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"Star Wars: The Old Republic": How to Optimize Your Gambling Experience on Nar Shaddaa

Video games are a big part of my life, and I wish I wanted them to stay that way.

I stood here at this one machine spinning the wheel for over forty-five minutes.

I stood here at this one machine spinning the wheel for over forty-five minutes.

Nar Shaddaa is known to most fans as the Smuggler's Moon above the Hutt homeworld, Nal Hutta. It's a world that thrives on crime, debauchery, and all things seedy. In The Old Republic, Nar Shaddaa continues to live up to its reputation as a crime-filled hideaway for the worst individuals in the galaxy, but has also become the gambling annex for the game.

If you don't seek to optimize the time you spend gambling on Nar Shaddaa you could end up spending hours pointing at and clicking slot machines.

There Are Better Things to Do With Your Time

It cannot be expressed enough that, as an objective fact, gambling on Nar Shaddaa is an absolute waste of your time compared to other activities you could be doing for better rewards. The amount of time it takes to actually empty your wallet out at the casino is so egregiously high that it surprises me every time I see how populated the casino is with players. Personally, I'm never going to go back to the casino except to do quests.

Once you do all the quests in the casino, there really is no good reason to sit there wasting precious grind time on spinning wheels and flashing lights. Perhaps if they add Pazaak and dancing girls you can actually interact with, only then would the casino be worth sitting in for hours, but unless that comes along you'd best avoid letting your hairs turn grey as you spin the slot machines. Running the same flashpoint over and over would be more efficient, productive, and fun than rotting away at the casino.

However, for those of you looking to optimize your experience and time on Nar Shaddaa and within its casino, I have a few very important tips for you to utilize.

It looks unorthodox, but this is what you should look like when gambling.

It looks unorthodox, but this is what you should look like when gambling.

Step 1. Obtaining an Auto Clicker

There will be no tool in your arsenal that will assist you more at the casino than a trusty auto clicker. An auto clicker will save your clicking finger, eyes, and sanity from the long hours you would otherwise spend in front of the screen watching wheels spin for meager and useless rewards. Personally, I can't live without one if it means having to go to the casino, so I have a suggestion as to which auto clicker you should use.

OP Auto Clicker is the tool that I utilize to help me maintain efficient output at the Nar Shaddaa casino so that I don't strain my patience and eyes so much. I've been using this thing since my days of flax picking on Runescape, and it still does just as good of a job, if not better than in the past. I assure you the file is safe and ready-to-use.

For those who think this may be a form of cheating, I can assure you that it absolutely is not. Gambling is an unhealthy practice, even when you are gambling away virtual currencies with no monetary value. An auto clicker prevents you from the mental and physical harm that the rinse and repeat cycle of gambling demands from you.

Once you've downloaded your auto clicker, you now need to optimize your character placement.

Step 2. Standing in the Right Spot

For the sole purpose of getting the most bang for your buck . . . I suppose we could say in this scenario to obtain the most dip for your chips, you need to place yourself near the machines in such a way that you can use two machines at the same time. Now, it's impossible to synchronize your use of the two machines perfectly, but with that auto clicker, we can get pretty dang close to it. Please draw your attention to the picture above.

For some strange reason, it is more difficult to use two machines from the front than it is from the back, so I always stand behind the machines. Once behind the machines, I align my camera perfectly between the two and attempt to wedge myself right into the middle. Once I have found that sweet spot where both slot machines can be clicked without moving, I turn on the click recorder function on the auto clicker and go to town.

Once the auto clicker is doing its thing, the most crucial step comes into play.

Step 3. Have Patience, Young Padawan

Step three is the most important and final step for optimizing your gambling experience on Nar Shaddaa, and this is because gambling on Nar Shaddaa is not a fun experience, to begin with! However, as a completionist, I had to find the most efficient way to gamble as possible and the hardest part for me has actually been to allow the auto clicker to do its thing and stop playing the game to go do chores and work out.

You see, it took me over two hours to earn thirty gold certificates in the casino using this method; and this is, arguably, the most efficient method for grinding in the casino. Two hours for one of the only rewards worth playing in the casino for, and still I have hundreds upon hundreds of chips left. I think by now you can see why patience is key.

So make sure you get that auto clicker, perfect your character placement, and learn the art of patience before you even think of spending any more time in Nar Shaddaa's casino. Only then will you have learned the most efficient way to gamble on Nar Shaddaa.