Wakfu Class Guide: Which One is For You?

Updated on June 11, 2015

Looking to get into Wakfu? This turn-based strategy MMO is the next-gen iteration of Dofus and is one of the few multiplayer online games to resemble the grid-based gameplay of classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea.

The most important choice you'll make in Wakfu is your class. With 14 to choose from, you'll save a lot of time if you read up on each class first and then narrow your picks based on your preferred playstyle. Here’s a quick-and-easy guide covering the first seven classes to steer you into the right choice. Have fun!

1. Cra

  • Elemental branches: Air, Fire, Earth
  • Look of the avatar: Half-soldier, half-pauper
  • About Cras: Cras are the designated Archers in Wafku. Their attack range is unparalleled, which gives them an edge in survival, especially in a game where most monsters hit their hardest in melee range. They can hang back and set up beacons that, when shot with Cra arrows, will trigger nasty damage effects. Also, they can let their frontline teammates take the brunt of damage—which most will happily do, given the level of damage an undisturbed Cra can put out.

2. Ecaflip

  • Elemental branches: Air, Earth, Water
  • Look of the avatar: Anime bipedal furry—the non-creepy kind
  • About the Ecaflip: Do you have the heart (and balls) of a gambler? It takes a special kind of player to relish the Ecaflip class, whose skill specialties are governed by Lady Luck. On one turn, you’ll be on a god-like high, handing out critical blows like they’re candy. Then, on the next, you’re staggering from a self-inflicted debuff. However, for fans of the Ecaflip, this is all part of the thrill of the tarot.

3. Eniripsa

  • Elemental branches: Air, Fire, Water
  • Look of the avatar: Woodland fairies with a fetish for wands and sandals.
  • About Eniripsas: Eniripsas are the dedicated medics in Wakfu. In a group, you can forget about topping damage charts. Your goal instead will be to keep members alive and protect them from brutal mob hits, especially from dungeon bosses. Choose them if you want a character who will be an auto-inclusion in groups. However, also be prepared to stay as long as the group needs your life-giving skill sets. Also, look forward to a more time-consuming, solo leveling experience.

4. Enutrof

  • Elemental branches: Earth, Fire, Water
  • Look of the avatar: A gilded adventurer, with a touch of the Flintstones.
  • About the Enutrof: If you think grandpa and grandma should stay at home knitting, then you're going to be very surprised at the vigor with which the elderly Enutrofs conduct their treasure-digging. Enutrofs are wise veterans who search the Wakfu world for kama and loot. They have versatile mid-to-close range attacks, and can summon Drheller treasure diggers to their side. Ironically, they also have some of the best movement boosts in the game. (There’s still some fight in those joints!)

5. Feca

  • Elemental branches: Earth, Fire, Water
  • Look of the avatar: A Yu-Gi-Oh battler—arm-device and layered hair included
  • About Fecas: Fecas occupy a quintessential support role. They dole out buffs, debuffs, damage, and even some heals. They can also serve as decent tanks when properly specced. Their versatility is close to unmatched—each of their skills has three different effects depending on how they are used by the Feca. However, this diverse utility can be overshadowed by the raw damage and heals offered by other classes. For those willing to learn its intricacies though, the Feca can be convincingly invaluable to groups.

6. Foggernauts

  • Elemental branches: Non-elemental, Earth, Fire
  • Look of the avatar: Colorful cousins of the droids in the movie I, Robot.
  • About Foggernauts: Foggernauts are the newest class coming to Wakfu. As the first class to use a non-elemental branch, they are unique to the game. This means that its attacks cannot be boosted or lowered by mastery damage or resists, respectively. Their existence opens up a whole new tactical option when building a PvP team or battling bosses with high all-around resists. Foggernauts also use their superior technology to unleash large area attacks and they're capable of creating blockades from thin air that hinder enemy sight and movement.

7. Iop’s Heart

  • Elemental branches: Air, Earth, Fire
  • Look of the avatar: Leotard crusader
  • About Iops: Iops were meant to inflict pain. Their punches, kicks, uppercuts, and sword attacks dish out high, single-target damage. Few classes can withstand a one-on-one fight with an Iop, which makes the class a popular PvP choice. However, their all-out attitude often brings them to the brink of death since the combination of frontline damage and ranged focus fire can decimate their health. To solve this problem, Iops can join a full team with a dedicated healer to become an all but unstoppable mob-clearing machine.

Want the Next Seven?

Here's part two of this guide, with the next seven characters.

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