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The 5 Best and Easiest Ways to Make Money in Wildstar

Wildstar is a robust MMO that offers a variety of ways to play.

Wildstar is a robust MMO that offers a variety of ways to play.

Wildstar Shutdown

Unfortunately, Wildstar closed down in 2018. However, I wanted to keep this article up since there is some gameplay video in this article some may enjoy.

Making Money in Wildstar

Making Money in Wildstar

From the get go Wildstar offers a variety of money sinks. Whether it be customization of your character, end game raiding, or customizing your house, it is all expensive. You can even buy subscription time with the money you make in game. To accomplish all that you want in Wildstar, the first thing you have to do is make money, and a lot of it.

Below I outline five of the best ways to make money in Wildstar. I have tried and seen many of these done myself, so I know they can be successful if done right.

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Favorite Type of Challenge

Wildstar Challenges

Challenges in the game of Wildstar offer a new and unique gameplay experience. There are a variety of challenges. For example, you could be expected to kill creatures, gather items, or destroy something in game. This is an easy way to earn money if you do it effectively.

  • Try to earn the highest medal in each challenge. If you earn the highest medal, you increase your chances in getting the item you want. But pick what you think will earn you the most money. A dye may not sell for a lot if you sell it to a vendor, but could sell for a lot in the auction house. Also keep in mind that some challenges only have one medal to earn.
  • Try to do all of the challenges in a certain area. The more challenges you do, especially if you can do them at the same time, the more money you can earn. A great place to do this is in the main cities. There are no monsters to fight, so you can do all of the challenges fairly quickly. Remember, time equals profit.
  • Repeat the challenges. Challenges reset after a certain period of time and are repeatable. So if you have time to kill while waiting for a group, just talking in zone chat, etc., then do some challenges. No matter what, there is always something you can do in game to earn money.
  • Repeat your favorite and easiest challenges. Some challenges suck more than others. In that case, stick to the ones you like the most. Not only will you enjoy doing them, you will also learn them enough so you get the highest medal each time. Focus on the rewards as well. Some rewards can sell more than others on the auction house and to vendors.
  • Try to stick to the kill challenges. This maximizes how much money you can earn. With kill challenges, you are also getting loot from the creatures that you kill. You never know when an ultra-rare item will drop while you are doing a challenge.
It's easy to keep track of challenges that you have done and when they can be done again.

It's easy to keep track of challenges that you have done and when they can be done again.

Housing is one of the biggest money sinks in Wildstar.

Housing is one of the biggest money sinks in Wildstar.

Visit Your WildStar Neighbors

The housing system in Wildstar offers a robust decorating system. However, having a house just isn't for looks. Houses allow you to place fabrication kits that help your profession, run dungeons, etc. So how can you earn money by visiting your neighbors?

  • Visit random houses. First you want to visit random neighbors. If you find one with a challenge, resource spot, or dungeon you like, then you can add them as one of your neighbors. This will allow you to easily find their house in the future.
  • Visit houses for resources. If you have one or two gathering skills, then you may be able to gather more materials from houses than you can in the open world if you jump from one house to the next. I already found houses that offer a 50/50 rate on resource gathering. Keep in mind they only offer the minimal resources you can get from them, unlike the open world. But it's a quick and easy way to gather, making the returns worth it.
  • Run the challenges. There are a lot of fabrication kits that offer challenges. You can't place all of them on your own house, so visiting the houses of others will allow you to run those challenges and get some items to sell for money.
  • Ask around in zone chat. Ask who may have a challenge, resource, or dungeon you are looking for. You may find the direct route to what you want rather than randomly visiting people. Adding people as neighbors will help in this as well.
  • Offer to share your resources. If you want, you can place multiple gathering spots on your property with a share rate with neighbors. You can't be in game 24/7, but if people gather resources from your housing plot often, you can turn around and sell those resources. This lets you earn money while you aren't even in the game. Try to keep it at 50/50. Don't be selfish and try to take a bigger cut.

You'll Need Money to Upgrade Your House

Favorite Tradeskill

Wildstar Tradeskills

Wildstar has tradeskills just like any other MMO. Naturally, depending on what you pick, you can earn a lot of money from them. Here's how.

  • Have two gathering skills. If you just want to gather resources to sell on the market, then pick two gathering skills. You can earn a consistent amount of money by gathering as you level and selling the resources on the market.
  • Salvage items. If you want to turn items you get into material for your profession, recycle everything. This will save you money from buying too many materials, plus allow you to sell the materials that you don't need. Weapons, armor, even décor items can be recycled. Ensure you check the auction house to see if the items sell well before salvaging.
  • Try to learn every recipe. This will allow you to make whatever anyone wants. Or if you see a demand for an item that isn't readily available, you can make it at a higher cost. Plus this will help you as your character develops.
  • Spend money to make money. In most professions you will have to spend some of your money to make items to increase your skill level. Don't be afraid to do this. Once you have a high enough of a tradeskill, you will earn your money back. Expect to drop the most money in being an Architect.
  • Have two crafting skills. This one can get very expensive as you level them up, but once you max them out, you can make a lot of money. Only invest in this if you are committed to spending the money to level both skills up. Having an alt character with two gathering skills can help supplement this.
Tradeskills are a solid way to earn money.  Some with little risk and little reward, or large risk with a huge reward.

Tradeskills are a solid way to earn money. Some with little risk and little reward, or large risk with a huge reward.

Selling commodities on the commodity exchange can turn a tidy profit.

Selling commodities on the commodity exchange can turn a tidy profit.

