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"Wizard101": The Cheating Bosses of Azteca

Melissa MistSinger has been an avid player of Wizard101 since the 2008 beta. She has 6 max level wizards and too many pets.


Azteca Is A Dinosaur Of A World

Azteca was released in November 2012, as the fourth world in Wizard101's Morganthe arc and the ninth world in the main storyline. This world inspired by ancient Mayans and really ancient dinosaurs was a big jump in difficulty from Avalon, with bosses reaching astronomical levels of health and often having mastery of multiple schools of magic.

I, along with many other players excited for a new release, rushed into battle like Leeroy Jenkins and got flattened by some of these bosses. Even after its nerf, Azteca is still one of the most difficult worlds, being the second longest in number of quests and having bosses with higher health than some bosses from higher-level worlds. Here is a guide to Azteca's cheating bosses, so you don't end up wanting to smack these dinos with a meteor strike. The table of contents is spoiler-free, but the main guide is not, so scroll carefully.

Table of Contents

  • Ponce de Gibbon
  • Cipactli
  • Guaman Skyfall
  • Belloq
  • Skurkis Screaming Moon
  • Spoiler Boss in Xibalba
Ponce de Gibbon

Ponce de Gibbon

Ponce De Gibbon

Ponce De Gibbon is a naval captain from Monquista who has taken a shine to your wizard and wants you to serve him. "El Capitan" is a myth boss with 15000 health, and he is accompanied by a fire Monquistan minion. He asserts his "leadership" through beguiling you in a five-round cheat cycle, starting in round 2.

  1. The first round of the cheat cycle is a normal round, with Ponce de Gibbon removing any marks on the wizard.
  2. On round 2 of the cheat cycle, Ponce will place a stun shield mark on a random wizard. This mark does not actually block stuns, so you are still susceptible to Medusa, Myth Banshee, and Basilisk. To prevent him from placing the mark, put a Melt on him and you will bypass the entire cheat cycle.
  3. If you are marked, you must damage him before the end of round 3 of the cheat cycle. If you attack him he will remove the mark and any other wards on you.
  4. Failure to damage him by round 4 will result in him casting Beguile on your marked wizard.
  5. In round 5, he will use a version of Sacrifice on your beguiled wizard that hurts you for 250 damage and heals him for 2090 health. If you have universal blades or death blades on you at this point, the damage of the Sacrifice will increase. Placing an Infection on Ponce de Gibbon will reduce the amount of health he gets. After this round the cycle starts again at 1.

The best way to do this fight is to count the rounds carefully and place Melt dispels on Ponce periodically so you can bypass his cheat cycle. Bring stun shields, since he can stun you with several different spells, and be wary of Earthquake. This battle may be easier if you bring a friend to help you blade and trap.




Cipactli is a death caiman boss that enjoys dancing and long walks by Pitch Black Lake. For some reason, you took your time creating a war challenge for Cipactli, allowing him to prepare his deadliest spells. Cipactli's dancing partner is a New Moon Priest (myth).

For the first two rounds, Cipactli seems like a normal boss. In the third round, however, he starts up his first cheat cycle, the "Ward Dance." He will place a Hex on a random wizard and a stun shield on all wizards to mark them. If you do not remove the mark in the next two rounds by casting a ward spell (shields, traps, or prisms), he will cast a 0-pip Dr. Von's Monster at you.

Shields not cast on the first wizard in the sun spot are removed. If you feint, the self trap will also be removed. For Legion Shield, only the shield on the caster will be removed.

In round 6, Cipactli will start up his second cheat cycle, the "Charm Dance." In the first round of this cycle, he will give himself a +25% Balanceblade and put a stun shield on all wizards. This time, you will need to use a charm (blades, dispels, global spells, or weaknesses) to remove the mark. If you don't take off the mark in two rounds, he will use the 0-pip Dr. Von's Monster on you.

To get around these cheats, you could use Melt to dispel his stun shield. You could also pack a small deck to make sure you get a blade or a trap when you need one, and pack charms and wards in your treasure card sideboard. If the minion uses Earthquake, it will remove the mark for you, but this also takes off your blades and it is cast randomly, so don't rely on this.

