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Wizard101: The Cheating Bosses of Empyrea

Melissa MistSinger has been an avid player of Wizard101 since the 2008 beta. She has 6 max level wizards and too many pets.


To Boldly Go Where No Wizard Has Gone Before

Empyrea is the culmination of the third arc of Wizard101, and was released in two parts to keep up players' suspense. This world is an eloquent love letter to Star Trek, featuring memorable companions such as the confident Captain Pork, his beleaguered doctor Beans, and Sparck, the brilliant brother of Arcanum storm scholar Ione Virga. The storyline also makes many references to Batman, with characters like Nightwyng (Nightwing), Qhatlady (Catwoman), Le Pingouin (The Penguin), and of course the Bat (Batman).

In Empyrea, your wizard faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles in a quest to save your friend Mellori, heal Bartleby from a mysterious illness, and protect the Spiral. The universe's own gods are at war and they are willing to throw away everything to hurt each other. You must find a way to keep the peace or everything you know will be destroyed.

The stakes are the highest they've ever been and the story writing, art, and music are of the highest caliber to match. Empyrea features some stunning cutscenes and thrilling battles for you to experience. Between both parts of Empyrea, there are 28 clashes with cheating bosses of various difficulties. Here is a guide to defeating the cheating bosses of Empyrea. Beware, there are spoilers! If you don't want to see spoilers, don't read past the boss you're on.

Table of Contents

Empyrea Part 1 Cheating Bosses:

  • Caleban
  • Khan
  • Nightwyng
  • Killer Krok
  • Baane
  • The Terror
  • Bat Bots
  • Qhatlady
  • Poison Oak
  • Spoiler Boss in Sepidious Ink Glands
  • Le Pingouin
  • Spoiler Boss in the Headquarters

Empyrea Part 2 Cheating Bosses:

  • Vigilant Sargun
  • Spoiler Boss in the Dream Shrine
  • 2 Spoiler Bosses in the Dream Hive
  • Tumbler
  • Dark Cloud Leader
  • Neumian Lion
  • Frog Prince
  • Doctor Demented
  • Spoiler Boss in Northeast Aero Plains
  • Spoiler Boss in Private Wing
  • Spoiler Boss in Control Room
  • Spoiler Boss in Chaos Jungle
  • Spoiler Boss in Astral Grove
  • Double Spoiler Boss Battle in Spiritual Grove
  • Spoiler Boss in the Husk


Caleban is the king of the beastmen, and their enslaver as well. You must fight him to take the storm jewel that he is using to control the minds of his tribe; the storm jewel is also the key to fixing the Ark and escaping the island of Aeriel.

Caleban is a balance boss with 10780 health and 60% outgoing damage. His cheats revolve around his command of the enslaved beastmen:

  • At the end of every round, Caleban will summon either an ice or a storm Beastman Guard, until the amount of minions equals the amount of wizards in the duel circle. If the minions are killed Caleban will summon more one at a time until they match the previous amount of minions.
  • Caleban will steal two pips from his minions every few rounds and give himself two power pips.
  • Caleban will randomly use a moon spell on his minions that steals 400 health and gives him a blade.
  • Caleban will switch Feints around unless you protect them with Indemnity or cast Melt on him beforehand.
  • If anyone dies during the battle, including his minions and your friends, Caleban will use a Berserk aura.
  • Late wizards will be hit with a Savage Paw.


Khan is a former friend of Pork’s who was accidentally left behind on Aeriel 20 years ago during their escape from Empyrea. Ever since, he has stewed in his desire for vengeance, upholstered an escape pod with rich Valencian leather, and worked on his dance skills. This marooned Alphoi has mastery of fire and storm magic and 7700 health, and he will not go down without a fight.

Khan will use his first round to summon a fury minion of the elemental or spiritual schools. If you brought a friend into the dungeon, Khan will summon an additional minion. If one of his minions is defeated, Khan will summon another, so it may be easier to defeat the boss first in this battle. Also, if you are late, joining after round 2, Khan will Mana Burn you and summon a minion afterwards.

