The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Bleakrock Isle: The Missing of Bleakrock

Updated on April 4, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

You've only just arrived in Davon's Watch and they're already giving you the boot. But the people of Bleakrock Village (isn't that just a cheery name) have need of your services, and danged if the world's newest hero isn't about to oblige...

The Missing of Bleakrock

Location: Davon's Watch, Bleakrock Village

NPC: Captain Rana

Level: 4

Reward: Blackrock Garrison Plate, 85 gold

- Begin this quest line by speaking to Riurik, an old man who apparently had some part in saving your hide and bringing you to Davon's Watch. You can find Riurik a short ways northwest of Artisan's Row in Davons Watch; look for a road running east-to-west beside four small pools. He'll trigger the quest A Beginning at Bleakrock, which must be completed to trigger The Missing of Bleakrock.

- Alternatively, just go straight to the Dockyards and look for Liezl, who triggers the bulk of the quest. You can find her on the patch of grass between the two docks on the map, a short ways northeast of the Dockyards symbol.

- Talk to Liezl. She'll ask for your help in Bleakrock, a village in Eastmarch. Agree to her request and you'll be swept off to Bleakrock.

Bleakrock Village

- Have a look around town if this is your first visit to Bleakrock, then make for Rana. She's in a large house on the east side of the village, and she'll ask you to track down three groups of villagers who are spread across Bleakrock Island. They're in three different locations, necessitating a decent bit of travel. This section also covers a bunch of other missing natives of Bleakrock whom you must find in order to finish up the area.

Hozzin's Folly

- Probably the closest of the three locations, Hozzin's Folly is on the northern outskirts of town. You'll find it almost directly west of the Bleakrock Wayshrine.

- The NPC you're looking for is Sergeant Seyne, standing on the side of the road. Talk to her to learn of the quest, then check the dead brigand behind her for a Frostedge Brigant Disguise. This triggers a new quest, Investigate Hozzin's Folly.

Investigate Hozzin's Folly

- There are three shacks down the path beside Seyne. She tells you to strap on the outfit and check them out for evidence of wrongdoing. You can either put the outfit on and blend in... or do like pretty much everyone else does and just plow in with weapon at the ready. (I find that more fun, personally.) Check the three shacks for quest markers.

- Unfortunately, you have to equip your disguise to enter the mine itself, in the north of this small area. Do so and the keeper of the door will let you in.

- Make your way through the mine. This is fairly straightforward - just follow the long path through the mines, using your disguise to remain hidden. If you need a new one at some point, kill one of the labourers. They're tough in groups, but one-on-one they're not too bad so long as you block properly when they're on the very of lashing out with a power attack.

- Eventually you'll find a path to Oblivion, no less, leading to an Unspeakable Sigil. Interact with it to pop back to the entrance of the mine.

- Leave. Seyne is waiting outside, and she'll have a nice reward for you: Seyne's Bootknife and 106 gold. Woo!

Skyshroud Barrow

- Skyshroud Barrow is east of Bleakrock Village. You'll probably leap cliffs to get to it; follow the northern path to find its entrance. If this is your first trip to this area, avoid the small loop leading to Frostedge Camp. The enemies aren't that strong solo, but they tend to appear in groups - and when they do, they can kill you pretty easily. Come back when you're a bit stronger, or if you're in a group of your own.

- As you approach the Barrow you'll meet Darj the Hunter, who's having some trouble with the undead in Skyshroud. Agree to help him to trigger What Waits Beneath, where you'll have to summon a Dragon Priest to stop the undead.

What Waits Beneath

- Invade Skyshroud Barrow. There are multiple ways to enter this area, and you'll probably run afoul of plenty of other players in the doing. There are two main enemies to fight here: Skeletons and Skeleton Archers. If you're fighting solo, be careful not to get ambushed by Archers while fighting Skeletons. Their flaming arrows and oil attacks do a surprising amount of damage for otherwise simple enemies.

- You're looking for a brazier on the left side of the Barrow. Leap down to it and ignite the brazier to summon Dragon Priest Haldriin. He'll tell you to gather the Whale, Snake, and Eagle Runstones. They're hidden around the grounds of the Barrow.

