The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Fighters Guild: Anchors from the Harbour

Updated on April 7, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

No quasi-medieval city can last long without a Fighters Guild, and so it is with the major cities of The Elder Scrolls Online. You need but ask to join up - though in agreeing to aid these brave men and women, you'll go up against some of the cruelest beasts known to the many realms of Tamriel...

Hilan's Invitation

Location: Davon's Watch

NPC: Hilan

Level: 4

Reward: 23 gold

- Pull up your map and look for the Market District, represented as a large circular road in the southwest corner of town. Once here, look for weaponsmith Arvys Arvani.

- Beside Arvani's stall is a small handbill posted on the rear wall. Investigate it to start Hilan's Invitation.

- Now you have to find Hilan. He's in the Fighters Guild, a building along the northeastern road from Artisans' Row. Pop inside and talk to him to complete the quest (woo 23 gold!) and to start a new one.

- Turn around after finishing up and talk to Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors. She'll ask you to destroy Daedric Anchors, deadly transport devices for the minions of Molag Bal. Agree to embark on a new quest...

Anchors from the Harbour

Location: Davon's Watch

NPC: Sees-All-Colours

Level: 8

Reward: Anchorstone Amulet, 228 gold

- Your first task in this quest is to seek out Merric and Aelif, two members of the Fighters Guild. They're outside Davon's Watch. Head south out of the city and climb the hills to the southeast of the local Wayshrine. You'll find the pair waiting by a campfire.

- Talk to Merric. He'll fill you in on what's been happening and take off, leaving you with Aelif to guard the area. After he's gone, check a corpse by the fire for a Torn Note from Jessen. Another in the shadow of a nearby rock carries a Molag Bal Relic, while the third carries Dwarven Gear.

- After a slightly surprising vision, speak to Aelif. She'll send you to warn Sees-All-Colours.

- Return to the Fighters Guild. Sees-All-Colour will send you out to find Aelif and Merric again. They've moved to Ebonheart, a fair distance southwest from Devon's Watch. You can follow a road from the Davon's Watch Wayshrine to reach it...

- ... but the path is long. Very long. Following the road will take you through the ruined town Senie, which is filled with fiery bugs and lava. Stick to the path here - it looks like you can cut down on time by hoofing it across open land, but the geography is much more treacherous than the map makes it looks.

- Eventually you'll arrive at the waypoint, which sits near Emberflint Mine. Your comrades are not, however, in the mine. You'll find them above it. Scale the cliffs to reach the top, where Aelif waits. When you approach she'll be attacked by Scamps and Daedra, and you'll have to fight them off. This is a relatively tough battle at low levels - your foes fight fast and furiously at a range, and can burn you badly if you get caught in their AOE attacks. Dodge to the left and right and remain nimble while you beat on their. Aelif is kind of helpful, but not as much as you'd probably like. Wait for another player to come along if you're having trouble and you can get some help in fending off the demons.

- Run down the other side of the hill to find Merric. He's... being... kidnapped. Oh well. Speak to Aelif when she runs up and she'll give you a new task: find the Island Tower in the nearby town of Ebonheart. Run down the hill and you'll pretty much be there.

- Make your way through Ebonheart, stopping to sample any wares that are to your liking, on your way to the north. There's a small cluster of islands capping Ebonheart, and the Island Tower you're looking for is on Stonefang Isle, the largest of these islands.

- Upon arrival you'll be greeted by a ghost, Jofnir Iceblade. She'll offer some ill news regarding your quest before vanishing again. Poke about the ruins of the island, looking for a shrine of sorts. A trapdoor here leads down to Stonefang Cavern.

Stonefang Cavern

The first section of this small dungeon consists of a short jaunt through Scamps. These creatures are annoying, but so long as you don't take on more than, say, two at a time, you won't have too much trouble killing them. If you want to speed your way through here and skip a few Scamps, go through the lava on your right - you can leap right over it to reach the area's boss, Doshia. After you engage Doshia the Scamps will disappear from this area.

Doshia is much tougher than her smaller kin. She starts off as a standard sort of necromancer, capable of calling weak skeletons to hack at you, but once you do enough damage she'll transform into a serpentine horror. Doshia's second form is much tougher: she heals quickly, she has ranged and melee attacks, and everything she tosses at you is difficult to dodge. Keep at Doshia's back and move around her constantly to avoid her ranged attacks while healing away the damage done by her physical hits.

The key to this fight are the orbs Doshia occasionally summons. They will slowly move towards her, and if they reach her they'll grant her a huge boost to her HP. Smash one out of existence, though, and you'll get the HP boost instead. You must destroy these orbs before they reach Doshia, or the battle will likely never end. Keep an eye open for them and smash 'em to bits when they appear. You have to fight this battle solo, so if you can't kill her... uh... come back later? Yup.

- Speak to Merric after defeating Doshia, then grab Doshia's Journal from the table. Those in hand, head back outside. The Fighters Guild is outside, and Sees-all-Colors is waiting. Speak to her for your reward.


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