Every 5 rounds, Khan will sacrifice one of his minions, healing himself back to full health, and then he will use a unique version of Wraith on your team. This spell gives him a +500% blade for a random school, and then it hits your team for 500 damage from that random school. without stealing any health. To mitigate this cheat, you could use a Tower Shield on round 4 to halve the damage.

Trapping Khan will not work if your trap isn't protected with Indemnity, because he will shift the trap to one of his minions. Multi-traps only have the first one moved, and if he is alone he will not be able to get rid of traps, so take advantage of rounds where you have just killed a minion. It is best to kill Khan in one powerful hit so he doesn't come back from it with his Sacrifice cheat.



Nightwyng is an edgy sidekick to the Bat, whose soul is as dark as the eyeliner he wears beneath his mask. This masked Alphoi is a dual-school shadow/storm boss with 7080 health, and as the Bat's sidekick he's learned a few tricks from him:

  • Whoever uses a blade will have Steal Charm cast on them. If you are blading yourself, protect it with Aegis or use traps instead.
  • Nightwyng will remove weaknesses from himself with a Double Cleanse Charm as soon as they are cast. These cannot be protected with Indemnity because it removes the negative charm twice.
  • If you enter the battle after round 1, he will cast Insane Bolt on you, so make sure you aren't late!
  • When Nightwyng gains his first shadow pip, he will try to cast a spell called Infinite Shadow, which removes a ward according to its card, but this spell will fizzle, and he will lose the shadow pip that he just gained. This spell does not work on subsequent attempts either. It seems to just be there to add flavor to the battle and make it more interesting.

Killer Krok

Killer Krok is the first boss based on a Batman villain that you encounter, shortly after fighting Nightwyng. He is a death boss with 11705 health, and much like his namesake he possesses the ability to heal himself quickly with drain spells like Scarecrow. Some of his cheats also revolve around healing.

If a wizard enters the battle after round 1 has ended, they will receive a Bad Juju for their tardiness. Killer Krok will then use a Sacrifice on himself. Traps and negative charms, as well as any attack that includes a trap or negative charm such as Efreet or Brimstone Revenant, will also trigger a Sacrifice, so it is impossible to use Feint in this battle. To defeat this third-string villain, use Cleanse Charms to remove negative wards like Virulent Plague, and stack blades for a big kill. Death wizards may want to let a friend hit since their traps will be removed by Sacrifice.



Baane’s speech may be unintelligible, but his battle strategy isn’t too hard to understand. Baane is an ice boss with 13600 health, and he has three different spells (used frequently) that can stun you: Freeze, Winter Moon, and Frost Giant. If you join late, he will also stun you after using his natural attack, and then his damage will increase by 10%. Try not to have a bunch of people running in late or this can escalate.

Baane’s other cheat is to swap the turn order like Grandfather Spider did in Mirage, every three turns. This is not too hard to deal with, and you should have no problem with Baane as long as you kill him quickly. He does start with 200% outgoing damage so pack healing spells and stun blocks, which should be used on your healer ASAP. Snowball Barrage and Dark Nova are the high-damage spells to watch out for here; Tower Shields are a lifesaver for this fight.


The Terror

The leftover magic from the war between Athanor's ice and fire dwarves has created a monster- literally. The Terror is a powerful sun boss with mastery of balance, fire, ice, and storm magic, and he has a formidable 120% universal damage boost and 11090 health. Balance wizards and elemental wizards may find this battle more difficult than their spirit school friends, because he has 50% resist to balance and the three elemental schools, and he uses Tower Shield and Elemental Shield frequently.

What makes the Terror a terror is his random casting of 100% Aegis-protected sun blades that can boost one of his four schools. These multiply with his already high damage boost to the point where he can take you out in one good hit. This fight may be easier if you have a Tower Shield on you at all times, although he can remove shields with Fire Dragon and Gaze of Fate. If questing in a group, make sure that everyone makes it into the battle on the first round, because latecomers will be hit with a nasty variation of Mana Burn that pierces through all resist and does a crippling amount of damage. Boost up and kill quickly to minimize the amount of damage he can do, or you might not make it out of the tunnel alive.


