Where to Farm Bronze Mineral Ore in Order and Chaos

Updated on July 13, 2017

Ways to Get Bronze Mineral Ore

I know that Gameloft has declared Bronze a bad word in Order and Chaos, but I am going to use it as I please here!

Bronze mineral ore is the first ore that warriors need to raise their crafting level. There are four ways to progress through primary foundries.

1. Farm It (Recommended)

2. Buy it from the auction house or from other players (recommended)

3. Win it from normal dungeon chests (recommended)

4. Buy a 100 point slab stone for foundry from nicks shop with runes (not recommended at this level)

Farming bronze is easy. Below is a farming guide for bronze mineral ore. You can use it to create your farming strategy.

Buying this ore from the auction house is a good idea because it is usually listed for a low price. Other players will sell it to you for even less.

As you level up, collect the epic chests from The Prison to get the most scraps. You can only carry three at a time so choose wisely.

The fourth option, buying a 100 point slab stone from the Nick's Shop, is not recommended for the first 200 points of foundry because the mats are so easy to get. It is not a good value when you run it through the time-money equation.

Once you get to 200, you might consider purchasing slabstones. By 400 or 500 its a good idea to buy them. 600 to 700 can go either way, but if you know how to make money it is not that hard to do without spending real money.

Bronze Mineral Ore Map

Each paw print represents areas where you are likely to farm Bronze Mineral Ore.
Each paw print represents areas where you are likely to farm Bronze Mineral Ore. | Source

Bronze mineral ore is found in Arcadian Forest and Tear Coast. It is the first ore needed for foundry.

This will be the easiest ore to find, it only gets more difficult after this.

There are over 75 spawn points for ore, but not all are up at the same time.

Ore may, or may not, appear in the same location. It could spawn in another location nearby.

Camping ore is not a good way to get the amount of ore that you will need.

You will need to learn the locations and travel all over the area to collect the amount of ore you need, which is a lot.

The faster your mount, the faster this is going to go for you.

On the bright side, this is the cheapest ore in the auction house outside of primal ore, so you can purchase it if you wish.

Bronze Mineral Ore
Bronze Mineral Ore | Source

How Many Bronze Mineral Ore Will I Need?

Bronze mineral is needed for primary foundry.

  • Bronze mineral ore stacks to 40.
  • Remember, you CAN NOT get T3 and T4 until 600 crafting, and T5 and T6 require 700 crafting.
  • There are at least seven different foundry patterns that take bronze mineral.
  • You will also need normal armor scraps, and flux.
  • Flux can be bought at a merchant, the easiest two are in Silence and in Greenmont.
  • Normal armor scrap farming is best done in Waterby Farms.

How to Level Foundry Fast

If you decide farming is not for you, then you might consider checking out the Nick Shop.

  • Under "Consumable", you can purchase Ancient Slabstone Foundry for runes.
  • The price varies during sales, and for IOS and Android users.
  • There are three different Ancient Slabstones, so make sure you are buying the one for foundry.
  • Use it at the beginning of a business level and it will increase your foundry by 100.
  • There is also a chance at a segment of Ancient Slabstone in the 30 and 1 Rune lottery.
  • They only increase your foundry by 10, however. That is if you get the one for foundry and not garment or leatherworking.
  • You can also win Ancient Slabstone tablets in some daily events.

I have NEVER seen anyone regret purchasing a slabstone.

Just wanna buy ore? Learn to Make Gold at Low Levels!

Ore Respawn Times

Ore respawns in about half an hour, with the exception of Dark Crystal ore and Ice Edge Ore.

  • Remember, for every ore taken, a new ore will spawn in a new location, or maybe the same.
  • In the Arcadian forest, the only ore which spawns is Bronze Mineral Ore.
  • In the Tear cost, both Bronze Mineral ore and Marcasite spawn.
  • Marcasite is usually expensive in the auction house, so save every bit of this you get, you will need it soon.
  • If you find that you are having trouble getting the mats together, and need a place to store your ore, make an alt.
  • Open the alts bank up and store it there until you need it. If you sell or vendor it before you need it, you will regret it later.

It is worth the hassle to make an alt. Save yourself the trouble of farming it again, or spending much gold on it.

General Foundry Advice

You should start collecting Bronze mineral ore, and all ores, as soon as you see them.

Foundry is very difficult to level, and can take time.

If you do not start from level one and work on it all the way to 70, you might find that you are ready to make your epics and not be able to.

The blues for your epics will drop in legendary dungeons. And you will need to purchase the pattern to make epochs with mechanical gears (worry about that later).

If you do not have the foundry level at 580 you can not even begin, and you will need a foundry of 600 to convert fully to epics.

If you do not work on your foundry as you go, you will have to do nothing but farm, or spend real money on Ancient Tablets.

Honesty, the Ancient Tablets, are worth the runes. They can save you hours and hours and months and weeks of farming.

The gear you make, you probably will never wear, until epics. So, skipping through it with the Ancient Slabstones is the quickest and easiest way to get there.

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