The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Davon's Watch: Exquisite Tears

Updated on April 4, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Not every quest in the world of The Elder Scrolls Online is bound to be glamorous, and when you're just starting out you'll be scraping your way from the absolute bottom of the barrel. Fortunately, there are many folks in Tamriel willing to oblige you - and all one of them wants is a rare wine vintage that shouldn't be too difficult to swipe. Yes, fresh off the boat, it's already time to start stealing stuff.

Exquisite Tears

Location: Davon's Watch

NPC: Naril Heleran

Level: 5

Reward: Trader's Signet, 93 gold

- Pull out your map and look for Uveran Bank. It's amid a cluster of three buildings (the other two are the Mages Guild and The Watch House) in the northwest of Davon's Watch. Rather than going to the bank, though, look just to the right of it on the map. You'll see a small dirt road.

- Follow this road between the buildings. On the left side of it you'll see a man leaning against a post. This is Naril Heleran, the trigger for Exquisite Tears. Speak to him and he'll set the quest off for you. Chat with him a little more to learn the particulars of the quest.

- Naril wants you to steal a bottle of wine from the proprietor of the Fish Stink, a smelly little tavern down by the docks. The tavern is an open-air place a short ways south of the Dockyards, beside a huge set of stairs. Descend to the Dockyards and you'll find the Fish Stink on your right.

- The dude you're looking for is Hectur the Fish. He's standing behind the bar, and the Tears of Amaya Naril wants you to steal is beside him on the bar. As you can imagine, you can't just walk up and take the stuff. (Though you can ask him about it, if you really want.) Other than this, Hectur will happily sell you food, aaaand that's about it.

- Hectur's no help, and you can't snag the bottle with him standing there. Find a way to distract him by speaking to the two patrons sitting at the table nearest Hectur. They'll reveal that Hectur has a thing for giant wharf rats - which is to say, he detests the little beasts. The best way to distract him away from his wine is to let one loose in the Fish Stink. Where could one possibly find these little beasts in the Dockyard?

- Leave the Fish Stink and head towards the Dockyards. There's a small storage building off to the side of the Dockyards which is full of barrels and crates to plunder. You'll also find a number of Wharf Rats strolling happily around the wares. Snag one. No worries, they won't attack or put up a fearsome fight.

- Return to the Fish Stink and release the Wharf Rat somewhere away from the bar. Assuming you did it right, Hectur will run away from his post to stomp the thing. Once he does, rush up to the bar and snag the Tears of Amaya. Make sure you grab it before he comes back or you'll have to find another Wharf Rat to repeat the process.

- (Before leaving the bar, have a quick look around. You're looking for a dude named Kailstig the Axe, sitting in the far corner opposite the bar. Talk to him to trigger the quest One of the Undaunted, a quest that's slightly more involved - and interesting - than what you're doing right now. Well, thievery's fun too.)

- Take the Tears of Amaya back to Naril Heleran. He'll congratulate you for your thieving savvy and fork over your prize: a Trader's Signet and 93 gold. Not a bad haul for such a quick quest, and he makes mention of perhaps doing business again in the future... (Y'know, if you feel like it. Naril's not too much help right now, though.)


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