Play the Wildstar Auction House

Wildstar actually has two kinds of auction houses. One covers items like armor, weapons, and décor items. While the other covers commodities and materials. Plus there is the market for buying and selling game time.

  • Buy low and sell high. The unique thing about the auction house system is that it doesn't tell you what everyone is selling an item for. I once purchased an item for 6 gold, then found out the next highest price was for 45 gold. It's a big risk, but can turn a profit.
  • Lowball the competition. This is a risk, but can pay off greatly. If you see an expensive item up for sale, post the same item up at a greatly reduced price. If you are lucky, someone could list the same item to undercut you. You can buy the item, cancel your auction, and list both at the higher price.
  • Buy an entire commodity. This will allow you to raise the price really high on the item, and people will buy it up if it's in demand. You may sink a lot of money in this, but could turn a tidy profit in return. I normally wouldn't recommend this, but the system is easy to manipulate in Wildstar.
  • Focus on the customization. One of the biggest money sinks in this game is how you can customize your house, your appearance, and even your mount. People will spend lots of money to get the best things for this. So focus on those categories if you want to make the most money. Another thing about décor items is that people mistakenly list stacks of an décor item on there, not realizing they did so. You can buy a stack of one décor item and vendor it for profit, or sell the item one at a time on the auction house.
  • Buy and sell CREDD. CREDD is the only legitimate way to spend real money on in game currency. If you plan to play for the long haul, you can buy and sell CREDD to earn money in game. This is risky, as the market can go high then bottom out. However, you could earn a lot of money in game or be able to pay for your subscription using CREDD.
Imposing a guild tax as a way to make money off of your guild members is risky business and not recommended.

Imposing a guild tax as a way to make money off of your guild members is risky business and not recommended.

Have a Guild in Wildstar

MMO's are popular since you can play with other people. Guilds can be a way to earn money for yourself and friends.

  • Group with your guildies. This will allow you to gain Influence which you can spend in a variety of ways. Plus grouping will allow you to quickly level up, gain more items, and gain the best items available in dungeons and raids. Some of the best décor items can be found in dungeons.
  • Level up your guild. The higher your guild levels up, the more perks you will get. This will allow you to get better rewards by just playing and being in a guild. It's a win-win.
  • Open up the guild bank. Allowing trusted players in your guild to deposit and withdraw items can earn you a profit, or at the very least save you some money. Someone could deposit some materials you need, an expensive décor item, or some gear. You can turn around and make some new items or use the items yourself.
  • Impose a guild tax rate. In Wildstar, guilds either don't impose a tax rate, or they can have a 5% tax rate. As players in the guild earn money, 5% of it can be deposited in the guild bank. This means free money for you. Obviously you could be taking money from your fellow guildies, so this isn't encouraged.
  • Have a guild just for yourself. This will allow you to expand your banking space, impose a tax on yourself so that any money you earned is tucked away in the guild bank, etc. This is a good move if you like soloing and don't want to be social. Afterall, there are other ways to be social that don't require being in a guild.

Rider on the Storm

Other Tips On Earning Money in Wildstar

Here are some more tips that can earn you more money in Wildstar:

  • Go back to previous areas. Once you are strong enough, you can cut down even the hardest monsters in the previous zone. This can earn you weapons, armor, décor items, and more at a high rate of speed. Wait until you are 10 to 15 levels above the level of monsters in the previous zone.
  • PvP. This is something I recently discovered can be very profitable. PvP can level you up, but you always receive a reward bag for competing in a PvP match. If you win, you get a bigger reward bag. These bags can have items to use in PvP, gear, and even decor items that are only obtainable through PvP. So there is a lot of motivation to PvP if you want to earn some coin.
  • Don't repair your housing plugs. In a way this is saving money, but can still pay off in the end. Some plugs don't offer any benefit at all except for looks. So there is no point in repairing those when the time is up on them. Don't repair a plug that you can buy cheaper elsewhere. For example, I have one plug that costs 5 gold to repair, but I can buy that same plug on the auction house for 20 silver! I just replace the plug. However, you should careful with this as decorations around the plug will get removed when a plug is replaced. Lastly, you should maintain plugs that have multiple tiers, like resource spots. It's not worth the cost in replacing them.
  • Become an interior decorator. In Ultime Online, a lot of players made good money by designing houses for others. You don't get that control in Wildstar, but you can easily charge for ideas for people to implement in their house.
  • Sell your services. If you are a good tank, you can sell yourself to give players runs in dungeons that have proven to be difficult. Same for healers, or even guild groups who can help players get the items they need in raids.
  • Run dungeons. One of the great things about Wildstar is that you can back to lower level dungeons at the appropriate level and run them over and over again. Some of the best gear and décor items come from dungeons. So re-run those if you have a decent group to do it with.
  • Beg for money. Well, don't really beg, but you can ask nicely for money if you need something. Players in Wildstar are actually quite friendly, and if you say you are short some money for an item you need, they may give it to you. Just don't beg too much.

Abandoned Eldan Test Lab Expedition

Avoid Goldsellers in Wildstar

There are many goldsellers in Wildstar. Avoid them at all costs. Buying from gold sellers can also get you banned. I am also placing this here as goldsellers tend to copy articles like this to place on their website to try to make money. So if you are reading this on a site that is offering to sell you currency in Wildstar, then don't buy from them! I don't sell currency in my articles.

Do you have any tips on how to make money in Wildstar? Let me know in the comments below!

What I've Bought With the Money I've Earned

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Samuel Franklin on August 24, 2014:

My wallet is definitely a little light in Wildstar, I'll start introducing some of these money tips into my gameplay.