Bat Bots

These bat bots may not look so intimidating, but they have a few annoying tricks in their utility belt. They take two different forms in battle, but only one is vulnerable to attack. When the battle starts, there will be two bat bots in the ring. However, if one or two wizards are late, one more will be summoned, and if three wizards are late then two will be summoned, filling the battle circle.

The bat bots are invincible in their original ice form, so do not attack yet. On round 3, the first bat bot will be polymorphed into the Bat, a shadow creature with 8625 health, and it will lose its armor piercing, damage, and its ability to gain power pips and shadow pips. In this form, the bat bots are vulnerable to attack. You have three rounds to kill the bat bot before it changes back, so stack a couple of traps and blades if you haven't already and hit with a single-target non-shadow spell. Make sure you do not hit with a shadow spell, or the bat bot will be changed back into its invincible form without taking any damage. After a bat bot changes back, you will have 2 turns before another one polymorphs. This fight can feel like it's dragging on while you wait for the bots to polymorph, but as long as there are only two bat bots to kill, it won't be too bad.



Don't call her crazy, or she'll drive you crazy every time she steals one of your blades! The Qhatlady guards Sepidious's heart. She is a balance/death boss with 11705 health, and she has a couple of cheats to make note of. Every time she uses her natural attack, she will steal a blade and a shield from her target, so it may be wise to either protect blades and shields with Aegis or only use traps. She also dislikes aura spells and she will remove them with Supernova. Lastly, if someone is late they will be hit with a Mana Burn, losing their starting pips. Qhatlady does know a few Plague and Weakness spells, so bring Cleanse Charms for your hitter.


Poison Oak

This cabalist claims to remove toxins from Sepidious, but the giant space squid probably thinks of him more as a parasite. Poison Oak is a life boss with 9240 health, and he is accompanied by 2 Globulin minions as he guards Sepidious's left eye. Here are his cheats:

  • Latecomers will be hit with a sun school version of Lamassu. Ouch. Don't be late to this one!
  • At the beginning of the duel, Poison Oak will cast a Wings of Fate that continues infinitely, dealing damage to you every round while healing him. Life wizards can remove the damage by casting Mass Triage, while myth wizards can use Shift to put the DOT marker on Poison Oak instead. Pack treasure cards of these spells if you don't have them. It is important to remove this DOT as soon as possible, because after a random number of rounds, he will use Incindiate on your team, dealing a ton of damage and wiping out your group.
  • If you put a Feint on Poison Oak, he will try to swap the traps around. This can be prevented with Melt, since he uses an ice spell to swap them, or by protecting your Feint with Indemnity.


Surprise, surprise, another betrayal awaits you in Sepidious's ink glands. Dynt pretends to be an innocent victim of Sepidious's neverending hunger, but he is actually a spy for the Cabal, so look out!

Dynt is a fire school boss with 10165 health and 60% outgoing damage boost. Every round, Dynt will flip a coin to decide what kind of random spell he will cast on your team, in addition to taking his normal turn. If he gets "Good heads!" he will cast one of these helpful spells on your team: Stun Block, Legion Shield, Spirit Armor, Guidance, Bladestorm, Sprite Swarm, Unicorn, or Rebirth. If he gets "Bad heads!" he will cast one of these harmful spells on your team: Smoke Screen, Fire Trap, Fuel, Backdraft, Choke, Scald, Raging Bull, Lava Giant, or Rain of Fire. You may get extremely lucky or extremely unlucky, but staying prepared with Mass Triage and healing spells will help mitigate the effects of bad luck. Also, don't be late, or Dynt will cast Grand Phoenix on you, which adds a -45% Smoke Screen after dealing damage.


Le Pingouin

This French-flavored pastiche of The Penguin is an ice boss with 12935 health, yet for some reason he resists fire and storm damage by 50% and 45%, respectively, and ice spells will have boosted damage on him. Like many aristocrats, Le Pingouin likes to send minions to do his bidding.

