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"Runescape" The Void Stares Back Quest Guide

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Nini has been playing the MMORPG Runescape for over 12 years, and loves questing. IRL she loves pets, music, nature & Psychology.


Get Ready for Questing!

Quest prerequisites: A Void Dance

Skill prerequisites: 78 Attack, 70 Construction, 70 Crafting, 71 Firemaking, 80 Magic, 70 Smithing, 78 Strength, 55 Summoning, 25 Defence.

Items you need for Quest:

  • Limestone Brick
  • Hard Leather
  • Logs (1, regular)
  • Melee armour and weapon (but no 2 handed weapons)
  • Food and Potential Prayer pots


Questing Steps!

  • Speak to Captain Korasi at the beautiful Falador Park near Sir Tiffy. You'll receive three pieces of *bugged* Black armour, for spying with. Accept the mission!
  • Lodestone Teleport to Edgeville, then head west to the Black Knight Castle. Before heading in, equip all three pieces of black armour.
  • Once you're let in, click on Captain Gilroy and he'll take you in near some boxes. You have to sort them by weight. Now, you could develop a noted system, and take the weights from the boxes and keep checking every two with the captain... or I could just TELL YOU the correct answer to the problem.
  • When you're ready, talk to Captain Gilroy, say, "I think I've got it" and here's your answer to the weight puzzle(Puzzle 1):

2 should be 4

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3 should be 2

4 should be 6

5 should be 3

and finally, 6 should be 5

(Credit goes to Caelxn on youtube for that answer!)

  • Now you have the weight in order, click on the "balance scale" on the southern wall, between crates. Place the weights in a specific order by first clicking on an empty space, then on the weight. The order, from left to right on the top is: 3, 5, 3, 4. The order from left to right on the bottom is: 2, 2, 5, 6.
  • Go into the next room for a conversation and cut scene.
  • Kill the pests, collecting all the security blocks the drop. Next talk to Captain Gilroy to ask, "what do we do now?" Optionally, you can also talk to the Black Knight to find out he thinks he is too pretty to die. I disagree. You should have 3 regular security blocks and 1 broken one.
  • Exit through doors in the northwest corner, go northwest to the room with the tiny forge. Click on it, "repair tiny forge." Use your logs on the tiny forge, then light the tiny forge. Then, use your blocks on the tiny forge. Use the broken block on the tiny forge to repair it.
  • Go back through the doors to the southeast, and then into the room where you fought the pests.
  • Look at the red spots on your mini-map on the wall to the west. Those are the spots with missing security blocks. Use your four security blocks on those spots to fill them.
  • Go into the next room. Open the panel to the west and search the panel for magical traps. Open the panel for another puzzle (Puzzle 2). Fill in the pieces below the panel to fix the puzzle. Image attached of the solution. When you're done, click confirm.

Solution to Puzzle 2


Onwards Quester!

  • After completing puzzle 2, go into the next room for a conversation and cut scene.
  • Choose dialogue options: "Yes Sir," "Explain the danger in calm, logical terms," and, "Okay, I'll do it."
  • Talk to Captain Korasi and get her sword.
  • Enter the portal. Another conversation and (rather long) cutscene happens. Choose "You bet" in dialogue.
  • Now you're going to do the conquest part, which I hated. It's kind of like chess, they say. Here is a video which might help. It didn't really help me. All I can say is keep the champion alive with those special abilities. It took me two freaking hours to get this done. I wanted to break my computer.
  • Go north into the next room for conversation and cut scene. Choose whatever you want to in dialogue.
  • Go restock for food and prayer pots (protect from melee).
  • After restocking, go through Taverly dungeon to the black knight spot. Get your sword from Korasi again if you lost it. Equip it. Fight the Queen Pest. Use the special ability found in defensive abilities called disrupt when she tries to use her special skill (purple dots will appear). Have plenty of high-level food. When you're done just talk with Korasi again.

Quest complete.

© 2018 Nini

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