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"Wizard101": The Cheating Bosses of Avalon

Melissa MistSinger has been an avid player of Wizard101 since the 2008 beta. She has 6 max level wizards and too many pets.


Avalon: A Quest Of Honor Against Dishonorable Foes

Avalon is the third world in Wizard101's Morganthe arc, themed around a wonderful mixture of the history of the real British Isles, the legends of King Arthur, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Avalon is one of my favorite worlds in Wizard101, and my favorite in the second arc, because it is the perfect length, there is a variety of different environments to explore, and the medieval theme of the world makes it feel like an epic adventure.

You are on a heroic journey to track down the Sword of Kings, a powerful weapon that you can use to defeat Morganthe, and you must also learn about her origins to see why she turned evil. Along the way, you learn knightly virtues and how to throw the Holy Pomegranate. Remember, "three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three." You will also battle some enemies that are less honorable than you, cheaters who play dirty tricks in combat. Here is a guide on conquering the cheating bosses of Avalon. The table of contents is spoiler-free, but the main guide isn't, so don't scroll past your current boss unless you want to see spoilers.

Table of Contents

  • The Jabberwock
  • Matkis Axethief
  • Flevur Flave
  • Ridenhoer Delish
  • Black Annie
  • Spoiler Boss in Mysterious Stairway
  • Spoiler Boss in Keep of Ganelon

The Jabberwock

The Jabberwock is one of those notorious bosses that players tend to get stuck on unless they have a group. He is a fire boss with 16970 health, and he is completely immune to fire damage unless your fire wizard has at least 20% armor piercing, so fire wizards may want to let someone else hit for this battle.

Every third round, the Jabberwock will hit your team at the end of the round with a 1500 damage Meteor Strike. This gets painful fast, so I recommend you bring plenty of Fire Shield treasure cards. Support wizards may also want to wear some fire resist gear. Here is some gear in the Bazaar that is usable for all schools:

  • Hat - Mercurial Mantle, costs 6704 gold and gives 24% fire resist.
  • Robe - Volcanic Costume, costs 5258 gold and gives 30% fire resist and +10 critical block.
  • Boots - Cinder Striders, costs 4732 gold and gives 18% fire resist.
  • Athame (optional) - Heartsteel, costs 130 crowns and gives 5% universal resist.

After the Meteor Strike, he will place a 200% universal trap on himself. At the start of the round he does the Meteor Strike (round 3, 6, 9 . . . ), he will remove it, so take advantage of this trap and hit him on rounds 1 or 2 of the cycle for massive damage. With well-timed shielding and hitting, this battle becomes much easier.


Matkis Axethief

Two sacred axes, the Less Paul and the Greater Paul, have been stolen by Matkis Axethief, and you must retrieve them for Page Jimmy. Matkis Axethief is a fire side boss in Abbey Road with 9040 health. You can gain access to fight him by completing Page Jimmy's quests, and right before you fight the Winter Wyrm in the Wild, this quest will open up when you talk to Page Jimmy.

Matkis Axethief's main cheat is randomly reshuffling your deck. He does this on the first round to all wizards, and after that, anything you do may trigger a reshuffle on your team. To handle this, it is probably best to pack a small deck with only a few cards so you can still draw what you need.

Traps and single prisms will be removed in this fight, so you will need to stick to blades only. Fire wizards can use mass prism on him, and storm wizards are allowed to use Windstorm. If you have a high level wizard with you who knows Indemnity, this can allow you to place one trap, so make it a good one.

Matkis's third cheat happens whenever you fizzle. He will cast a version of Link on the wizard that fizzled. It is stronger than normal, doing 30+600 damage and healing him for 30+600 health.

When you defeat Matkis Axethief, you will get the Greater Paul as a wand. It is a unique axe with a Frozen Armor card and critical block, and it is a decent option for wizards who like to play defensively.

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Flevur Flave

Instead of being a public enemy, Flevur Flave is one of two bosses that can randomly spawn inside the Mysterious Well instance. His accompanying minions are random as well, being a combination of Red Caps (myth), Green Caps (life), and Black Caps (storm).

Flevur Flave is a death boss with 10600 health. He kicks off the battle by hitting one of your teammates, usually the first person in the circle, with a 0-pip Gnomes spell. After that round, however, he will not cast it again, preferring to use death magic. He knows Death Ninja Pigs, so be prepared to wand the weakness off or use Cleanse Charm.

If anyone casts a blade, Flevur Flave will steal it from them with Steal Charm. He will steal any shields with Steal Ward. For Bladestorm and Legion Shield, he will steal from the wizard who cast the spell. If someone uses Elemental Blade or Elemental Shield, only the first blade or shield will be taken.

Also, if someone uses an aura, he will cast Steal Charm on them whether they have blades or not. To get around these cheats, it's probably best to avoid shielding, and only use traps to defeat this boss. If you are with a higher level wizard who knows Aegis, ask them to pack it in their deck so they can blade and shield without fear of removal.