At the end of each round Le Pingouin's AI will check to see if there are fewer minions than the amount of wizards in the battle. If so, he will summon a random death, fire, or storm minion. The cheats in the following rounds change based on which minion he summons, much like Rasputin in Polaris:

  • If the death minion is summoned, it will stay out for 3 rounds, and then he will sacrifice it and cast a multi-target Moon version of Poison without the DOT that deals 1050 death damage with 7% pierce.
  • If the fire minion is summoned it gets to live for 3 rounds, and then it will be sacrificed and Le Pingouin will hit your team with a Moon version of Immolate that hits everyone, does not damage him, and deals 1118 fire damage with 7% pierce.
  • If the storm minion is summoned, it will be sacrificed after three rounds. Then he will copy a certain cheat from Rasputin ("Borealis is hard to pierce, eh?") and cast a multi-target Moon version of Insane Bolt at your team that deals 1225 storm damage with 7% pierce.

Other than these minion cheats, his only other cheat occurs if you are late, where he will hit you with a Winter Moon. If you are with a group, it may be a good idea to have a designated minion killer to remove the minions before the sacrifice cheat becomes a problem. I do recommend teaming up for this one because it is a lot easier with someone to focus on the minions while you go for the boss. Shielding against his cheats may be difficult since he knows both Steal Ward and Angry Snowpigs and uses them frequently.



Medulla is the final boss of Empyrea's first half, and he makes his duel a difficult midterm. By the end of this battle of the brains, you may be utterly confused at how you managed to survive it. Medulla is a dual-school myth/shadow boss with 33880 health, and he resists myth and shadow by 50%, while most schools other than storm are resisted by 25%. It will be easiest to have a storm hitter here, since it is the only school that boosts on Medulla, by 10%.

Before the battle starts, Medulla mind-meddles your friends, Pork, Beans, and Sparck, and forces them to become his minions in the battle. But fear not: if you defeat them here, they will come to their senses and switch sides to help you. Here are all the cheats that Pork, Beans, and Sparck do in this battle:

  • Sparck should be your first target, not only for all the balance blades and Legion Shields he puts on Medulla, but also for his powerful essence cannon. The round before he uses it, Medulla will say "Mr Sparck, man the essence cannon!". After the end of the next round, Sparck will fire on your team, dealing 1050 shadow damage to everyone and removing a shadow pip from every wizard. Sparck has 10400 health and resists balance and shadow by 50%, elemental schools by 25%, and spirit schools will boost on him by 5%. Once you manage to beat Sparck, he will join your team and randomly hit the enemy side with the Essence Cannon.
  • Beans will remove all traps and weaknesses from Medulla, and will heal the enemy team with his powerful 100% outgoing healing. For this reason, it is best to take out Beans next. Beans is a life minion with 9360 health, 50% resist to life and shadow, and 25% resist to everything but death and myth, which boost by a small amount. Once Beans is defeated he will come stand behind your team, and randomly cast Pigsie to heal you.
  • Pork's cheat isn't too bad unless someone has a DOT on them; he randomly casts Detonate on your team. If someone has Medulla's Basilisk or Pork's Rain of Fire on them, it's going to hurt, but you probably won't die unless you're already low on health. For this reason, he's the third target to kill. Pork has 13000 health, and he resists fire and shadow by 50%, and all other schools except ice by 25%, while ice boosts on him by 10%. Once you take out Pork, he will randomly cast Smoke Screen on the enemy team.

Medulla himself will be active while you're dealing with his minions, and he has quite a few cheats of his own that make this battle more complicated:

  • Medulla will randomly cast a shadow spell that confuses a wizard for three rounds. While you are confused, any of the spells in your hand could be cast on anyone from either side of the battle, even if you pass. This means you could potentially attack your team, which is devastating if it's your storm who you've been stacking blades on and they cast Glowbug Squall (unfortunately this happened to me). For this reason, I recommend that you only bring treasure card hits, and keep your other spells in your main deck, so you don't kill everyone by accident. Draw only when you are ready to hit that round, and you are not already confused.
  • If you join late or you come back after fleeing, Medulla will confuse you for two rounds. It is a huge help to have a healer to revive you in this fight, so you don't have to go grab health and then end up unable to do anything for the next two rounds.
  • You can only place a Feint on Medulla after Beans is defeated but before he is alone. While Beans is present, he will remove traps from Medulla. After all of the minions are defeated, Medulla gains a new cheat that removes all traps and negative wards from him if you Feint. Time your Feints carefully and stick to other traps after the minions are gone.
  • Medulla can randomly cast Aftershock on your team, which removes all of your blades and shields. Ouch. Protect some of your blades with Aegis, and use your traps carefully as stated in the cheats above.

