The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Ebonheart: Savages of Stonefalls

Updated on April 7, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Tamriel is a world beset with monsters, and though many of the beasts seem content to leave the 'civilized' species alone, many more thirst for blood. Some are so infamous that they earn names of their own, having slain too many innocent travellers to count. Well, it's time to avenge those poor wayfarers that have fallen to such legendary beasts - and your quest begins in urban Ebonheart.

Savages of Stonefalls

Location: Ebonheart

NPC: Shaali Kulun

Level: 13

Reward: Ashlander's Girdle, 153 gold

- The NPC that triggers this quest, Sheeli Kulun, is found in an animal's stall next to the Ashfall Stables of Ebonheart. She's sitting near the entrance, brooding over her injuries.

- Speak to Shaali. She's snippy at first, but talk to her enough and she'll speak of hunting opportunities in the regions 'round Ebonheart. In particular she wants you to hunt down and kill three named creatures: Varnag the Nix-Hound, Bleigar the Bull Netch, and Gurlisk the Clannfear. All three are above-average foes, and you'll need to kill the lot of them to complete the quest.

- All done? Time for some hunting.


Your first target, Varnag, is lingering by the roads east of Ebonheart. You'll find its spawn point near the top of a lengthy slope down to the river surrounding the city. Varnag is a tough kill, and evasive. Watch out for its AOE attack and sidestep out of the way, or you're apt to take a lot of damage. Strafing combat is the best way to avoid its strikes. Kill off Varnag to collect Varnag's Head. If Varnag isn't here, just wait for a few moments - it's likely someone else came along and killed it before you showed up. Respawning is imminent. (And, if need be, having other players around to help while you tackle the beast can make a tough fight into a so-so fight.)


Next up is Bleigar, a Bull Netch that lives on the coast to the east of Lukiul Uxith. If you jump to the Hrogar's Hold Wayshrine you can wander northeast until you reach the cliffs. Leap down onto the beach and follow it north until you reach the edge of a cliff. Jump in the water and swim 'round the edge of the cliff until you see sand. Bleigar spawns here. It's functionally identical to your average Bull Netch, though a fair bit stronger. Watch out for that annoying poison cloud attack! It will suck your health like crazy, yet it takes so long to trigger that even close range characters can sweep out of the way in plenty of time. Killing it will earn you Bleigar's Tentacle.


Last is the mighty Gurlisk. You'll find it to the west of the Tormented Spire, and though it looks like you can cross open land to get it on the map the Spire itself will prevent you from reaching the thing easily. Follow the road south from the Ashen Road Wayshrine, minding your radar until the waypoint moves to your right. Climb up into the hills and look for upward paths that lead to a huge tree. Gurlisk is here. At a mighty level 15, Gurlisk is very powerful early in the game and will kill you in a few hits with its AOE attacks. It's wise to tackle it with other team members, or to wait until you're at a roughly equivalent level. If you're taking this quest on before at least level 10, keep back and use ranged weapons while other players take the brunt of Gurlisk's attacks. (Rest assured, there will be other players. Four other dudes dropped in on my head while I was fighting Gurlisk.) It will drop Gurlisk's Head upon defeat.

- Pop back to Ebonheart after defeating the three monsters and speak to Shaali again. Amazed, she'll thank you and fork over your prize, an Ashlander's Girdle and 153 gold. Hunting complete!


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