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"World of Warcraft" Silk Cloth Farming Guide

I've been playing "World of Warcraft" since 2008 with the launch of "The Burning Crusade." I enjoy gold-making and achievement hunting.

The map of Feralas.

The map of Feralas.

In Feralas you will be able to farm some mobs with a very fast respawn rate. In this spot you will be able to get from 1,000 to 1,200 Silk Cloth per hour, as well as some extra gold on the side and the chance to get a cool rare companion.

The place I am talking about is New Thalanaar and you will be killing Grimtotem Marauders. They are close together and respawn quickly, and thus this place is quite good for farming Silk Cloth.

Where to Find the Grimtotem Marauders

These monsters are level 39–40 with a health pool of about 1400 HP so they can be killed easily by anyone over level 60.

There are two spots to find them: a small island (sort of) and the 'coast'. I do not know how to explain these spots exactly so I made two screenshots in-game to show you what I mean. In these two spots, a lot of Marauders spawn close together.

Spot Number 1: The Island

Spot Number 1: The Island

Screenshot of Spot Number 1

In spot number 1, shown above, you will find a couple of Marauders near the bridge, a couple near the tower and a couple near the dock.

Spot Number 2: The Coast

Spot Number 2: The Coast

Screenshot of Spot Number 2

Spot number two (shown above), is along the coast and it has 10–15 Grimtotem Marauders relatively close together, clumped up in groups of 3–4.

They're very easy to kill and loot.

How to Farm These Two Spots

  1. Kill and loot the Grimtotem Marauders in spot number 1.
  2. Move to spot number 2 and kill and loot.
  3. Come back to spot 1 and repeat the process.

These guys spawn in 5 to 10 seconds from what I saw. You will have 0 downtime except the 2–3 seconds it takes you to move from spot 1 to spot 2.


Loot Breakdown

In 15 minutes of farming I got the following:

  • 286 Silk Cloth
  • 39 Mageweave Cloth
  • 10 BoE Green Items

For these 15 minutes of farming, I got an estimated value of 1,696 gold for the items I looted which is quite nice.

Most of the green items I got were worth 50–200 gold since most of them are part of transmog and RP sets.

Silk Cloth on my server is quite a good seller; 1 piece of Silk Cloth is approximately 1.5 gold.

Chance at a Rare Pet: Sprite Darter Egg

In this spot you also have a chance to get the Sprite Darter Egg which is a nice little companion.

It is BoP and you are not able to sell it, but if you are a collector or a Pet Battle enthusiast, then this spot is quite good for you—there's a chance for a pet as well as decent gold per hour.


Mojo jojo on April 20, 2019:

20 minutes of farming 29 pieces of silk cloth