ESOnline Walkthrough for Fort Virak, Breaking the Fort & Evening the Odds

Updated on April 14, 2016
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

In some places the Pact and the Covenant are fighting for domination; at Fort Virak, the Covenant has seemingly already won. A sorcerer of some power has taken control of the Pact fort, and he's accomplished the impossible: taking a powerful fortification with a small number of troops. Even more bewildering, he seems to be fielding fresh troops every day. How in the...?

To Fort Virak

Location: Fort Virak

NPC: Holgunn

Level: 10

Reward: 32 gold

- To trigger this quest you must first complete The Coral Heart. Once it's done Holgunn will automatically give you this quest and send you off to Fort Virak. You'll find it far to the northwest in Stonefalls, near the border.

- Your NPC of choice, Sergeant Gjorring, is a little ways south of the Fort Virak waypoint on the map. Speak to him to complete the quest, and to start a new one: Breaking the Fort.

Slipping through the ruined walls of Fort Virak as a simple wisp during the Breaking the Fort quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Slipping through the ruined walls of Fort Virak as a simple wisp during the Breaking the Fort quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Breaking the Fort

Location: Fort Virak

NPC: Garyn Indoril

Level: 12

Reward: 182 gold

- You'll find your old buddy Garyn up the hill to the south, in the allied encampment. He'll ask you for some assistance looking for evidence of how the Covenant is managing to hold Fort Virak. You'll have to kill Covenant soldiers and check their bodies to do this.

- It sounds like you need to only kill three soldiers to collect the required Rotting Heart, Putrid Eye and Discolored Limb for the quest, but it's not so simple. You'll likely have to run through a dozen or so enemy soldiers to get the items. I found that they were more likely to drop from enemies further away from Fort Virak itself than right near the walls.

- Return to Garyn. He'll give you the skinny on the situation and ask you to speak with Walks-in-Ash, another returning face from past campaigns. You'll find her in the Fort Virak Ruin at the base of Fort Virak, on the opposite side of the palisade behind Garyn's tent.

- Pop inside. Walks-in-Ash is near a door at the top of the first set of stairs. She'll fill you in on the plan and give you a Transformation Potion. You can use it to go through the crack in the wall as a ball of light.

- The next section is somewhat tricky. You need to navigate a series of crumbling corridors, full of ghosts, as the harmless ball of light. You can't fight the ghosts, and if they hit you you'll be zapped back to Walks-in-Ash and have to start over. Skim around the ghosts as best you can and hunt down the next crack in the wall. You'll find the proper path by following the initial path forward to your second left. Pop through here and you'll find the exit a little ways away.

- Hit the lever in the next hallway to let Walks-in-Ash and the troops through. Speak to Walks-in-Ash to complete the quest and trigger a new one.

Evening the Odds

Location: Fort Virak

NPC: Walks-in-Ash

Level: 12

Reward: 146 gold

- Still in the ruins after the previous quest, make your way into Fort Virak proper. Now on the walls, you have to unbar the gates. Drop down onto the grounds of Fort Virak and hunt the two ends of the courtyard for gates to open. You'll have plenty of fighting to do along the way.

- After unbarring the gates you'll have to hunt down Genral Serien, the current commander of the Fort. Look around for a large tower on the grounds, the tallest structure in the area. This is where you need to go. Pop inside.

- Speak to the NPC Gugnar inside the front door, then grab the Candle at the rear of the room. Use it on the bookshelf near the door. That done, leave the tower.

- Cross the courtyard to the next waypoint, that of Tanval Indoril. Speaking to him will bring the quest to an end - but your mission in Fort Virak isn't done yet. What ever became of General Serien...?


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