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"Star Wars: The Old Republic": A Guide for the Telekinetics Jedi Sage Class and Combat Proficiency

Video games are a big part of my life, and I wish I wanted them to stay that way.

My telekinetic Jedi Sage standing over his victim in victory.

My telekinetic Jedi Sage standing over his victim in victory.

After over eighty hours of gameplay with the Jedi Sage class as I ran the Balance combat proficiency, I finally decided to change my proficiency to Telekinetics. Quickly I realized that I should've been running Telekinetics from the get-go! The base damage on my most used skills quickly changed from the one-thousand mark to well over three-thousand.

If you're going to run Jedi Sage as your class, you absolutely must choose Telekinetics as your combat proficiency! It's simply the best for the Jedi Sage!

Telekinetics is the Best Jedi Sage Combat Proficiency

Had I known sooner how terrible the Balance combat proficiency was for the Jedi Sage, I would've switched it over to Telekinetics near-immediately. Telekinetics is, unarguably, the best damage output choice for the Jedi Sage. Trust me on this one, if you chose Balance then you need to switch up your chosen proficiency as soon as possible.

Upon my switch over to Telekinetics, I discovered that the damage output I was delivering was profoundly higher than with Balance. It was so much higher that I decided I would test it without any companion our group members against NPC threats, and I was actually holding my own against battles with strong characters. Granted, this can be done with Healer as well, but DPS is way more important to me than playing the role of a healer.

Telekinetics offers you the chance to be one of the most helpful players in the game if you know how to build your equipment and skills properly.

I place my utility points to promote damage and launching attacks consecutively.

I place my utility points to promote damage and launching attacks consecutively.

Telekinetics Equipment Overview

As is so common with any proficiency you've chosen to play, as you utilize the Jedi Sage class we need to focus on upping your output numbers with damage and healing. If you aren't putting out a hefty amount of damage and healing, you're a worthless Jedi Sage worthy of the deepest disdain. No one wants to feel the wrathful scorn of their team and the biting disappointment of failure, so you need to grind for better rated armor with the right skill buffs.

Being that the Telekinetics proficiency is a DPS build, your armor needs to reflect such a sentiment. Take the first step in your Telekinetics journey by realizing you are a squishy build and you'll die easily, so any armor that focuses on endurance is absolutely useless. I'm going to give you the gist of things, but if you're looking for a complete armor breakdown please click here.

For the Jedi Sage, always, we want to focus on obtaining armor that is going to make us hit harder and become more competent fighters. That means you're going to want to raise your critical and power ratings. Critical and power ratings are deathly crucial to the successful Jedi Sage player, and if you choose to deviate from this idea you will see your combat efficiency drop drastically.

Don't be the guy who could care less about armor specs and builds for your character. As a Jedi Sage, you're basically just getting carried anyways when compared to Smugglers and Sentinels, so there's no need to be even more of a damper on the team's output. Go to fleet chat, step out of your shell, and ask for help with grinding for your optimal armor pieces!

Even more important than obtaining those armor pieces to grant you higher output efficiency would have to be the way you utilize your newfound power.

How to Be a Literal Force God

As a Jedi Sage, you are a Force Lord; that means you are striving to have the ultimate command over the Force and all that control entails. Unfortunately, you're a middle-of-the-road being in TOR and there are better choices, but you want to be a Sage and so we will learn how to be a literal Force God against the will of the developers. Contrary to the title, in order to become a God, you must learn to be a complete coward.

As was stated previously, the Jedi Sage is a squishy class and no amount of armor and stats will ever change that. You are a delicate kite being pulled along by your stronger teammates, but that doesn't mean you can't be helpful as the coward. You need to utilize the cowardice that is inherent in your abilities and provide the DPS support your team needs.

Just like with the Balance proficiency, you need to be more aware of your environment than you are aware of your enemies. This means that you need to find a good spot to drop your Phase Walk marker and be ready to dip out of any tense situation that arises. Focus on finding the proverbial high ground before any battle, have a strategy to get there, and then hammer that DPS down on your enemies.

As seen in the picture above, I've laid out my skills so as to promote the consistent launching of attacks and debuffs. However, I don't have many healing effects because I traded that in for heavier damage. Ensure you always keep that in mind, because I cannot express it enough that you are a squishy target and not a tank.

Embrace the art of playing a squishy build, being a DPS support character who utilizes cowardice as their greatest weapon, and get used to running away from the fight rather than into it.

Good luck, and good fighting!