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Ultimate "Perfect World" Archer Build Guide

Leonard is a big fan of "Perfect World International" and he loves playing with the Barbarian class.

An Archer character in "Perfect World International."

An Archer character in "Perfect World International."

Understanding Archers

The Perfect World Archer is a fairly easy class to understand. They are all about dealing damage. They are not like assassins; they do not need to be sneaky or stack skills in order to do max damage. And they are not like a Wizard, who tends to be very squishy. They are high-level physical ranged damage dealers who wear light armor. It is a very solid combination. It took me a long time before I started an Archer, not for any real good reason other than I had so many other classes going. But now, I enjoy the class much more than I expected.

The Sweet Spot for Archers: Level 40+

Generally speaking, Archers really start to come into their own after level 40 or so. This is when they are able to still do damage even to mobs that are in melee range. And by this time, they have enough dex that their crit percentage is right around 10%.


When soloing as an Archer, I have found that by using a maxed skill—like take aim or really whatever you are using at the time—as an opening hit and following up with a quick skill like Quickshot or Lightening Strike, you can usually finish the mob in two or three hits. I soloed my FB19 at level 48. This probably could have been done sooner. I think my charm ticked once.

Squad Play and Aggro

In a squad, you are a heavy damage dealer. The sole purpose of you being there is to deal damage. The most difficult part of playing an Archer is going to be aggro. This has been a lesson I have learned several times. If you are not sure what mobs the tank has aggro on, and you choose the wrong one, you will draw aggro. No questions. As a level 50 archer, I had the ability to draw mobs off a level 101 barb. Even though they were aggroing him, since he was not roaring at the specific mob, I learned the hard way to pay closer attention.

Weapons for an Archer.

Weapons for an Archer.

Archer Weapons

This is very similar to most of the other classes. Archers use ranged weapons. You have a choice between bow, crossbow, and slingshot. And all three are slightly unique, but not drastically so.


Crossbows are the slowest weapon of the three, which is 0.61 attacks per second. That is pretty darn slow. But in return, you get a weapon that will deal the most punch for its level. Crossbows are highest damage.


Bows are the middle weapon. They are faster than crossbows, at 0.67 attacks per second and they are going to deal slightly less damage than the crossbow as well. They also tend to be the most common weapon for an archer.


Slingshots are of course going to be the fastest weapon of the group at 0.72 attacks per second, but they are going to deal the least amount of base damage. Personally though, I like the slingshot the best, being that crit damage is based on percentage of hits, you get more hits in with a slingshot, meaning more crits, meaning higher DPS. The primary purpose of an archer.

Weapon Bonuses

As far as bonuses to look for on the weapon, +physical damage, +crit, +accuracy are all good, and +hp is always a good bonus to add as well, mostly you want a good damage dealing weapon, in general, if you are dealing a lot of damage you will not have to worry about your HP, you will not be hit often. My experience has been that an archer will be touched much less than a wizard, just to show you a comparison.

Archer Gear

Before I played an Archer, I liked their setup. Light armor, ranged are about the perfect combo. And I was not disappointed. Where I think the light armor on an Assassin is trouble waiting to happen, on an Archer, it functions perfectly.

In general, under normal mob attacks, an archer is going to one and two shot most single targets and this is going to mean, the archer may be hit once but most likely will not be hit at all.


This is going to be pretty straight forward. -int, +hp, +mp, +physical defense, all are good bonuses to have in your armors. This is almost always true across the board of all classes so for me to tell you this, is should not be anything new to most. As far as stones to shard your gear with, again, it is fairly common. Citrine shards are my first suggestion. These are the HP shards, and the other option would be amber shards these will increase your evasion, and since your evasion will already be high, it is a way to play on your strength.

But generally speaking, hp shards are they way to go, they are a great form of added defense.


Use might rings. Your a physical damage dealer so might rings are the only option. Again +crit, +physical damage, +hp are usually the bonuses you will want to go with. Most often up till at least level 50, perfect world gives you all the rings you will need, between the unit ring, and rank rings, you really do not need to worry about this area.


This is similar to rings, Personally I use physical resistance ornaments. They give me more physical resistance and they also usually give me more HP. I guess evasion or magic ornaments are fine, but unless you are getting +crit or something really nice as a bonus, physical gear is the way I recommend.


