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Ultimate "Perfect World" Psychic Build Guide

My Psychic Character

My Psychic Character

Understanding Psychics

Welcome to my Ultimate Perfect World Psychic Guide. It has been a long time since I wrote a guide. I have been playing perfect world still, but have had little time to actually sit down and write. But that is really irrelevant. This is a guide about how to build and play your Psychic, up until about level 70, then, if you have leveled the true way and not through dozens of big rooms, then you should have an idea of how you will play your character. Because, bottom line, you will not play the same way I do. You will, at some point, decide some things I say are not true in your situations. But take this for what it is. It is a guide to a game. It will give you a general idea of what you will need to consider to play your class. If you are playing a different class, I suggest you read a guide for that class. I know I don't have all the guides written yet, but I do have a good chunk.

So, on with the guide . . .

So, what is a Psychic? A Psychic is a ranged, caster class, damage dealer. A Psychic's attacks are hard-hitting and quick. In general, they play a lot like the Wizard class, with the primary difference being, faster casting and channel times, with a little less damage. At least that is what they say, but, I really see some impressive damage numbers from a Psychic and I am not really sure if that is entirely accurate.

I like this class, because of the Voodoos. They make Psychic fun. Black and White Voodoo are your Offensive and Defensive amps. I will talk about them later.

In a squad you are usually going to be nothing more than a damage dealer, you do have ann AOE heal, but it's not great. Just like the Wizards heal, it will serve in a pinch but it does not make you a healer. Single target damage will be your specialty. You will have several AOE damage skills also, but, it is not your strongest aspect.

Soloing is fairly straight forward, kill the mobs before they reach you, you have very low HP and it means, that you will often die after taking a few hits from normal mobs. But generally, you will not have to worry, you can usually two-shot most normal mobs. The trouble comes if you aggro more than one mob at a time. Once you have your knockback skill, this becomes less of an issue, but still something you will need to be aware of.

Psychic Weapons

The only real unfortunate part about the Tideborn Classes, is the fact that their weapons are unique to their class. The Assassins use the Daggers and the Psychics use the Soulshperes. There is no real way around this, and PWI added some unique quests to infuse the servers with Tidborn weapons. But, if you do not make your own weapons, you may have trouble finding what you want at later levels. Early on, you will have all you need with quests and if you can get a dreamcatcher pack, or your supply stash. And I would recommend that if you get a dreamcatcher pack that you try to use that weapon till level 60, and then go to TT weapons after that. There are some good molds out there. There is a good chance that you will end up using TT anyway, and there is a chain you have to follow with them, you decompose your level 60 to use in making your level 70, and so on. This way, you keep costs under control. You can use the molds you get from the special Tideborn quests, you will not always get molds, sometimes, just mirage stones and stuff.

The Soulsphere is really no different than any other magical weapon. You will look or your base weapon magic damage, and add ons like +magic, -channeling, +MP, and +Magical damage. Others are available of course but those are really the first you will be looking for.

Psychic Gear

Part three of the Ultimate Psychic guide is going to cover gear. There are two different directions you can go with on your gear. You will either chose Arcane Armor (AA) or Light Armor (LA). Both have benefits and both have downfalls, so this is a decision you will have to make on your own. But, I will do my best to cover each build correctly.

Generally speaking, if you go Arcane, you will be doing more damage, due to your stat allocation. This will give you the highest offensive output, DPS wise, but will make you weak to Physical damage. The Light Armor build will lower your damage output, DPS wise, but it will increase your Physical defense and it will also increase your critical chance. Chose accordingly.

Never buy your gear from the vendor. This is the bottom of the barrel gear. I will tell you to always make your own or buy something from the Auction house. Never settle for the junk. It really makes a difference.

