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Ultimate "Perfect World" Seeker Build Guide

Leonard is a big fan of "Perfect World International" and he loves playing with the Barbarian class.

Seekers in "PWI" fall somewhere between Barbarians and Blademasters. Learn more in this comprehensive build guide.

Seekers in "PWI" fall somewhere between Barbarians and Blademasters. Learn more in this comprehensive build guide.

Understanding Seekers

Welcome to my ultimate Perfect World Seeker guide. It has been a long time coming, but I have just not been able to find the time to build a Seeker. I started one right around the time they were released with that last expansion, but I've been busy with some of my other characters—because, on top of having many above-level-70 classes, I also have three factions that I lead.

None of them are big, and it will be a while before they become anything, if they ever do. But it is time-consuming, and, needless to say, some of my guides have fallen by the wayside. But I am going to stick to my word and complete a guide for all the classes in Perfect World.

What Is a Seeker?

Anyway, let's get started. So, what is a Seeker in Perfect World? Seekers are very similar to Blademasters—but also very different. They are a melee class, and they are heavy armor wearers. They even have the same statistical attributes as Blademasters. But that really means little in the actual build of a Seeker.

Seekers vs. Blademasters and Barbarians

In general, I look at a Seeker as a class that falls between a Blademaster and a Barbarian. They are not multipathed like the Blademaster, which means they are going to have extra stat points that can be added to Vitality or Dexterity (or even to Strength, if you like). But they do not have the specialized skills and stats that Barbarians do.

Seekers do more damage than a Barbarian but less than a Blademaster. And they are reliant on skills to deal the majority of their damage. With buffs, debuffs, and stances, the class has been interesting for me. I want it to be an alternate tank to a Barb, but the hp can be a little questionable. It is not a damage dealer in the typical sense; it has skills that make it seem like a tank. It has been slightly confusing to me. Ultimately, I believe that they are a secondary tank and general mob control class. And, there is also their pulling ability and AOE. Both are a huge plus.

Solo Play

Seekers seem to solo fairly well, similar to a Blademaster without Diamond Sutra. That skill is a pretty big loss.

A Seeker with sheathed swords.

A Seeker with sheathed swords.

Seeker Weapons

Really, there is not much to say here. Swords are your choice: Blades, Dual Blades, Swords, and Dual Swords. There is not a whole lot of difference between these weapons. Dual weapons are slower attack weapons, but they tend to have a little more damage. But the difference is not noticeable unless you are going for a high APS (attacks per second).

Personally, I like the APS. Since I use my tank in a mob control/tank role, I tend to find myself in situations where I need to be able to pull aggro. This is a helpful way.

Pros and Cons of the Weapon Options

So, instead of ranking all the different swords, I will summarize the options as follows:

  • Single Swords are going to be your fastest and most consistent damage.
  • Blades are going to be just as fast, but you will get more variance, higher spikes, and lower minimum damage.
  • Dual Blades and Dual Swords are the same but slower. Dual Swords will be more consistent damage, and Dual Blades will give you the spiking.

Seeker Gear

Seekers are a true melee class. This means that they are going to be wearing Heavy armor. And my preference is elemental ornaments. The rings will always be might rings. This is basically the same approach as what I would take with a Blademaster. But, lets go into a little more detail about gear.


When you talk about heavy gear, there are some very specific bonuses you will want to look for in choosing your gear. This applies to Wrist, Boots, Legs, and Chest. at the base you want your gear to be as good as you can afford or have for your level. What this means is, Rank gear, Legendary gear, and other High level gear as you go along is going to be your goal.

Before level 30 you will just be wearing whatever you can get your hands on and that will usually be all you need. At level 30 you will want to make sure your reputation is high enough in order to get your rank 1 gear. This consists of a ring, belt, legs and chest. This is good gear, and it is a good price for what you are. After that, it will take effort for you to look and find what works for you.

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Armor Bonuses

Bonuses I generally look for in my Seeker armor is, +HP, +Vit, +Crit, +elemental defense, +attack speed, % reduce damage taken, +physical resistance and +hp or mag regen.

Some people are not fans of hp or mp regen, but I think that these people have not really looked at the possibilities of gear with regen properties. I have a barb that regens over 50 per second without buffs or potions. I know it drops off while in battle to 25%, but that is still better than any standard regen rate.

