Town of Salem - 5 Tips on Winning as Town

Updated on April 13, 2016

The Cruelty of Salem

If you've played Town of Salem, you know that this game provides an addictive yet frustrating experience like no other. How many times have you been killed the first night? Falsely accused of being mafia? Correctly accused of being mafia? You and I both know how ridiculously annoying this gets.

Worry not my aggravated reader, for you shall suffer no longer. Over the next few Hubs, we'll be discussing various tips and tricks you can use to alleviate suspicion, manipulate the opposition and with any luck, win the game. Today, we'll be covering the Town.

Playing as Town

If you're working for the Town, then your goal is pretty simple. You need to convince the other Townies of your innocence, all whilst searching for the black sheep among your flock. You also need to do this in a way that doesn't arouse the attention of the mafia. So here are five tips that, with any luck, will help you and your fellow Townies win the game!

In this game the Serial Killer was caught early. Rather than lynch him, we used him to kill the entire Mafia.
In this game the Serial Killer was caught early. Rather than lynch him, we used him to kill the entire Mafia.

Tip #1 - I am the Sheriff... psyche!

One of the biggest threats to the Mafia is the Sheriff, the one person who can determine the guilt and innocence of other players. If he dies, the Town will suffer a devastating blow, one which could cost them the game. If the Mafia think they know who the Sheriff is, you can be certain they're going to attack him. So why don't we use this to our advantage? Whilst the following technique could result in your death, it could certainly boost your chances at victory.

Essentially, the plan here is to claim Sheriff when you are a different role. With any luck, the Mafia will take the bait and come after you, thus sparing the possibility of losing the Sheriff.

Note: This tip can work with any role. I'm just using the Sheriff as an example.

  1. First things first, if you know the real Sheriff, whisper him about your plan. Make sure he is aware of what;s going on. If you don't know who he is, pray he'll keep silent.
  2. Claim to be the Sheriff. A good idea is to provide a fake report, to legitimize your claim. Make sure you don't state one of the Mafia to be innocent (not a mistake you want to make.
  3. Cross your fingers and hope to die.

You may be wondering the point of all of this. Well for starters, you'll throw the Mafia off their game. They'll be uncertain of who's who and start second guessing themselves. Next, it gives the Sheriff a free night to investigate someone, potentially finding one of the Mafia!

Bonus tip: Try this strategy as the Veteran. If done correctly, you can devastate the Mafia.

Tip #2 - When There's a Will...

There is a will in this game. Make use of it.

Upon dying, your will will be revealed to all. Whilst it can be amusing to convey a perverted sex joke as your last words, there are many other uses for it:

  • If you're an investigative role (Sheriff, Investigator, Lookout), write down who you visited and the details of your report (guilty or innocent, clue to their role, who visited them)
  • If you're a protective role (Doctor, Bodyguard), write down who you visited and if they were attacked.
  • If you're a Jailor, write down who you jailed and what role they claim to be.
  • If you're an Escort, write down who you distracted.
  • If you're a Spy, write down quotes said by the Mafia and their possible identities.
  • If you're a Medium, write down what the dead are saying.
  • If you're any role, make sure you write down who you suspect to be the Mafia.

This information can be incredibly helpful. Say for instance, the Jailor locks up the Serial Killer, who automatically kills the Jailor at the end of the night. If we know who was jailed, then we can make a safe assumption that this person is the Serial Killer. The same applies if an Escort visits the Dexter-esque role.

Note: Try to get your will finished before the night ends. You never know when you might die.

In this game, I convinced a Bodyguard to help the Mafia win...
In this game, I convinced a Bodyguard to help the Mafia win...

Tip #3 - Predicting the Mafia

This is a tricky one, but it works. There are often cases where the Mafia will target specific players for certain reasons. If you can fathom why, it is possible to predict the Mafia's next attack and maybe even stop them.

Scenario 1:

There are eight Townies, two of which are Mafia. One of the Mafia is able to convince a few people to lynch Bob. One Townie, Jim, claims he's innocent however, and the Town is unable to reach the number of votes necessary to lynch Bob. The day ends with no lynching.

In this case, one could assume the Mafia would go after Jim. If you're a Doctor or Bodyguard, you can save Jim and in the latter case, take out one of the Mafia. If you're a Lookout, you can see who visits Jim and catch one of the crooks. If you're a Jailor, you can lock Jim up and keep him safe.

If the Mafia do indeed come after Jim, then we can assume that both he and Bob are innocent. Make sure you say as much during the daily meeting.

Scenario 2:

During the town meeting, Donald asks Mark for his role. Mark delays in answering him until the day is over. The day ends with no lynching.

This is a scenario I myself have experienced first hand. We can assume that Donald is an investigative role, who may have found out something about Mark. We can also deduce that, if Mark is mafia, they will target Donald tonight in an attempt to keep him quiet.

As stated before, we can use several methods to save or help Donald. In this instance however, a Jailor might prefer to imprison Mark and execute him. An Escort could also distract Mark, preventing him from killing Donald (if he is the killing mafia). If you too are an investigative role, you could also visit Mark and attempt to find out if Donald was on to something.

Tip #4 - So You're Say You're a Spy?

In order to lynch the Mafia, you need to figure out who's telling the truth about their role and who's lying. Whilst it's easy to claim a role off the top of your head, it's much harder for someone to keep it going over an extended period of time. To that end, there are a few tricks you can use to catch people out.

  • If someone claims to be a Spy, whisper to someone else and ask the supposed Spy to repeat what you just said. If they can't, they're lying.
  • If someone claims to be a Doctor, ask them to heal you tonight and ask the Vigilante (if there is one) to try to kill you. If you wind up dead, the doc's either a Mafia/Serial Killer or really bad at his job.
  • If someone claims to be a Transporter, ask them to swap you with someone else. If you were transported, check with your friend to make sure they were too.
  • If someone claims to be an Investigator, ask them to investigate you. Next day, if he's unable to give a clue pertaining to your role, lynch him. You can also ask for all his reports.

These tactics can work with most roles, and can either confirm someone to be a Townie or reveal them as the Mafia scum they truly are.

In this game, there was either an Arsonist or a Mafia left. As he wasn't doused, the Mayor could safely lynch either of them, without fear of being burnt or killed.
In this game, there was either an Arsonist or a Mafia left. As he wasn't doused, the Mayor could safely lynch either of them, without fear of being burnt or killed.

Tip #5 - I, err, was AFK

Finally, you can find the evildoers among you simply by watching how they act and react.

  • If someone asks for a lynch, look for people who vote without saying anything. This is known as 'jumping on the bandwagon' and may be used by the Mafia who want to off their partners to avoid looking suspicious.
  • If someone is about to be judged innocent or guilty, you can most certainly guarantee the Mafia will vote guilty. If the victim is set free, look at all the players that voted guilty and direct your attention towards them.
  • Is a player notably quiet? Or perhaps speaking on behalf of all the town? Keep an eye on these players, as they may prove to be the ones you want dead. I personally know a player who is so good at staying quiet, the entire Town will lynch each other without even noticing him. Try asking if he's there and I bet you he'll say he's back from being AFK.
  • Is a player very anxious to lynch someone with little to no evidence? He could be an Executioner, but he also might be trying to thin the ranks of the Town. Take note of him, and everyone else who seems suspicious.

As stated before, make sure you write down in your will who you think is Mafia.

Final Words

I hope that these tips will serve you and your fellow Townies well, and will result in the lynching of many Mafia scumbags! If you're a fan of Town of Salem, make sure you follow me, as I've got guides on the Mafia and Neutral roles coming out soon.


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