Light Armor Psychic

There really is not much difference in any magic class gear. Light armor or Arcane. Wizard, Cleric, Psychic, Mystic or whatever. It will all be pretty much the same. You will either want to make all your gear, or buy it from the auction house. There are certain things in the game now that make this all much easier. If you are able to get a dreamchaser pack, you will have all the gear you will need. The pack gives you armor and weapons and ornaments that will be just about the best you can get, until about level 60. After that, since you will not be using Arcane, you will not be able to get rank armor. This means that I would try very hard to try to make it to level 70 and make or buy TT70 gear. But if you are not able to use the dreamchaser packs, or you want to make sure you level your manufacturing and at the same time, use the stuff you manufacture, some of the add-ons I would look for is:

  • +MP
  • +Magic Attack
  • +HP
  • +Physical Defense
  • -Channeling time
  • +Critical Chance
  • +Vit

Also, as a Light Armor Psychic, you can go with either Physical ornaments or Elemental ornaments. You will see more physical attacks before level 30, then more magical attacks till after level 60 or so. Try to find the bonuses listed above.

Your rings are always going to be magic rings.

Robed Psychic

A lot of what I said in the section above applies here. If you can get a dreamchaser pack, use it. You will also be able to use rank armor at level 30 and again at level 60. Later in-game too, but not gonna cover that here right now. And then at level 70, you can go with Arcane. There really is not much more to say about it. You will use magic rings. The biggest difference is really going to be in your ornaments.

Ornaments are almost always going to be physical. Unless you get your hands on something you just can't help but use. You will need to try to make up as much physical defense as possible, and this is an area you will be able to make that up.

The only other thing for this section would be Shards. Some armor will have sockets, and in these sockets, you can put stones. Different stones will have different bonuses. Generally speaking, you will want to add +Magic Attack to your weapons, and I would say +HP to your armor. If you are a Robed Psychic, you may want to add +physical defense stones. You can do this, but I believe HP stones are better.

Psychic Statistics

There are many combinations of possible statistical builds available to you in Perfect World International. It is one of the best parts of the game in my mind. It allows you to be unique in your character and playing style. And it gives you the chance to experiment with different strengths and weaknesses to determine what suits you best. Since I wrote my original guides I have changed my train of thought regarding this. Originally I saw what I believed to be the best build, as just that. But after time, and after being able to play with stats and gear combinations, I realize that it's not always true. So, in this guide, I am trying to be impartial to any build. Trying to give you more of a thorough guide by giving you unbiased options.

I view a Psychic as having three primary build directions, but from those, you can manipulate your statistics somewhat. Basically, there is the pure magic build, the light armor build and the Vit build. And this is what strengths and weaknesses you will see from each of those builds.

Pure Build

This is just what it sounds like. This build will give you your highest damage output and your most MP pool to pull from to use your skills. It is the build you would gravitate towards if you want to do the most damage possible, relying on this damage as your means of survivability. It means you intend to kill your targets before they reach you. And for general mobs, you should have very little issue with this build. But, it means you will have trouble with mobs you can not kill in two or three shots. This means you will need friends from time to time in order to kill some of the harder mobs and for bosses. It also means your friends may want you to help them for your damage. It is a give and take. Statistic allocation is simple. Starting with level 3, you will place 1 point in STR. and 9 points in MAG. This will give you the most magic possible, and enough strength to wear arcane armor.

Light Armor Build

A light armor build is going to give you a higher level of defense. It does this at the cost of DPS, but you also get a higher critical chance with this build. With light armor defense, you will be able to take more damage before you die. It is still not a great amount of survivability, but if you plan to play by yourself, it may be a better fit for you. It means your White Voodoo will be used more often and you will have time to self-heal before you die. It means you may be able to handle multiple mobs if you accidentally aggro them. The statistical allocation for light armor is 1 STR point, 1 DEX point, and 3 MAG points per level.

Vit Build

This build is something that can be easily implemented as a hybrid. And one that would most likely be used with the expectation to re-stat later in-game. Once you reach a point where the additional HP can be made up through shards in gear. Here you can vary your build however you need. In the VIT. build, you will be using your HP pool as your defense. This has merit, due to the fact that you add more survivability to both physical and magical attack. All HP burns the same, so to speak. But you will suffer from diminished damage output all the same, and you will do so without the additional critical chance you get from the light armor build. But, generally speaking you would follow this build, with the assumption that you will re-stat your VIT into MAG at later levels. This build can be flexible, but at level three you can start. You need a minimum of 1 STR per every other level, and 6 MAG per every other level. This means you can put a maximum of 3 VIT per every other level. You can allocate less VIT and more MAG as you feel necessary, but 6 MAG is the minimum for your proper level weapon.