Ridenhoer Delish

Ridenhoer Delish is the other boss that can appear in the Mysterious Well, and the easier of the two. Like Flevur Flave, he can have a random assortment of Red Caps, Green Caps, and Black Caps as minions. Fun fact: The other founder of Public Enemy, Chuck D., is really named Carlton Ridenhour, so this boss is also a Public Enemy reference.

Ridenhoer Delish is an ice boss with 9840 health. He will start off the battle with a 0-pip Dr. Von's Monster on a random wizard, usually the one in the sun spot. If anyone heals, he will cast a 0-pip Link on the offender. Since he doesn't remove blades or shields, he is easier to fight than Flevur Flave, but be warned, he can stun you and use Tower Shield. Stun blocks and Pierce can help you get around this.


Black Annie

Black Annie is an evil witch who lives in a hut with legs that stands in the middle of Lake Nimue. She is a powerful storm boss with 11400 health, and she comes with Foul Skirkers (myth) as minions.

Black Annie will cast a 0-pip Darkwind on the first round, and she does not like her stormy atmosphere being disturbed. If you attempt to replace it with another global spell, she will immediately recast it for free. Interestingly, if her minions cast Time of Legend, she will not change the bubble. I guess they get special treatment?

Black Annie also dislikes being hit with spells that cost less than 3 pips. She says the phrase "I thought you came here to hurt me!", which players with Belloq PTSD will recognize, and then she hits the offender with a 0-pip Vampire and stuns them for one round. This cheat is triggered by low-pip hits, traps, and weaknesses. If you do choose to trap her, she will not remove it, so if you want to feint you can.

A spell to watch out for in this fight is Black Annie's Wild Bolt, which when critical can deal up to 2000 damage for two pips. It is therefore recommended that you bring Storm Shield treasure cards, and have one on you whenever possible to avoid that spike of damage. She also knows Storm Lord, Leviathan, and Sirens, which can make this battle a headache. Her minions can remove all of your blades and shields with Earthquake, so it is a good idea to kill them quickly before tackling their boss.


Young Morganthe

This teenaged version of Morganthe can be found in Ghost Avalon, and boy, does she have an attitude.

As mentioned by Gamma before starting the world, she enjoys casting Wooly Mammoth, hitting the last wizard to enter the battle circle at the start of round 1. Also, any time she is hit and doesn't die, she may use Wooly Mammoth on whoever hit her. Even healing can trigger a Wooly Mammoth. This spell used to trigger so often that I got hit 4 times in a row, but Morganthe was tweaked a few years ago to not spam it as often. Ice dispels can prevent this cheat, so it may be a good idea to buy some from the Bazaar before entering Ghost Avalon.

Morganthe will limit your pip gain in this battle. If you have 8 or more pips, she will cast Mana Burn on you at the start of the round and take all your pips away. If you've already selected a spell the round that she Mana Burns you, it will cast even if she has taken your pips. It is best to stick to lower-cost hits, or have someone use Unbalance to dispel this cheat for a round if you are about to cast a 8 or 9-pip hit.

If you trap Morganthe or shield yourself, there is a chance that she will interrupt-cast a Power Nova, followed by a special version of Earthquake. After the Earthquake hits you and removes all of your blades and shields, it will hit Morganthe for a small amount of fire damage, although it won't remove any blades. The Earthquake can be prevented with myth dispels, so myth dispels are another useful treasure card to buy before beginning this dungeon.

Overall, your strategy should be to blade up and hit Morganthe with smaller 5-6 pip hits, as well as dispelling her with ice, balance, and myth dispels if possible.


The Pendragon

The Pendragon is the second-to-last boss of Avalon, and its last cheater. Before you enter the battle, equip your Sword of Kings. If you have this wand equipped, whenever you hit him with a wand hit, he will use his natural attack on himself. If you are going to use single-target attack spells, only bring ones that are worth 6 pips or less, because otherwise he will cast a 0-pip Scarecrow on your team.

At the start of the battle, the Pendragon will cast a 0-pip life dispel on all wizards in the battle. He uses his first turn to cast a Fire Dragon that continues its DOT (damage over time) portion for 200 rounds. The first hit does 600-690 damage and the DOT does 100 damage every round. This can add up, especially if he manages to critical the Fire Dragon. If you have a life wizard in your team, you can use Mass Triage to remove this DOT. Fire dispels will not work on this cheat.

If you have a myth wizard and a fire wizard on your team that know all of the Avalon utility spells, there is a way to one-shot the boss instantly. Make sure your myth wizard goes into the battle before your fire wizard. After the Pendragon has cast his eternal Fire Dragon on you, have the myth wizard cast Shift on the Pendragon. This will move the DOT over to the Pendragon, damaging him instead. Then the fire wizard can cast Detonate, dealing all the damage from the DOT at once. This makes the fight last one or two rounds, depending on whether you go first.

Defeating the Pendragon, and fighting the double boss battle afterward, will allow you to complete the world of Avalon, and move on to the next world in Wizard101, Azteca. Congratulations!

© 2020 Lissa Clason

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