These bonuses will help you if you are put in the Tank/mob control role, and it will generally make your life easier while you are soloing.


You will always use Might helmets, The higher the +HP on them the better and any bonus stat is a bonus. Again, ,I would go for +HP, +VIT, +Physical Resistance, and + HP regen. Those are common bonuses for helmets. The point here is to also get as much bang for your buck. Because you are a tweener character, one that is not truly a Tank or a damage dealer, you will need to supplement your deficiencies as much as possible.


This is all the same. You want the best robe you can get for you level. Meaning the highest level of evasion you can get. And you will want +HP and +VIT and +elemental defense, and regens are a bonus here if you can happen into them.


Best night rings you can grab. The best physical atk+ you can get. bonus physical atk+ and hp are really what you will hope for in rings. +crits, and -interval are also something to try for. Rings are really all about offense, so try to squeeze as much bonus offense out of them as you can.

Seeker Statistics

You have a few things to think about as a seeker when you decide how you want to divide your stats up. I look at three possible builds and think they are all viable and any hybrid of the three could be employed effectively.

Tank Build

This is a bit of a misnomer of a name, you are not going to have Barbarian level HP. But you will have a nice chunk of VIT. This is the build I use. My Seeker is a PvE Seeker, I am not on a PvP server nor do I partake in PvP. The build is something like this.

Starting at level 3, and continuing, every other level, you will be adding: 5STR, 3DEX, and 2VIT. This will go until the end really. Of course when you get to endgame territory you will not be following this. You will be planning for endgame. But until level 89 or so you will be following this. This is going to give you the ability to carry the latest Sword, the ability to wear the Latest Heavy gear and give you a very large HP pool.

Dex Build

Here you will be skipping the Vitality you get from the Tank build and you will be dropping it all into Dexterity. This is going to much higher offensive abilities and your evasion will be high. You will have a good Critical % on top of it all. Seekers, much the same as a Blademaster see the most benefit out of dexterity. Your Evasion and Accuracy are directly related to your dexterity and for a Seeker, that number is higher than any other class, except for the Blademasters. This build is a good one, especially if you are trying to make an offensive seeker, this would be the method that you would want to take.

Strength Build

Here is just what it sounds. And usually I would not recommend this build with other classes. Mostly because your points are better served in other places. But the extra strength points by end game can really add up. And can make your base damage and physical defense quite a bit higher than the other two builds. This is not my first choice, but not one I would say is a bad choice either.

There is always hybrid builds, like cutting off VIT at 50 or Cutting off DEX at 140 or any other combination like that. But these two builds are really the only three I would recommend for a Seeker. And then later in game, you can always restat. Moving the couple extra magic points, or changing from a tank to a strength build is fully possible if you are willing to spend the money or coin.


Seeker Skills

In all my guides this is the part I like the most. It takes a lot of time and it is very subjective to your play style, but I try my best. It doesn't need to be said, but, use this only as a suggestion. It is really a starting point. Personally, by the time you get to level 50 or so you should have a pretty fair idea how you intend to play your seeker and you would also have a pretty good idea as to what skills you prefer.

I am going to break down a seekers skills in 4 categories. We have Attacks, Stances, Passive, and Buff/Debuffs


Rock Splitting Cleave

This is your starting skill. It's not really worth much. I would not bother leveling it any time soon.

Staggering Strike

This is a ranged attack, Single Target, it deals damage plus additional damage. It is also uses Norther Sky Waltz as a trigger skill for a stun and defense drain. This is a high priority skill to level in my book.


This is a ranged skill. It is fast, it deals a base damage along with metal damage. This skill also increases your threat level (aggro). This is a good skill to keep leveled if possible, but I would call it a middle priority skill.

Ion Spike

This is your first spark skill. It seems to me to be a decent skill for being your first spark skill. It deals your base damage in metal equal to a % of your weapon damage, plus additional damage, plus a chance to reduce metal resistance. And, yes, and, it is a AOE. Good skill, middle priority leveling should be implemented here.


This skill deals a base physical damage, in a AOE, and uses Parchedblade Dance as a trigger to deal extra damage and stun the target. This is a skill I would call high priority.

Heart Seeker

This skill deals metal damage equal to your base damage, plus a % of your weapon damage, plus additional damage. It also has a chance to stun your target. It is also a ranged attack. It is a middle priority.