- The Snake Runestone is easiest - you probably jumped past it to reach the Dragon Priest. Climb back up to the main Barrow sight and look to the cliff nearest the brazier. Be careful, as it - and the other Runestones - is guarded by an above-average skeleton opponent.

- The Eagle Runstone is next. It's the spot furthest north in the Barrow...

- ... and, on the other end, you'll find the Whale Runestone, in the location furthest south.

- Take the three Runestones to the enormous door in the eastern half of the Barrow and use them on the three altars out front. This will earn you passage inside.

- Tomb! Rush forward, kill any skeletons ahead, and sanctify the body of the Dragon Priest. After that's done, check the desk in this room for evidence of the culprit behind the defilement.

- Go back outside. Darj is waiting, and he'll fork over Darj's Shield and 85 gold.

Orkey's Hollow

- Orkey's Hollow is north of Bleakrock Village, along the same path as the Bleakrock Wayshrine. You'll know you're on the right path if you have to cross a semi-frozen lake.

- Rolunda is standing out front of Orkey's Hollow, by a campfire. Speak to her and you'll complete A Beginning at Bleakrock, as well as earn your reward and trigger The Frozen Man.

The Frozen Man

- First off: this cave has Bears. They're not as tough as they look, but be cautious nevertheless.

- Start by heading left from the entrance. You'll find a dude frozen in a block of ice. Not good. You need to discover the identity of the Frozen Man by finding clues in this cave. The Frozen Man himself is down the central pathway, though you don't need to speak to him to begin the quest in earnest.

- Begin your quest by going down the eastern pathway. You'll find a large room with several tall rocks. Hop carefully up the rocks to find a chest on the tallest one. Inside is a Dented Helm, your first clue.

- Take the northern path out of this room. In the next area is a lit torch, and beside it My Journal. Read it for the second clue.

- Sweep past the Frozen Man on your way to the west. Once you reach a north-south passage, go south. You'll find an abandoned fire pit, and beside it a backpack. Inside the backpack is a Mage's Rune, the final clue.

- Return to the Frozen Man. He'll issue one last challenge, forcing you to guess which of multiple copes is the real deal. Choose until you find the right one (mine was on the right side, by the platform in the rear of this small room) then talk to the Frozen Man again. Keep chattering until he agrees to let Eiman go.

- Leap out of this area and speak to Eiman, who's just been thawed. Follow him back outside and you'll find Rolunda waiting. She'll give you a Bonesplinter and 106 gold.

Lost on Bleakrock

- Head to Halmaera's House. It's the western-most home in Bleakrock Village. Once there, speak to Halmeara herself. She's standing outside her home. Turns out both her husband and her dog are missing. No good, that, no good at all.

- Head to the family mill a ways north. Once there, use the Dog Whistle Hamleara gave you to locate Rexus, the family dog. Speak to him and he'll lead you on a merry jaunt to the edge of the sea...

- ... where you'll find Geilund, the missing husband. Speak to him and he'll give you 42 gold for your gallantry.

At Frost's Edge

- Make your way towards the northern end of Skyshroud Barrow. West of the tip you'll find the small Frostedge Camp, mentioned above. Entering the camp will trigger At Frost's Edge, a small, quick quest.

- You have two easy objectives here. The first is to burn a bow of supplies. You'll find them near a fire on the eastern side of the camp. The other is to free Byornolf, a hunter who's been captured. He's tied to a tree on the western side of camp, and will give you 42 gold for your help. Dash through and you can be done this quest in about thirty seconds.

- The main problem here are the enemies. They're the same louts as you faced in Hozzin's Folly, but they're more densely packed. You're much more likely to run into three or four guys at a time, which can be quite deadly for newer players. Either sneak your way through the camp, aggro enemies from a distance so you're limiting your foes, or wait until a large group of other players is present.

There are also three other quests associated with this quest line: Underfoot, Dangerous Webs, and Tracking the Game. You can find them at the links provided.

Head back to Rana in Bleakrock Village. If you gathered all of the villagers, she'll thank you for your help and give you 85 gold - as well as a Bleakrock Garrison Plate. (I assume you don't get the Plate if you don't rescue everyone, but I'm not certain. Anybody know? Thanks.) She'll also assign you a new task: Sparking the Flame.


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