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Top Five Reasons the Humans are the Best "WoW" Race

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As an avid gamer and player of nearly everything under the sun, Maddy's passion for video games—and all things nerdy—knows no bounds.

Uther the Lightbringer is a notable human hero in "World of Warcraft."

Uther the Lightbringer is a notable human hero in "World of Warcraft."

1. It's Nice to See Familiar Faces in a Fantasy World

Sure, most of us play games like WoW to escape reality, but sometimes it’s comforting to be able to truly recreate yourself in another world. Sometimes the numerous fantasy races are daunting, and it's just easier to make a character that's completely human.

In WoW, like most other games, humans are also presented as the most adaptable race, capable of playing most, if not all, of the available in-game classes. It's also easier to get into role-playing when you're playing a human character because there's nothing alien about a mindset just like our own.

2. In Keeping With Our Sense of Self, They’re Naturally the Rulers of Nearly Everything

Although the modern humans of Azeroth have adopted a more progressive stance and welcomed the other races into the Alliance, the original kingdoms of mankind were initially the undisputed rulers of Azeroth. Before the orcs arrived and stirred things up, the majority of the other races kept to their own homelands and never ventured beyond to infringe on human-controlled lands. Because of this, Stormwind, Alterac, Gilneas, and Lordaeron ruled great expanses and remained in power until the orcs came and started the conflict that created the Alliance.

3. They Founded the Alliance and Act as the Glue That Holds It All Together

If WoW’s humans are good at anything, it’s waging war and making friends. It was the original war against the orcs that brought the isolated human kingdoms together under the unified banner of the Alliance. Over time, Alliance leadership reached out to other races, including the high elves, dwarves, gnomes, and others, to further bolster the might of the Alliance. Whether there’s war or peace, it’s the humans that continually bring everyone together and keep things running smoothly.

King Varian Wrynn from "WoW."

King Varian Wrynn from "WoW."

4. They've Produced Some of the Most Noble and Intriguing Alliance Heroes

The annals of Azeroth history are filled with heroes and bold changers of worlds, and a surprisingly large number of them have been humans.

  • The kings of Stormwind, the noble Wrynn family, have stood for generations as the bastions of hope and honor.
  • The wizards of Dalaran have included a number of accomplished human wizards among their ranks, including the mighty Medivh, wise Khadgar, and fiery Rhonin.
  • Other champions, such as Uther the Lightbringer and General Turalyon, have led the Alliance in its greatest trials and seen the forces of Light to victory.

5. They're the Snazziest Dancers in Azeroth

The video above speaks for itself.

What Do You Prefer to Play?

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