Wakfu Class Guide: Which One is For You? (Part 2 of 2)

Updated on July 13, 2016

After guiding you through the first seven Wakfu classes, let’s see what tactical capabilities the remaining seven classes have to offer.


While other classes can call minions to their side, none can truly rival the summoning prowess of the Osamodas (a claim Sadidas will gladly challenge). This dedicated pet class is the only one that can tame wild monsters and choose which ones to aid them in battle. Due to the durability of their pets, Osamodas are one of the most capable solo classes. Opposing PvP teams often see an Osamodas as a critical threat, and will try to burst you down since death eliminates all your pets. The game balances the power of Osamodas by giving them sub-par damage, and requiring them to constantly tame monsters to replenish their summon stock.

Elemental branches: Air, Earth, Fire
Avatar look: Blue-skinned demon


*Guzzle* *Belch* Pandawas may not have the best of manners, boozing on bamboo pints and burping gas all over, but it’s all part of the drunken master kung fu style. Before you know it, enemies are getting smashed, both literally and figuratively. Pandawas often weaken their targets with the dizzy status, before finishing them off with forceful blows and barrel slams. But enemies who know better will move away from the barrels and strike from afar, which drastically reduces the potency of the Pandawa offensive strategy.

Elemental branches: Earth, Fire, Water
Appearance: Gym-buffed, booze-toting panda


Meet the mischief makers of Wakfu. If they’re not setting off bombs, they’re shooting down everything in sight with their trusty pistols. Their knack for gadgets extends to summoning boombots, throwing boomerangs and wielding the traditional long sword. No trick or trap is beneath the Rogue, and most are specced to bomb whole areas while nicking damage before the big finish. Other ranged specialists like the Cra can easily outmaneuver the Rogue though with their more superior reach.

Elemental branches: Air, Earth, Fire
Avatar look: Bank robber with a leather fetish


Sacriers can play as tanks and DPS. Due to their masochistic nature, Sacriers relish taking hits almost as much as inflicting them because this builds up their Anger resource, which they then expend on their ultimate attacks. Good thing Sacriers are a tough bunch to crack with naturally high base HP. Take the Earth branch for high health tanking, splashing the other two for damage. Spec into Fire branch to go an all-out, self-immolating rampage, or choose the Air branch for decent DPS but with superior position manipulation.

Elemental branches: Air, Earth, Fire
Avatar look: The three T’s – tattered clothes, tattoos and a tight little tummy


If you mix a voodoo witch, a shaman and a druid in one cauldron, then you’ll probably concoct a Sadida. The nature class takes its inspiration from all three archetypes – it can summon dolls, cast totems and call down quakes, gusts and rusting rain. Sadidas demand quite a tactical mind. Do you rush the enemy with offensive dolls and pepper them with long-range spells, or do you call on a tank doll to ensure maximum survival, or straddle a full support role. Sadidas practice adaptation to the fullest, often switching roles and play patterns based on their party set-up and enemy mix, which gives it great versatility and a high skill curve.

Elemental branches: Air, Earth, Water
Avatar look: Veggie head Adam and Eve


If backstabbing’s your game, then no one’s better at it than the Sram assassin. This skulk-and-dagger class puts out amazingly high melee damage when attacking from the back position due to stacking skill bonuses. They can even force a target to turn around before proceeding to rip them a new backbone. Their burst damage is especially brutal to low-HP, low-defense squishies. Ranged attackers are also a natural prey; Srams use their crippling expertise to keep them from establishing distance or running away. Their major weakness? Sturdy tank-types. Those match-ups are best described as a knife stabbing a two-inch metal door.

Elemental branches: Air, Fire, Water
Avatar look: Skeletor trick o’ treater


“I want to play a Time Mage!” If you can live without a pointy hat or even a full human face, then the Xelor class will fulfill your deepest spell-slinging fantasies. This robotic teleporter can be specced to unleash devastating area attacks or inflict debilitating AP/MP loss debuffs. It’s a matter of playstyle really. Direct damage Xelors can finish a fight quickly while demotivation-based Xelors can shut down an enemy’s deadliest attacks. Xelors aren’t exactly glass cannons (they have can go defensive and create visual decoys) but they will easily crack under multi-foe bombardment.

Elemental branches: Air, Water, Fire
Avatar look: The Mummy: Rise of the Clockwork Robots


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