So to summarize, here's how you do things in this battle:

  1. Pack your deck with hits in your treasure card sideboard and other spells in your main deck. Healers might want to save the big heals for their sideboard as well. Bring stun blocks for Medulla's many stun spells and prioritize protecting your healer with them. Bring blades and traps for your hitter, and add some Aegis and Indemnity cards in to get around cheats.
  2. Kill Sparck in one powerful shot. Now he will use the essence cannon on the other side, killing them faster. Do not trap Medulla yet.
  3. Kill Beans in one powerful shot. Now you have extra healing on your side, and you can use Feints on Medulla.
  4. Kill Pork, and he will join your side to cast Smoke Screen on Medulla. Now you can no longer Feint, but other traps will still work.
  5. Take out Medulla, and you've now beaten Empyrea part 1!

Vigilant Sargun

This guard Luphilim mistakes you for an intruder, and fights you to protect Mellori before you can say anything to defend yourself. Vigilant Sargun is a sun school boss with 8000 health, and mastery of fire, myth, and life magic, which he resists by 70%. His outgoing and incoming healing stats are 45% and 50%, so he can heal himself back to full health quite efficiently with Dryad. Normally, it would be good to kill a boss like this in one hit, but he will cheat-cast an Equalize global spell at the beginning of the fight, which caps the amount of damage that can be done by 7999. You will have to hit him twice to kill him, which may give him the chance to heal back. Bring at least two hits, and possibly a wand hit to finish him off while he's very low. If you are late to this battle, you will be hit with a shadow version of Queen Calypso.


The Headmaster

The wizard looks up to Headmaster Ambrose a great deal, so naturally one of their worst nightmares is fighting a nightmare version of the headmaster who is disappointed and angry at them. The Headmaster is a star school boss whose health is listed as '???' but it is actually at 9040. He is a rank 999 boss, which may seem intimidating, but as long as you know the cheats this battle isn't so bad. The Headmaster has two different cheat cycles: the lecture cycle which occurs only at the beginning of the fight, and the homework cycle, which occurs randomly.

Lecture Cycle

For the lecture cycle, the Headmaster will go through a set order of spells, and he will change your health to 10000. You cannot use your own spells and you must instead choose your answers from the options he gives you. Don't worry, though, he won't attack you unless you get the answers wrong!

In the first round, the headmaster cheat-casts 7 999% shields on himself, one for each school. Then he does a role call, where he asks how many wizards you have in the battle. If you answer wrong, he will hit you with a Sunbird for 672 damage, and if you pass or go afk, the damage will be 1000.

The next round, Ambrose will tell you to hand in your homework. You have a chance to break one of his shields, so use the wand hit for your school or the hitter's school if in a group. Make sure you cast something or everyone in the group except the person in the sun spot will take 2000 damage,

Round 3 is where the lecture begins. You have 5 different spells you can cast that each give you a buff and a debuff. If you pass in this round, you will be stunned for the next round.

  • Listen gives you a +75% accuracy charm and places a 50% trap on you.
  • Ask Questions gives you a +50% blade but you lose 3 pips.
  • Take Notes gives you a +50% shield but you get a -75% accuracy charm placed on you.
  • Participate gives you 3 pips, but you also get a -50% weakness.
  • Snack Break gives you 20% of your health, but you are stunned for one round, and you will trigger the next round's cheats with your inaction. Don't pick this option.

In the fourth round, the Headmaster gives you a pop quiz. He will cast an aura on you, and you must pick the opposite school.

  • Ice (blue) and fire (reddish orange) are opposites
  • Death (black) and life (green) are opposites
  • Storm (purple) and myth (yellow) are opposites

If you get this right, he will remove the aura without hurting you. If you get it wrong, pass, or are stunned, he will remove the aura with a Supernova that does 4000 damage. After this, you will be given back your normal health and deck, with a proportional amount of your health lost based on how you did in this cycle. Now you can set up for a kill. Make sure you do enough damage to hit him in one shot or he will recast the shield of the school you hit him with.

