Where Is Sanctuary, Flare Island on "Order and Chaos"

Updated on November 25, 2018
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Jade is a gaming enthusiast. She has played video games for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around an engaging in positive vision.

Welcome to Flare Island

The new main city in Order in Chaos Online. It's name is Sanctuary, and it is the biggest city yet.
The new main city in Order in Chaos Online. It's name is Sanctuary, and it is the biggest city yet. | Source

Getting to Know Flare Island

Flare Island (Sanctuary), was released to the public (at least on Android). It is both impressive and unimpressive at the same time. I thought people would love this new main town, but most found the AH, mailboxes and banks to be too far apart. Most people still use Greenmont as the main city. The Grey Market was the next main city released, but Greenmont still lives as the main city of the game.

To get to Sanctuary, you have to teleport to Tear Coast's Reeves Manor. Eventually, the new town will get its own teleporter. Head North West to Flare Island and walk through the teleporter.

However, on day one of the release, the town is open, but empty. There are vendors, banks, and mailboxes. There are even a few level 75 NPCs. However, there are no quests, teleporters, or other items of interest.

The town sort of reminds me of a better Stormwind (from wow). I grow figments in my imagination of how awesome this town will be. It is fun to go take a tour, but you can't really do anything there yet.

It won't be long until the town is bustling and ready for real fun.

Crafting and Class Skill Trainers

When a new town is built, the first people to move in are the NPC that support the development of your class. It is not a surprise to see that both crafting trainers and skill trainers can be found in Sanctuary, on Flare Island.

They are inside of the castle, on the right side of the map. They are conveniently arranged together for now. They could get moved, but I think this set up makes it easier on everone. In Greenmont all of the trainers are separated around the town.

So that means one day each class might have their trainers moved to save the confusion of hundreds of toons standing on top of each other. But hey, they have come to town, so that is a step!

Sanctuary Trainers

Crafting trainers located in OAC's largest town, Sanctuary.
Crafting trainers located in OAC's largest town, Sanctuary. | Source
Skill trainers located in OAC's new main town, Sanctuary.
Skill trainers located in OAC's new main town, Sanctuary. | Source

Changing Vanities

No main town would be complete without vanitiy vendors. Just like in Greenmont, you are able to change your name and toons race and looks in Sanctuary. The name change vendor has a scroll over his head, and the race and looks change vendor has a comb over her head.

Keep in mind, neither of these services are free. Both of them cost runes.

Name change vendor in Sanctuary.
Name change vendor in Sanctuary. | Source

Mounts And Vendors

On opening day there aren't many vendors, but you can buy lower level potions and mount supplies. At the mount vendor areas you can buy mount permits, bond stones and low level mounts. Most of the vendors are outside right now, but could be moved anytime.

Mount vendors in Order and Chaos Online's new main city, Sanctuary.
Mount vendors in Order and Chaos Online's new main city, Sanctuary. | Source

The Auction House

Order and Chaos online has auction houses spread across Haradon. Sanctuary will be no different. I'm including photos of what I believe is the auction house. This is just a guess because there are no NPCs, and the auction house is not open.

It has a main podium and podiums that look like it's a perfect spot for auctions. It is a grand building located just behind one of the many grand fountians of Sanctuary.

Sanctuary auction house.
Sanctuary auction house. | Source

Whats Behind the Closed Center Gates?

You might be curious about some of the areas of sanctuary. There are still parts of the town that are under construction. When you try to enter them you get a yellow message across your screen explaining that it is still closed.

Behind the iorn gate is a large closed building and a lovely copper statue, or maybe it will be another fountian. Since we have already found the auction house, it is hard to tell what this area will be.

I also did not find an inn yet, but all of the buildings are closed so it is hard to tell where that will be.

Fountian located behind the loced center gates in Sanctuary.
Fountian located behind the loced center gates in Sanctuary. | Source

Other Areas Of Flare Island

The castle Sanctuary is not the only part of the new main city. Once you cross the teleporter into the area you are on Flare Island. The castle is the center attraction, but there are many areas surrounding the castle on all sides.

There is a small town, areas with houses and tools, an area that is burning and more. There is a lot of ground to explore outside of the city as well. It looks as if it will set us up for some more quests, and other fun things we will get to enjoy.

It won't be much longer until the second, and largest main city in Haradon is compleate, making the land of Haradon richer and more entertaining.

Outside the town of Sanctuary. Seeing the sights.
Outside the town of Sanctuary. Seeing the sights. | Source
Map of Flare Island, home of Sanctuary, the new main town in Haradon.
Map of Flare Island, home of Sanctuary, the new main town in Haradon. | Source

PCN and Soul Farming on Flare Island

PCN is located on Flare Island, as is the Jade Daily quest. PCN remains and important dungeon as it is the only way to farm soul signants without using exhaustion. Run this dungeon on normal and you gain no exhaustion points.

They don't make it easy to get to PCN, it's all the way on the beach on the back side of Flare Island, quite far from the teleporter. There is another way to PCN that is a little faster than using the teleporter.

In crimson beach there is a boat with a teleporter. This will take you to the far side of Flair Island, not to far from the beach. This dungeon is pretty simple, and drops keys which can be traded for gear and weapons.

When you got to PCN always clean your bag out first. There are no vendors to sell anything to, no bank, and no mailbox near PCN.

New Main Town Video, Flare Island

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