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Stormwind City: "World of Warcraft" Wallpaper and Screenshots

I've been playing "World of Warcraft" since 2008 with the launch of "The Burning Crusade." I enjoy gold-making and achievement hunting.

Stormwind City Entrance

Stormwind City Entrance

Stormwind City is the capital of the Alliance. This place is the main hub for Alliance players and has been for quite a while. Stormwind City is the human capital, as all the other races have their respective capital cities as well—but when it comes to the Alliance as a whole, Stormwind is the main capital city.

Stormwind features a couple of different districts that are pretty self-explanatory but let's go through them one by one.

Trade District

This is the main district in Stormwind as here you can find the Auction House, Bank, Mailboxes, Vendors as well as an Inn where you can set your Hearthstone. These days most Hearthstones are set to cities that feature portals to other areas, but many people still have Stormwind as their default Hearthstone place.

Mage Quarter

In this district you can find mage-related activities like portals to other areas as well as the mage trainers themselves. You can also find the warlocks in a cellar below where they hide to practice their demonic magic.

Cathedral Square

This is the main role-playing hub in Stormwind City as everyone gathers in and around the Cathedral and role-plays as holy entities, rogues, diplomats—the list can go on for a long time as role-players are quite good at making up stories and backgrounds for their characters. In the Cathedral District you can also find the orphanage, if you want to quickly run by it and say hello to the children.

Old Town

This district is the Military District as it contains the warriors and rogues as well as the practice dummies near the vendors that sell high quality items. In here you can train yourself to become better. You can also buy a new horse as the stables are just around the corner. You can buy some poison or a piece of vintage gear.

Dwarven District

This district is the industrial district, where stuff gets made and put together. Mainly dwarves and gnomes live in this area since the dwarves are always looking to mine and craft armors and blades as where the gnomes are always looking to invent new things and bring about a wonderful invention. In this area you can also find the Deeprun Tram which connects Stormwind City to Ironforge. Ironforge being the capital of the Dwarves and Gnomes.

Stormwind Harbor

The harbor is the main transportation hub between Stormwind and Darnassus as well as between Stormwind and Northrend. Players can go visit the capital of the night elves or the more heroic ones can adventure in Northrend and fight the minions of the Lich King.

Stormwind Keep

The keep is where the king currently resides. King Anduin Wrynn sits atop the throne of Stormwind and of the Alliance. With the death of his father, Anduin had to find his inner strength and had to start acting like a leader. Becoming more and more like his father during the events of Legion, Anduin will surely become a great king just like his father.

Lion's Rest

This is a monument raised in memory of King Varian Wrynn, father of Anduin. King Varian died an honorable death, protecting his people and giving his life to save them. This park serves as a reminder of his sacrifice and the tenacity he fought with and the courage he had until his last breath. Beloved by all of his subjects, King Varian Wrynn inspired everyone and made them fight at his side. The Lion of Stormwind has a final resting place now.


This is just a small zone nearby the Dwarven District. In this zone you can find a couple of farmers that farms pumpkins and other plants around. Its a pretty relaxing spot if you want to get rid of the more busy Trade District. You can also find portals to other areas in the world but if you are just looking to relax, you can always sit by the pond and meditate as you listen to the waterfalls.

Random Images From Stormwind

During my walk through Stormwind City I made a couple more photos which were not included above with the districts and certain zones. There photos were of random things and people in between moving from one district to another. I hope you enjoy these as well!

Enjoy Your Virtual Visit to Stormwind!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of pictures/wallpapers/photos I captured in Stormwind City. All photos were made in World of Warcraft by me on the Argent Dawn-EU realm. For more information about World of Warcraft, check out my other articles!