Darkcloud Bolt

This is a AOE that deals base damage plus additional damage. Again, I would call it a middle priority at the level it becomes available. It is going to be more useful later when you start AOE grinding.

Gemini Slash

This is a AOE, it deals base damage plus a % of damage, plus additional damage. It also uses Soulsever Minuet as a trigger for additional metal damage and a defensive reduction. I love this skill. High Priority to me.

Edged Blur

One of my favorites. AOE, Deals base damage plus Metal damage and hits every three seconds for 12 seconds. This is fun. Learn it and level it if you are going to be doing any AOE grinding.

Yataghan Vortex

I like this one too! It is a constant damage dealer in AOE it drains mana constantly also. It deals a % of your base damage, plus additional damage. You have to cancel the skill or run out of mana before it will quit. It costs two sparks. It is cool but more for later game.


Northern Sky Waltz

Your first stance. It is solid. Used as the Trigger for Staggering strike. It deals additional damage, plus a stun, plus a defensive drain for a certain time. Level as you can. I would give it a middle priority.

Parchedblade Dance

Second stance, it is used as the trigger for Stalagstrike. It has a % chance of inducing bloodlet on your target for a length of time, plus additional damage, plus a stun. I think all the stances and their skills are good. I would give this a middle priority as well.

Soulsever Minuet

This is your third and final stance. This stance is trigger for Gemini Slash. Has a chance to inflict spirit bore on the target, along with extra metal damage, plus a defense level reduction. This again would be a middle range skill to learn. I think out of the stances, I hold off on this one for a bit due to its cost. I am a firm believer in keeping a couple skills maxed and fill in with the others as you can while you are lower levels.


Blade and Sword Mastery

No discussion here. This is a skill you keep maxed. Trust me.



Increases movement speed by a % for 15 seconds. I say get it but don't bother leveling it. Later in game if you are going for APS, you may want to level it. But it does not speed casting. It is nice for running away or to someplace.

Bladed Fervor

Your self buff. It gives you a 1% crit bonus along with a slow increase of your attack level and defense level. I like it. I would keep it leveled if you can.

Blade Affinity

This is a channeling time decrease buff. It is a 6 second buff and leveling it increases the speed. Lower levels really will have no need for this. Not until later in game. Learn it and leave it until you see a need for it.

Heart Shatter

Your first debuff. It lasts so many seconds depending on the level, but it is a good debuff, starting at like 300 seconds. It lowers the targets resistance to metal and physical damage by a %. Level this. It will speed things along all the way through.

Adrenal Numbness

Love this. Self Buff. Increases your defensive level depending on skill level for 30 minutes. I would recommend keeping this one leveled.

Saber Rattle

Party buff. This increases your party's attack level for 30 minutes. It can not be used at the same time as Bladed Fervor or Krav Maga. You will not need it for yourself, you have Bladed Fervor. Level it only if you squad a lot early, otherwise hold off till later levels.

Mind Shatter

Debuff to lower your targets Wood and Water resistances. The critical rate is increased by a % for a length of time with this debuff. This is a squad debuff, since you do not use water or wood for attack. Level it if you squad early. Otherwise wait.


A stun. Not just a stun ,but a warp or motion to your target also, that plus the 3 second stun makes this more of a PvP skill, if you are PvP'ing. I would get it. Otherwise, I would not bother.

Soul Shatter

Another debuff, this is an Earth and Fire debuff. It lasts for a specific time, it increases the critical rate for Earth and Fire attacks, and it increases the overall damage from Fire and Earth attacks by a %. This falls in the same category as Mind Shatter. Learn it if you squad, wait otherwise.

Quid Pro Quo

This one is very very interesting. It transfers any debuff to any target you wish. What exactly does that mean? It means that you can transfer and debuff that does not eliminate the ability to cast the skill. Meaning stuns and sleeps. I think this is a skill that needs to be learned, and practiced, it will have uses later in the game for you, if you learn it.

That's all of them. Well, all up to level 59 skills. This is my rule. If you are over level 60 I do not believe you need this kind of guide and I will make guides later on down the line for those of you who are over level 60. But that may be a long time to come.

Seeker Genie Skills

I am not going to spend a great deal of time on genie skills. I have, and always will say that genie skills are fairly inconsequential. You should be able to function completely without a genie. They are a nice addition and a complement to your play style and class you are playing, but do not put too much faith in them.

