"Order and Chaos" Drilling Cone Guide

Updated on November 26, 2018
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How to Use a Drilling Cone

Learn to use drilling cones like the pros.
Learn to use drilling cones like the pros.

"Order and Chaos", Drilling Cones, and Gems

Drilling cones are special items used to help improve your gear. They are a type of key to unlock the gem slots in your gear. When you get good epic gear your next step is to put gems into the gear. The first slot costs gold, but slots after that cost drilling cones.

In OAC, players embed gems in their gear to increase their stats. Gems go in equipment slots, which are opened by drilling cones. Back in the olden days it was more difficult to get drilling cones. If you wanted then you would have to buy them from the Nick Shop, or wait for one to drop (which they never did).

Because they were so rare, it was important to save them and only use drilling cones on purple epics. I, of course, did not follow good advice on the matter initially. That is why I am excited that drilling cones and removal pliers are easier to get now.

To get drilling cones you simply need participate in every event. You don't necessarily need to win the event, you just need to do enough to earn the event chests. The chests often contain drilling cones as well as removal pliers. Plus, you can get hero emblems out of chests. You also need to cap in PvP, and do dungeon bag every day.

Drilling cones also drop more regularly in higher legendary dungeons (legs), such as MZL and AGL.

Never sell or throw away drilling cones. Keep them in your bank until you have a piece of gear that you want to put gems in. Ideally, you need enough drilling cones for your entier epic set, and weapons. Your PvP set and your dungeon set both need removal pliers to unlock gem spaces.

Use drilling cones to unlock gem slots.
Use drilling cones to unlock gem slots.

How to Use Drilling Cones

To use drilling cones you need to make a trip to the gem merchant. Remove the piece of gear you want the gem in, and then speak with one of the three gem workers. All of the gem workers do the same thing, so it doesn't matter which one you speak with. When you speak with them a window will open, and you will need to select the gem processing tab on the top right.

This is the confusing part. Drag the piece of gear which you want to put gems in over to the center circle on the left. There will be three circles, all of them locked. Click any circle and it will tell you that it costs 150 gold to open the first slot. Until you pay 150 gold to open the first slot, you will not see any indication for the need of drilling cones.

When you have opened the first slot you can click on any other slot. The second slot you open will cost 1 drilling cone to unlock. The third slot you open will cost 3 drilling cones to unlock. The cones must be in your bag to use.

You can only put gems in your gear, and use drilling cones, at the gem merchants. That means the only places in the game to use drilling cones is in Greenmont and in The Grey Market. It doesn't really matter which you use, just pick the location that seems best to you.

Never Discard Drilling Cones

Drilling cones come in event chests and can be bought in n the nick shop.
Drilling cones come in event chests and can be bought in n the nick shop.

Other Important Info About Drilling Cones

Not every piece of gear has gem slots. You cannot use drilling cones on, or use gems in, necklaces, rings and trinkets. Drilling cones are not reusable. Therefore, they are gone once you use them. If you need more gem slots unlocked, then you will have to use more drilling cones.

I like the new changes that recent updates have brought. Drilling cones as event rewards makes it possible to become powerful without spending as much real money. This change came about close to the same time that it became F2P (free to play).

You are going to want to collect these, so you can use them on anything you would like. If you are struggling in legendary dungeons then it might be time to go ahead and put a few gems in your gear. Just make sure the gens you put in your gear are the correct ones for your class and character.

Some players get caught up on the part where it costs 150 gold to unlock the first slot. If you are struggling to afford this, then you either need to grind to make money or find mats (materials) to sell at the auction house.

You can put any level gem in your gear. However, I recommend that you only put level 3 gems and up in your gear. I have mostly level three gems in my gear, although I have new found interest in higher level gems.

If you don't plan to farm drilling cones, then be prepared to buy them on the Nick Shop. There is no work around for this item, you must use them if you want to be a stronger player. Always have a plan when gemming your gear to prevent wasting difficult to get items, such as drilling cones, gems and removal pliers.

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