These builds are all viable options, along with many other variations of these builds. Feel free to experiment, if you do so with the understanding that you may have to purchase a re-stat stone or two later on.

The Psychic Skill Tree

The Psychic Skill Tree

Psychic Skills

In this section of the Ultimate Perfect World Psychic Guide, I am going to cover Psychic skills. It is a fairly long list and I will do my best to accurately cover the skills and give an opinion of the skills. And like my other guides, I do not go past the level 79 skills, with my feeling being that at that point you should have a pretty good idea of what skills work best for your play style.

Skills will be broken down like this: Passive, Buffs, Defensive, and Attack.

As a side note, you will not have enough spirit points to keep all your skills to the maximum that your level allows. At least not until much later in the game. You can always manipulate your EXP in order to keep your skills leveled, but that is something you will have to decide on your own.

So, without further ado, let's get on with the skills.


  • (29) Earthen Spirit: This is your earth skill damage amp. It is a must level. Only slightly less important than Aqua Spirit, which is listed right below this one.
  • (29) Aqua Spirit: This is your water skill amp. They are also called mastery's by other classes. Again, this is of primary importance.

That's it for Passives, next we have:


  • (9) Tide Form: This makes you swim faster, it is not required. I have never bothered learning it. It also increases your defense. It is only in water.
  • (9) White Voodoo: This increases your defense level a certain amount, at the cost of Attack levels. I would consider this a fairly high priority. This skill gives you a chance to tank some harder mobs and mini-bosses, But at the cost of pots and charms. This basically lowers your damage taken, giving your pots and charms a chance to cool down before you die. I find it less useful than Black Voodoo, but still very useful.
  • (9) Black Voodoo: This increases your attack level but lowers your defense level. It is the buff you will use for general grinding and when you're in a party with a tank that can hold aggro. If you pull aggro you will have to switch to White Voodoo. I would say this is a high priority.
  • (9) Soul of Vengeance: This is a reflect damage buff. It reflects a certain amount of damage based on your Soulforce. It is a decent skill to learn but I would not try to level it too quickly. Unless you are Light armor build or Vit build. Then you may find it more important. This buff can be cast on another player in-game, it lasts 10 minutes, and has a 10-minute cooldown, so it can only be cast on one person.
  • (29) Soul of Stunning: This is a self-buff. It will stun your attacker, for a certain amount of time, based on your Soulforce. I would learn it, but level slowly. Again, if you are Light Armor or Vit, it may be more important to you. As a Pure build, you will prefer not to be hit at all.
  • (34) Diminished Vigor: This reduces your target's power of recovery. It lowers the effect of HP potions and skills and increases the cool down time of charms. It is useful if you PvP. If you are not PvP, I would learn it, but not level it.
  • (39) Soul of Silence: Similar to Soul of Vengeance, this buff can be cast onto yourself or one target, it has a 10-minute life and a 10-minute cooldown. It is a reflect, but it will stun the attacker for a certain amount of time, its success rate is based on your soulforce. It is a good skill to learn, but not to level early.
  • (44) Empowered Vigor: This is the opposite of Diminished Vigor. But this is more useful for yourself or for your tank. It only lasts for 30 seconds but improves the effect of HP potions and lowers the cool down time of charms. It is a skill I would learn and level slowly.
  • (49) Soulburn: This is a reflect similar to Soul of Vengeance.
  • (59) Tide Spirit: This increases your channeling speed. It is a good skill to learn and level. It feeds right into a Psychic's strength of quick attacks. Learn, but level as you can.
  • (59) Soul of Retaliation: This is a self-buff. It reflects any negative effects of an attacker's attacks back to them. Its success is based on your soulforce. It is worth learning and level as you can.
  • (79) Essential Sutra: This makes you or your target fly faster. It lasts for 15 seconds. It is a situational skill. I would only learn when you have extra Spirit.