Usually, I am going to recommend HP shards in your gear and Physical damage shards in your weapons. That is about as straight forward as I can get. You can use evasion shards in your gear if you really want. It is really hard to see the results of those though. I would not put accuracy shards in your weapon, I highly doubt that you will have accuracy issues.

Archer Stats

Archers are great. I think that they have been one of the easiest classes all around to play, and this holds true in the stats department too. Initially I thought I would put a little bit of points into VIT, but by the time I hit level 40 I realized I was wasting stats.

Pure Dex Build

There is one real stat build for a Archer. You can go pure dex. This is 1str per level and 4 dex per level. This is going to give you the most bang for your buck and from my tryout, I do not see any really good reason to put vit into your build.

Survivability Alternate Build

If you really really want, you could go 2str, 7dex, and 1vit every other level, until say level 40 then go pure. This is an option for any concerned about survivability.

Archer Skills

Archer skills consist of Passive Skills, Buffs, Defensive Skills and Offensive Skills. Some skills you will find more useful than me, but I will give my best opinion of them.

Passive Skills

Bow Mastery: (Level it) This increases your weapon damage by a %. This is a skill you should always try to level. Always important to improve your damage output.

Winged Blessing: (Level it) This increases your weapon range by a specific distance based on the level you have. This is almost as important as your Bow Mastery. More distance between you and mobs, or other players is always a good thing.

Flight Mastery: (Optional) This is a skill I have changed my mind on just a little. Originally I though it was a waste. Now, I believe it is a skill you should only level if you plan to always keep your Natural White wings and that you have extra spirit. Most people prefer the looks of cash shop wings, and you can get faster wings if your willing to put in the money. So, only level it if you are sure you plan to keep your original wings.


Blazing Arrow: (Level it) I love buffs. I will almost always suggest that you keep them leveled, even if they are only for yourself. And this is no different. This is a self buff that lasts 10minutes. It adds a % of fire damage to your arrows.

Wings of Protection: (Level it) This is your squad buff. It is a 30minute buff. It adds a % of evasion to you and your squad members. It also adds a 15% speed increase, for XX amount of time, the duration increases with higher levels of the skill.

Defensive Skills

Winged Shell: (Level Slowly) In my own personal use, I did not find this needed in the early levels. Until I started PvP, I had no real use for it. After Level 60. It is a damage absorb shell, and a Mana recovery. It lasts 20 seconds and every hit will recover 10mana. I don't really notice the mana regen. It can be nice to have that little buffer for hard hitting players or mobs later in the game.

Wings of Grace: (Learn it) It is a good skill to have. It makes you immune to all slows, and reduces damage taken by 30%, along with increasing your speed by 30%. It lasts for 15 seconds and makes you immune to all damage while casting.

Offensive Skills: Arrow Tree

Frost Arrow: (Level as possible) Deals base damage + additional damage + XX second slow to the target. It's a good skill and one to level as you can. I would call it a secondary priority.

Vicious Arrow: (Low Importance) Deals base damage + Wood damage over 15 seconds. This skill is not useful in day to day grinding. Most mobs will be dead in less than 15 seconds. This skills works better when you are in squads and fighting bosses, or high HP mobs, or during PvP.

Serrated Arrow: (Low Importance) This skill falls in the same basket as Vicious Arrow, it deals a base physical damage and an amount of physical damage over 15 seconds. Learn it but hold off on leveling it until later on in the game.

Sharpened Tooth Arrow: (Level as possible) Deals base damage + additional damage + causes the target a maximum HP reduction of XX% for 30 seconds. This is a skill I would recommend. Less HP means Less time to dispatch the mobs.

Offensive Skills: Metal Tree

Lightning Strike: (Level as possible) This is a good skill to learn. The target takes Metal damage equal to your base physical damage + additional damage. Skills like this offer you options against mobs that have increased physical defense. Its a good skill to level as you can.

Thunder Shock: (Level as possible) This skill is similar to lightning strike. It deals your base damage in the form of metal damage + additional damage + reduces the targets metal resistance by XX% for 15 seconds. This is a good skill to learn. And level as you can.

