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How to Start a Guild in "World of Warcraft"

These are some of my guildees.

These are some of my guildees.

How to Start a Guild: Step-By-Step

What Is a Guild?

A guild is, as defined, an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal. In World of Warcraft, this is true. A guild can be started by one person who leads the guild and rallies other players of the game to join them and engage in fun activities together. These activities include but are not limited to things like PvP, running dungeons, raiding, and questing together.

By reading my other article, “A Day in the Life of a Guild Leader,” you can see how being in a guild is very rewarding and how it can be more than just a group of people playing together—eventually, it becomes like a family. If you are here reading this, I assume you already know the basics of World of Warcraft and what a guild is, and you just want to know what it takes to become a successful guild leader.

What You Need to Start a Guild

Before you decide to make a guild, you need to have a few things:

  • Make sure you know what you want to call your guild.
  • Have a good idea of what type of guild you are going to run (PvE, PvP, Role-play, etc.).
  • Make sure you have plenty of money. You are going to need some gold to start up your guild and purchase a guild bank, tabard, and stuff to put inside the guild bank.
This is the Horde Guild Master in Orgrimmar.

This is the Horde Guild Master in Orgrimmar.

1. Purchase a Guild Charter

First things first—in order to be a successful guild leader, you need a guild, and to start a guild, you need to purchase a guild charter. The horde charter can be purchased in Orgrimmar by Urtun Clanbringer by Grommash Hold in the Valley of Strength. While the Alliance charter can be purchased in Stormwind by Aldwin Laughlin in the Trade District.

When you buy your charter, you’ll be asked what you want to name your guild. After you are certain what you want to name your guild, make sure that you capitalize and spell everything the way you want—you will have to pay if you want to change it later.

Get Signatures

Now that you’ve named your guild and bought the charter, it’s time to get some signatures! Hopefully, you already have a few friends that are willing to sign your charter. If you don't, though, there are usually people in trade chat that are willing to sign with an alt or something.

Once you have all your signatures, go back to the NPC that you purchased the charter from and turn it in to him.

Congrats! You are now a Guild Leader!

Interface of the tabard creator

Interface of the tabard creator

2. Create a Tabard

I find this step to be the most fun when creating a new guild!

When creating an icon, you are not only creating your Tabard, but your guild's Crest. This will be shown on your Guild flags, the guild bank, your tabard, the guild interface screen, etc.

To create your Crest, you will need to go back to the same person that you purchased the guild charter from and select the option “I want to create a guild crest." You will be presented with an interface that previews your character, along with options to change the Icon, Icon color, border, and background. After you decide how you want your logo to look, you just hit accept, and it’s created, and your guild gets a nice little achievement along with it.

Checking the guild bank in Orgrimmar

Checking the guild bank in Orgrimmar

3. Set Up Your Guild Bank

Now that you’ve created your guild and your tabard, it’s time to set up your guild bank. If you are new to the game and don’t know where the guild banks are, you can ask a guard in any city to point you in the right direction. Once you get to the bank, you will be presented with an empty bank and an option to purchase your first bank tab, which I believe is 100g.

Buy Additional Tabs (as Needed)

After purchasing your first tab, the second will become available for purchase which I think is 250g, the third is 500g, and so on. When you come to the last few tabs, they require a guild achievement to unlock. Also, as I stated before, I apologize if I have the gold amounts wrong, it’s been a very long time since I’ve had to purchase tabs.

This is how I have the rank for my boyfriend's characters and my alts set up.

This is how I have the rank for my boyfriend's characters and my alts set up.

4. Set Up Ranks

It’s pretty simple to set up the guild ranks. When you create a guild, there are default ranks and settings; you can choose to change them and make them your own or just use the default settings. I chose to make my own ranks and permissions, and you can see them above.

If you look at my next picture, you’ll see how the “Rank Permissions” tab looks. This is how I set up the rank for my alts. This rank can do pretty much everything that the guild master can do, aside from a few things.

This is where you can modify what each rank can do in the guild; for example, inviting members, promoting, demoting, editing public information about the guild, etc. You want to make sure that your lowest rank can’t do too much.

Promote Carefully

Remember, if you do not know someone, do not automatically promote them to a rank that can abuse the guild. For example, just because someone seems nice, it doesn’t mean that they won't steal things from your guild bank. Put them on trial by keeping them on the lowest rank until they prove that they are genuine people.

This is a list of some of the perks.

This is a list of some of the perks.

5. Work Toward Guild Perks

Guild perks are more or less “rewards” that a guild receives. Some perks include a bonus to your mounted speed, a Hearthstone cool down, Mobile access to your guild bank, and more.

Best of Luck With Your Guild!

I hope this article has helped you in figuring out how to get your guild set up. However, this just covers the basics. If you want to read more on how to handle the guild and make a good name for yourself, check out the link below.

Good luck with your new guild!

Managing Your New Guild

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Ced Yong from Asia on September 03, 2016:

Starting a guild is, beneficial too, even if you don't plan to recruit. For starters, there's that HUGE increase in bank slots.