  • (24) Bubble of Life: This is your heal. It is an AOE heal, and should be learned. But you are not a healing class, you will learn it for emergencies and for yourself. You will most likely level it slowly.
  • (49) Disturb Soul: This will slow your targets channeling time. It has use, but I would not level it quickly.
  • (59) Psychic Will: Removes all negative statuses on the target. It is similar to a clerics purify. useful to learn, but not a skill to level quickly.


  • (1) Aqua Impact: This is a beginning skill. But it is a very very useful one for a long time. It deals water damage + has a chance to slow target. Level it as a priority.
  • (1) Spirit Blast: This is another beginning skill. It deals earth damage and is also a skill I would recommend you level, Aqua Impact + Spirit blast will be a standard combo for a Psychic for a long time.
  • (19) Torrent: Deals Water damage to a single target. Learn and level as you can. It does decent damage, but may not be used heavily.
  • (19) Landslide: This is an earth damage skill. It is an interrupt, and a knockback. This is a skill I would recommend you level. For the knockback alone, it is worth having.
  • (29) Aqua Cannon: This is your first AOE. It is a good skill to learn and level as you can. It deals water damage and has a chance to slow all targets.
  • (29) Sand Trap: This is an earth damage skill. It is worth learning, but level slowly.
  • (39) Glacial Shards: This is a water damage AEO skill. Again it is worth learning, and level if you plan to AOE grind.
  • (39) Sandburst Blast: This is an Earth damage AEO. Learn and level if you feel the need. It has a chance to lower accuracy as well.
  • (59) Red Tide: Another water AOE, with a chance to bleed targets. Learn and level, again if you are planning to PV or some other AOE grinding.
  • (59) Earth Vector: This is a ranged Earth damage AOE. It deals damage to a target and all the enemies around the targeted enemy. It has a chance to stun the enemies.
  • (79) Crystal Light: This is another ranged AOE. A water damage skill, pure damage skill.

These are going to be the skills you will need to consider pre-level 80. It is important to test all the skills and levels as you find necessary. The biggest concern is to only level the skills you find most useful until you are comfortable with your spirit level. You almost certainly will have trouble with spirit.


Psychic Genie Skills

This is the last section of this guide. The genie is just a bonus. Its skills will not cause failure for you. But it can be very useful. So, I will talk about a couple of skills to consider, but these really only apply to my play style. And are by no means the only skills to consider.

First off. I like Zeal Genies. Mostly because of Earthflame. This is the skill the Zeal genie starts with and is a lure skill. This eliminates the chance of aggro death by giving you the ability to pull a single mob from a group of mobs. It is very useful for a character that cannot easily handle more than one mob. And early on, you will have trouble with multiple mobs. Later in-game, when you start to build up your AOE skills, it will be used less often, but still will be useful for certain dungeons when you do not have a Veno or Mystic available for luring mobs.

  • Skills to consider for your Psychic are as follows.
  • Second Wind: This skill is almost a given on all of my characters. It is a self-heal. It heals a specific amount based on the level of the skill and your genie's strength.
  • Windshield: A Dexterity-based defensive skill, it reduces damage taken and increases evasion along with attack speed. The defensive add is the most important part here. It is always good to have extra defense at your disposal.
  • Celestial Sword: Strength-based damage skill. It is physical damage. It is useful on mobs that have magic resistance.
  • Holy Path: Another skill I consider a standard. This increases your speed for an amount of time to max speed. very useful when you need to flee or catch up to squad members. It is a skill many people have and you will want it on fast runs.
  • Absolute Domain: Gives you immunity to any immobilization. Good skill for mobs that sleep or stun or silence you.

Final Thoughts

This concludes my Ultimate Perfect World International Wizard Guide, I hope it helps you in your travels through the game. I hope it makes your journey a little easier. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. I do keep track. And I do try to respond to any commenter. I have taken criticism for some of my guides and appreciate all who take the time to make any observation they feel is needed.

Thank you for reading.

© 2013 Leonard L Sampson


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