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"The Elder Scrolls Online" Walkthrough: Heimlyn Keep, Peril at the Pools, Recovering the Guar

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"The Elder Scrolls Online" is owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

"The Elder Scrolls Online" is owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

You might not expect a bunch of Sulfur Pools to be a terribly nice place to visit, and, well, you'd be right. The pools near Heimlyn Keep are overrun by Shalk and Covenant troops, and the locals need your help to bring the place back under their control . . . or, at least, to pluck their Dunmer hides from harm's way.

Peril at the Pools

Location: Sulfur Pools, Heimlyn Keep
NPC: Cloya
Level: 10
Reward: Falkwind's Shadewrap, 130 gold

  • The purveyor of this quest, a Dunmer named Cloya, is sitting beside a fire to the east of Heimlyn Keep. You'll find her easily if you jump to the Sulfur Pools Wayshrine and check the road to your left.
  • Cloya is concerned for a pair of missing workers, Dedras and Mevis Othrys. They're reportedly down by the Sulfur Pools, but there's so much wrong going down in the region that she's not about to look for them herself. That's where you come in.
  • Descend the hill to find the pools. The first NPC you're looking for, Mevis, is on the right side. Run through the pools, keeping to the right walkways, until you see a series of gangplanks curving around and up to a wooden perch. Mevis is up here. Talk to him and he'll dash off.
Talk to Drathyra inside the cave.

Talk to Drathyra inside the cave.

  • The other brother, Dedras, is back on the ground and up the path to your left. Follow it until you come across a large outcropping of rock that juts into the sky. You'll likely see a pair of Covenant soldiers standing at the base of it. Kill them, then check the base for the cowering Dedras. He'll run off—and tell you that the rest of his family is in a cave nearby.
  • Curve 'round the rock and head northwest through the Sulfur Pools. The cave sticks out at the bottom of a small hill ahead, lit by torches—and watched over by guards. Kill the guards close up, if you can (they're archers, so they don't have much defense), then enter the cave. Drathyra and Saalu Othrys are inside.
  • Talk to Drathyra. Her mother has been poisoned, and the captain of the Covenant guards is to blame. He has an antidote—but you'll have to lure him out before he'll give it up.
  • Leave the cave and make your way to the south of the Sulfur Pools. You'll find two buildings that will likely be watched over by Covenant troops; beside one of the buildings is a barrel of brandy. Approach and set it on fire. Don't do this while there are any troops nearby, or you'll quickly regret it.
  • Setting the brandy aflame will cause Captain Falkwind to spawn inside the building beside the barrel. He's a fairly potent opponent, and his power attacks will send you flying if you're not careful to block or dodge. Keep your distance, if possible, and pick away at his high health with your strongest attacks. It's not a bad idea to wait until another player comes along before engaging the captain, as he's a fair threat at level 10. Loot his corpse to find the Herbal Antidote.
  • Return to the cave and speak to Drathyra. Hand over the Antidote and the two women will run off.
  • Head for the homesteads in the north of the Sulfur Pools, just east of the Hrogar's Hold Wayshrine. Speak to Garvas here and you'll wrap up the quest.

While you're here, the Sulfur Pools are home to another quest that you can complete while taking on Peril at the Pools.

In the next quest, you'll need to use a Guar Harness to save some Guar.

In the next quest, you'll need to use a Guar Harness to save some Guar.

Recovering the Guar

Location: Sulfur Pools, Heimlyn Keep
NPC: Hennus
Level: 10
Reward: Guarblood Ring, 65 gold

  • Hennus, the NPC holder of this mission, is kneeling beside one of the pools in, well, the Sulfur Pools. You can find him in the relatively calm northwest section of the area.
  • The Guar in the area are not doing so well, and Hennus says they need to be harnessed and collected before they'll calm down. He gives you a Guar Harness and asks you to find more. You can snag a second Harness from the dead Guar laying the pool in front of him. (Trust me, there's one there. If there isn't, just wait a few moments for the corpse to respawn.)
  • The first Guar to harness up, before you go about collecting more Harnesses, is beside a large chunk of rock to your left. You'll have to kill a Shalk to get to it. Apply the Harness and it will run off home.
  • Follow the pool Hennus is sitting beside to the opposite end. There's another Guar Harness waiting nearby, watched over by a Shalk. Kill and steal.
  • Climb the hill near the corpse you just ransacked, past a cave on your right. There's a pool ahead, and another Guar corpse is being fought over by two Shalks. Kill them and retrieve the Guar Harness.
  • Make your way to the top of the hill. It overlooks the rest of the Sulfur Pools, and you'll quickly realize that the place is teeming with Guar, dead and alive. Follow the waypoints on your radar and keep grabbing Harnesses and stray Guar as you go. There will likely be other players fighting over the same prizes as you, but this is something of a blessing, as everything you need to collect is also guarded by Shalks (quite often more than one). It may take a while to collect six Guar Harnesses and six errant Guars, but you won't have too much trouble picking them out in the mayhem.
  • After saving six Guar, speak to Jin-Ei, an Argonian lingering in a stable a short ways northeast of the Sulfur Pools. Speak to him for your reward.