Guaman Skyfall

Guaman Skyfall

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Guaman Skyfall

Guaman Skyfall is a storm boss who hangs out in the ominously named Seven Stabs of the Knife Temple, located at the top of the Floating Mountains. He has 18040 health and tends to cast annoying spells like Enfeeble, which removes all of your blades, and Storm Dragon, which hits for 900-1000 damage and reduces the accuracy of your next spell by 50%. His minions, Pampero Spirits, are also storm enemies with Enfeeble, because we don't hate our lives enough, I guess.

Guaman's cheat revolves around using your wand, so make sure you have some wand hits equipped in your deck before starting this battle. If you hit him with a wand attack, he will place a stun shield on you, marking you as safe to attack him. He will remove this once you hit him with a single target attack that is not a wand spell. If you hit him without wanding him first, he will hit you with a 2000 damage Leviathan. Ouch. Spells that hit all enemies will not trigger this cheat, however, so you may find it safer to stick to those.




To the tune of Without Me by Eminem:

Guess who's back

Back again

Belloq's back

Bring a friend

Yes, Belloq is back again, after fighting him twice. The first battle in Zafaria included his trademark cheats, while he did not cheat at the beginning of Azteca. Here in the Wings of the Obsidian Butterfly Shrine, he cheats again, and throws an extra cheat into the mix.

This version of Belloq has a lot more health, at 18670. He is still a balance boss, but he has added death mastery to his arsenal, so prepare to get hit with Mass Infect, Poison, and Wraith. Instead of Greyhorn Mercenaries, Belloq is now accompanied by Grim Calacas, who love to stun and shield. Fire and storm wizards may have a harder time with this fight due to Volcanic Shield.

Like his battle in Zafaria, you must hit Belloq every round, or he will cast Ra on you. In this version, Ra starts out at 1200 damage and increases by 200 every time the cheat is triggered until it gets to 1800 damage.

Belloq's minions also have a cheat. If you use a damage over time spell on Belloq, such as Fire Dragon or Scald, his minions will use Triage on him to remove the DOT.

To beat Belloq once and for all, you will need to have at least one wizard hitting him every round with wand hits or low pip spells. The other wizards should blade up and take out the minions, and then kill Belloq. Bring stun blocks for your spam hitter, and Cleanse Charm for your hitters since Ra will add a weakness.

Skurkis Screaming Moon

Skurkis Screaming Moon

Skurkis Screaming Moon

Skurkis Screaming Moon does not cheat in her first appearance in the Cenote, but she does on Xibalba. In her Xibalba appearance, she is a death boss with 16280 health, and a few annoying tricks up her sleeve.

Skurkis's cheat revolves around her minions. At the start of the battle, Skurkis will always have two minions, either Night Weavers (balance) or Shadow Gliders (storm). Upon beginning the fight, she will summon a fourth enemy to the battle circle, a Shambling Zombie (storm). Every 2-3 rounds, the Shambling Zombie will use Sacrifice on itself to heal Skurkis for 3000 health, dying in the process. Then she will resummon it the next round.

In addition to her cheat, Skurkis happens to know Tower Shield and Virulent Plague to decrease your damage, as well as Mass Infection to decrease your healing. Hitters should bring Cleanse Charm, and anyone can bring Pierce, Shatter, or Steal Ward to remove her shields.

To beat Skurkis, you should focus on killing her, since her minion will continue to respawn. All blades and traps are okay to use, so stack up and go for a one hit KO.

Who's under that hood? Surprise!

Who's under that hood? Surprise!

Malistaire the Undying

Morganthe's dark servant takes off his hood at the end of Xibalba, revealing himself to be . . . Malistaire, brought back from the dead to help Morganthe and get revenge?! You must fight your old nemesis here, on top of a freezing comet hurtling towards the world of Azteca, hellbent on its destruction.

Undying Malistaire doesn't really cheat, but he is immune to every school. The trick to this fight is to kill his minions: Xipe Flayed One (storm), Youala Nightdrinker (ice), and a Grim Calaca (ice), who appears to be lost. The two named minions are more like bosses, with Xipe clocking in at 17200 health and Youala at 18800 health. Blade up, Feint the minions, and hit with a powerful spell that hits all enemies such as Sirens or Orthrus.

Upon completing this fight, you will have completed the story of Azteca, and you can now move on to the next world, Khrysalis. It's the end of the world as we know it, even if you don't feel fine.

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