.

Something strange is happening on the fishing platform.

Missing fishermen and the presence of dozens of strange sea creatures gives cause for concern.

Investigate the platform and discover the truth before it's too late.

— Jagex

Get Ready for Questing!

Quest prerequisites None!

This is the first in a four-part series of quests involving slugs, and thus is a prerequisite for the second installment, "The Slug Menace."

Skill prerequisites: 30 Firemaking.

Items you need for Quest: Swamp Paste (Can buy on the Grand Exchange).


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 7,175 Fishing XP
  • Access to the fishing platform
  • Oyster Pearls
  • 2 Treasure Hunter Keys

Talking to Caroline in Witchhaven
Talking to Caroline in Witchhaven | Source

Questing Steps!

  • Speak to Caroline in Witchhaven, east of Ardougne. She is standing by the water near the Willow Trees. Accept Quest.
  • After speaking to Caroline, go talk to Holgart who is standing close to Caroline. At the end of the conversation, hand him the swamp paste. You'll then see a cut scene.
  • Speak to Holgart again and select, "Will you take me there?" to go to the fishing platform.
  • Head west to the small hut and talk to Bailey. In Bailey's hut there is a broken glass on the floor. Take the broken glass.
  • Go northeast on the platform and take the damp sticks.
  • Go up the ladder and west into the hut. Speak with Kenneth (he is hiding behind the stacked crates).
  • Go back down the ladder and head southeast where you will see Holgart.
  • Speak to Holgart. When you arrive on the island, Speak to Kent. After Kent pulls a disgusting sea slug off of you (who even knew that was hiding there? Yuck!) Speak to Holgart again to head back to the fishing platform.

Now it's time to Rescue Kenneth!

At the fishing platform by the ladder
At the fishing platform by the ladder

Onwards Quester!

  • Try to climb the ladder again. You won't be able to, and take 40 damage.
  • Head back to Bailey again who gives you an unlit torch.
  • Here is what you do:
  1. Use the broken glass on the damp sticks.
  2. Click the "Rub-Together" Dry Sticks option.
  3. You now have a lit torch, which is 20% cooler than a regular torch (wait, cooler... did I mean, hotter?)

20% Cooler
20% Cooler | Source
  • Go Back up the ladder with the lit torch.
  • Speak to Kenneth again. He won't leave because he's scared.
  • Go out of the hut and to the northeast side of the wall and kick the "badly repaired wall" leaving an opening "big enough for Kenneth to climb through."
  • Speak to Kenneth again.
  • Go east and click "rotate crane," and you'll get a cut scene. Kenneth is safely lowered onto Holgarts boat.
  • Go back down the ladder and speak to Holgart to return to land at Witchhaven.
  • Speak to Caroline once again.

Quest Complete!

A Job Well Done.

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