Thunderous Blast: (Level as possible) This is a skill that I like. It is a AOE, a ranged AOE but an AOE none the less. It deals damage in a radius around the initial target, the radius increases as the skill is leveled. The skills inflicts matal damage equal to your base physical damage + additional damage. It does cost 2 arrows.

Stormrage Eagleon: (Level as possible) This is when I would start to consider putting some spirit in skills that are DOT's. This is one of those skills. This deals XX metal damage over 30 seconds + causes a 30% slow.

Offensive Skills: Attack Tree

Take Aim: (Level a couple times) This is a decent beginning skill. I would not go crazy leveling it, but it works as a good opening attack. It takes a certain amount of time to charge, that time drops as you level the skill, the skills deals XX% of weapon damage, it varies depending on the skill level and the amount of time the skill is allowed to charge.

Quickshot: (Low importance) This skills is underpowered, fairly quick, but really doesn't deal enough. I would not bother with it. It deals base damage + additional damage.

Knockback Arrow: (Level slowly) Learning this skill gives you the the important part of the skill. The knockback. Being a ranged attacker, the ability to move mobs away from you is important. It deals base damage + additional damage + knocking the target back 12 meters. The damage of the skill is ok. So level it if you like, but don't make it a priority.

Aim Low: (Level as possible) This is a spark skill, costing you 1 spark to use. This makes it a costly skill to use. The damage is good. it deals base damage + additional damage + has a 90% chance to paralyze your target for XX seconds. The Paralyze is useful on mobs you have trouble beating in a few hits.

Stunning Arrow: (Learn it) This is a poor mans version of Aim Low. It does not cost the spark, but deals base damage + additional damage + XX% chance to stun the target for 3 seconds. I would recommend learning it but I would not level it early.

Deadly Shot: (Level as Possible) This is a kill shot. Good damage skill. I would learn is as soon as possible and try to keep it leveled. It deals base damage + XX% weapon damage + additional damage. It is a good skill for grinding and PvP. It could cause aggro problems in squad play though.

Barrage of Arrows: (Level as possible) This skill is cool at the least. It is a ranged AOE, it deals its damage in a radius around the target. Once you initiate the skill, it keeps going until you run out of mana or you hit Esc. It releases a barrage of arrows that deal base damage + XX% of weapon damage + additional damage. It costs 2 sparks, and is a situational skill but can be a squad saver.

Offensive Skills: Wing Tree

(These skills do not require an arrow; that is what makes them useful.)

Winged Shell (See above, Defensive skill)

Winged Pledge: (Learn) It is not a high priority skill, but can be useful in some situations. It deals base damage + additional damage.

Wingspan: (Level as possible) This is a AOE, in a 8 meter around you, it inflicts base damage + additional damage + a knockback. But will not knockback in PvP.

Wings of Grace: (See above, Defensive skill)

There are a lot of skills to consider for a archer. In my opinion, I will recommend that you focus on a couple skills to keep them maxed, and level the others as you have extra spirit. It is important to have skills maxed for your level.

Gene Skills for Archers

Gene skills are primarily here to assist you. They are not going to be skills that make or break what you are as an archer, but there are a couple of skills I can recommend. Below are skills I think can be useful. They are not something I would insist on, but I would say are good choices.

Second Wind: This is almost always a skill I would suggest to learn. It is a heal skill. And for an archer, as most classes. I think it is important to have a heal. It is instant and it is a lump heal. Not a heal over time. Good skill to learn.

Tangling Mire: I like this for physical damage dealing classes. It slows all targets withing a 15 meter radius by XX% + lowers physical defense by XX%. It is useful when mobs are getting in too close.

Earthquake: This is a knockback. I like it because gene skills are instant, requiring no channeling time. It is a good skill to consider.

Final Thoughts on Archers

The most important thing to remember about archers is, you are here to deal damage and you have a lot of skills and tools to do just that. You need to exploit your abilities as much as possible to be good at this class. The class, in my opinion is one of the best damage dealers you can play.

And another thought. This guide was made for players who are below level 60 or so. It is not meant to help high levels. In my previous guides, I have found that a lot of higher levels like to attack these guides, but from their own mindset, not from a person who is new to the class. Some day, I will write high level guides. But not until I finish my lower level guides.

Thank you for reading my Perfect World Archer build guide.


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u forgot to mention that the status build is 1STR and 4 DEX for every level

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