Second Wind or Tree of Protection

First and always, I will recommend either Second Wind or Tree of Protection. I tend to go with Second wind, mostly because you can get is sooner than Tree of Protection, and it is an immediate heal. But, Tree of protection is good also. Either one, but I recommend you always grab a genie heal. it can save charms or potions or mana. Second wind is a Strength based skill. Tree of protection is both a strength based and Dexterity based, another reason why I suggest Second wind.

Alpha Male

I think this is a great skill for a Seeker. It is an aggro skill with a deflect. The deflect is a nice bonus, but the agro is what I have this skill for. Battousai is an aggro, There may be another that I am not thinking of, but if you plan to do any tanking, you will want this skill. Alpha male is a strength based skill also.

Tangling Mire

Tangling Mire is an AOE Slow, and Physical defense decrease that lasts for 10 seconds and is strength based. It falls in good with a Seekers skillset.

Other than that, all you can do is read through the descriptions and pick skills that suit your needs.

Seekers: A Versatile Class

Seekers are much more versatile than I suspected when I began to play them. I assumed they were an underpowered Blademaster, and that I would find them as that. I was wrong. They may not deal the damage that a Blademaster does, hit for hit. But with skill stacking and defensive buffs and AOE. I can almost say that my seeker has replaced my Blademaster, in my heart..... No, I can't go that far, but Seekers have some really nice pluses that surprised me greatly.

Thank you for reading my Ultimate Seeker Guide. It has been a long time coming. I am hoping to finally get my Archer guide done soon. If I can ever give my archer any love that is.


Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on September 04, 2018:

It has been a little while since I have played much but I am personally particular to Barbarians or Blademasters. They are my two favorite classes to play. My Barb is my favorite. They are very forgiving at low levels, grind is a little slow because of low damage at low levels, but when you start maxing things out they are really hard to kill. I do also still love Assassins. So, personally 1.)Barb, 2.)Assassin. Blademasters are great but they are harder to play long term because of the weapons and skills involved in maxing a blademaster/

asianNneggh on September 04, 2018:

hi i'm total beginner, suggest me a good class to start

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on January 29, 2017:

I don't know why i never noticed this before, but I will give you a quick and dirty answer. I would say, you are either gonna go Nirvana/G16 gear. It's the cheapest all around, But, R8 is a pretty defense oriented set of gear. If you don't have cash, you can farm/JoJ for in game coin to pay for the rep, and two or three pieces of the gear is cheap, like 1 mill per. But the other pieces, I believe you need wedding candies and that can get a little pricey. I am going on memory right now so my numbers might be a little off, but close. Get a Cube necklace. If you log every day the Perfect attendance ring is ok, and then get a sky cover, or at lease a chaotic sign of frost. This is all assuming your lvl 100, if not, all this is kinda useless to you right now. If not, either follow the Twilight temple gear chain or the rank gear, both are decent.

Lukas A. on September 07, 2016:

hey, I figured I'd be better off asking here. I used to play PW back in the day (2007, then I'd quit when I'd get hacked and come back a few months later, the wonders of the brazilian server lol), and now I'm playing a Seeker on the international server. I'm really liking the class and I'm thinking of setting it up as a off-tank. My question tho is, is it possible to get decent gear to do PvE and some other stuff (basically anything but PvP, I've got other games to kill players on) without spending that much money? like some 15~20$ at max every month?

And anyway, thanks for the basic build, it's been helping me a lot :)

some noob on June 13, 2014:

thanks, the insight helps when I'm clicking through that skill tree trying to figure out where to put my spirit.

Momo on January 19, 2013:

This was very helpful guide!

Thank you :)

Exii on January 04, 2013:

Nice guide, I'm following it and so far its working perfectly,but I'm new to game and only level 13 lol. thanks for taking to the time to write it.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on December 09, 2012:

I am glad I was able to hold your attention. But in all reality. What these guides are about is teaching some basics to those people who are actually starting a new class and leveling that character the old fashioned way. No hypers or pleveling or millions of coin on fruit just to say you have a level 100 whatever. But to take the time to play and learn a bit. If you are just too advanced to appreciate that there are people out there who would like to understand the basics then why waste your time reading a guide?

Come on.

Thank you for reading my seeker guide though. :)

... on December 09, 2012:

yeah find a ring with , int and yeah really great guidr "find the best thing you can get, yeah use that" you wasred a lot of your time and other ppl that suffer through reading this

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