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"The Elder Scrolls Online" Walkthrough—Sathram Plantation: An Unwanted Twin, Shattering Mirror

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The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

Sathram Plantation looks like it should be a thriving little farm community, but something foul is at work. The lands have been overrun by shadowy creatures of ill intent, and the air seems constantly enshrouded in darkness. Seems like a classic case of being invaded by monsters, but there's an even darker truth beneath the surface.

An Unwanted Twin

Location: Sathram Plantation, Kragenmoor

NPC: Feldsii Maren

Level: 13

Reward: 191 gold

  • The NPC for this quest, Feldsii Maren, is hunkered down on the path leading up to the Sathram Plantation. You'll find her up a hill to the southwest of the Sathram Plantation Wayshrine, north of Kragenmoor.
  • Feldsii is in a bad way. Her whole squad is dead, and it appears that her commander is responsible for this reprehensible act. Agree to help her while she returns to Ebonheart to begin the quest. (Though she doesn't move at all, in fairness.)
  • This area is full of Nightmare creatures. They aren't that different from your average foe, so use typical tactics to wipe them out on the way up the hill.
  • Ulov Stormwall, the commander, is at the top. Speak to him and he'll explain the situation as he sees it: something is leaping into people and creating doubles of them. He killed his squad to prevent that. He suggests checking out a cellar where he captured the creature to verify his story.
  • Enter the building nearest Ulov. The cellar's on your right as you enter. Once inside, check the corpse on your right - and fight the double that's sitting behind the pillar on your left. She's pretty tough, all things considered, but she has fairly basic attacks that can be blocked easily to force her into a daze. Once the double dies the creature inside will flee; follow it back into the barn.
  • Speak to Ruvali Manothrel, the NPC by the door. She'll tell you that the Khajiiti are responsible for bringing the thing here, but you may be able to ward it off with a totem she keeps in her room.
  • Leave the barn. If you wish, return to Ulov to confirm his story. It won't change a whole lot, but he'll be satisfied. That done, run up the hill ahead towards the homestead, killing Nightmares as you go.
  • Inside you'll see a man. Ignore him for the moment and go upstairs. You'll find the Idol of the Hollow Moon sitting on the floor. Snag it, poke around the house for items and books, and go back downstairs.
  • You'll find Ruvali outside the house. She'll note that her husband, Tiril, is acting odd indeed, and he's standing near the bridge on the property. Use the Idol on him and he'll rush into the house; follow him to the basement, and then into the cellar, to face the double in combat. He's a mage, and not well-suited to close-quarters combat, so get in his face to halt his spells. Pursue the creature after killing the double.
  • Ulov is in the basement. Speak to him, then go back upstairs to the bedroom and speak to Ruvali again. She'll tell you to speak to Ra-Shadda, the Khajiit apparently responsible for the debacle. Reward!

Shattering Mirror

Location: Sathram Plantation, Kragenmoor

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NPC: Ruvali Manothrel

Level: 13

Reward: House Cousin's Cowl, 153 gold

  • Shattering Mirror will trigger as soon as you complete Unwanted Twin. Ruvali tells you to go speak with Ra-Shadda, who's apparently hanging out in the stables. You'll find them down a hill to your right as you leave the house.
  • Ra-Shadda admits to having summoned the beast, and provides you with a way to get rid of it: charge the Idol with the power of the dark spirits that have inhabited the Plantation. In other words, the Nightmares.
  • Get within melee distance of a Nightmare and you can use the Idol on it. Once the Nightmare is partially-enveloped in a ball of blue light, slay it. Do this five times.
  • Return to Ruvali's home and speak to her upstairs. You can either agree that Ra-Shadda is a beast or side with the Khajiit. Either way, you'll be told to find Ulov and an altar on the plantation to properly charge yourself up for the fight to come.
  • Speak to Ulov in the entry hall of the house, then head over to the barn where this whole mess began. To the right of it is a path through the surrounding rock that leads to a Lunar Altar. Use it to charge yourself.
  • Enter the barn and speak to Ruvali. Ulov will appear. Speak to him to use the Idol on him, then follow him as he rushes past. You'll find him in the courtyard beyond. Kill him, he's a strong two-handed fighter, but he's not too bad - then return to Ruvali. This will bring the quest to a close.

The story is almost done, but there's one last quest you can complete on the Sathram Plantation. Don't leave just yet.

A Story Told in Footprints

Location: Sathram Plantation, Kragenmoor

NPC: Qa-tesh

Level: 13

Reward: Rebellion Mace, 76 gold

  • The NPC for this quest, the unfortunate Qa-tesh, is lying down a small incline to the left of Sathram Plantation's main household. Investigate the Khaajit's body to trigger the quest.
  • Continue down the slope, killing any Nightmares that get in your way, to the rear-most building on the Plantation. There's another body inside, that of Unjasi. Check the note on it to learn more about the story and spark another waypoint.
  • Go two homes down and look inside. There's a scroll on a crate. Investigate it for more details. It will direct you back outside.
  • Head towards the barn on the Plantation. You'll find a pumpkin patch on its right side. Check J'Kur's body. A map he's holding will direct you to a location to the north of the Plantation.
  • Leave the Plantation and head north, down the slope surrounding the place. You'll see a cluster of Ashlanders beyond several tall rocks. Use them as a waypoint to find Vahara, a Khajiit NPC standing behind one of the rocks. Speak to her to bring the quest to a close.

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