Homework Cycle

This cycle occurs randomly and lasts for 2 rounds. During these rounds, don't cast shadow spells like Shadow Shrike, Shadow Seraph, or Shadow Sentinel on yourself or the Headmaster will say "You disappoint me" and destroy your transformation for 4000 damage. You will again be told to hand in your homework, which allows you to break another shield. Unlike the first cycle, the Headmaster can attack you during it.


Dream Jabberwock

Because Kingsisle loves resurrecting bosses you've already defeated in new forms, here is the Dream Jabberwock, who is thankfully not as much of a nightmare as his original incarnation or his shadow form. Technically he is a fire/shadow elite creature here and not a boss, and he only has 4095 health, although he still has his cheats. Here's how they work for this version of the Jabberwock:

  • Mana Burn is still cast on late wizards.
  • Feints are switched unless they are protected with Indemnity.
  • If anyone on either side of the battle fizzles, Dream Jabberwock will cast Dark Empower on himself, giving himself 2 power pips.
  • The infamous Meteor Strike still occurs every three rounds, but now it only does between 450-850 damage depending on how many wizards are in the duel. The +200% trap still appears on him and still gets removed every other round, but it is not as crucial to use it since his health is so low.

Dream Belloq

Dream Belloq seems just as annoyed to see you again as you are to see him. Yup, this is the fourth time you fight Belloq in your wizarding career, rivaling Pokemon rivals in the amount of beatdowns you have to give him. Dream Belloq is a shadow/balance boss with 300000 health. He looks intimidating, but you will probably find this version of him easier than the other encounters in Zafaria and Azteca, because you only have to kill his minions to defeat him, and spamming him with hits every round is not necessary here.

On the first round, Belloq summons Belloq minions to match the amount of wizards in the duel, either 1 for solo wizards, 2 for a duo, and 3 for a group of 3 or 4. These minions can be fire, ice, storm, or myth, and they can have health ranging from 5120 to 7120.

Make sure that your whole group enters on the first round, because latecomers will be hit with a Ra that deals 25% of their health, and another minion will be summoned. It is best to kill all minions in one go, because if some survive another minion will be summoned in 6-10 rounds.

When one of Belloq's minions are defeated, he will try to cast Ra, but it will turn on him and attack him instead. This one-shots Belloq if there was only one minion, dealing 300000 damage. If there were 2 minions, the Ra will deal 150000 per minion killed. If there were 3, then 99000 damage is dealt per minion. Blade up a powerful multi-target spell, and rejoice in the fact that you don't have to hit Belloq every round this time.



Sadly, Tumbler does not have a coffeemaker function, just destruction and defense modes. Whoever created him also needs to look at his timer, since he only gives you 20 seconds to evacuate before he tries to kill you. Where do I submit a support ticket?!

Tumbler is a moon school boss with 10460 health, 80% outgoing damage boost, and mastery over death, ice, and myth magic. Here are his cheats:

  • Tumbler will cast Mana Burn on wizards who are late or who have fled and come back.
  • In the first round, Tumbler will go into offense mode, casting an aura that gives him 100% additional damage boost for each wizard in the battle for a maximum of 400 damage. Offense mode is the best time to kill him, but also the time that you are most vulnerable. For the first cycle, shield your hitter and have your healer prepared to revive dead teammates.
  • In round 4, Tumbler will switch to defense mode, casting an aura that gives him 100% universal resist for one wizard and adding 5% more for each additional wizard for a max of 115% resist. This is a good time to prepare to hit him once he switches back to offense mode, so stack your blades and traps now. He will switch auras every three rounds, and both auras cannot be removed with Supernova. In round 7 strike with a powerful hit before he can do the same to you.

Dark Cloud Leader

This cloaked insurrectionist wants to bring peace to Empyrea by killing everyone until the whole world is silenced. Just a little extreme. His one cheat is not extreme however; as long as you aren't late you can treat this as a typical battle against four enemies. His three minions are two Dark Cloud Agents and a Blue Ox.

If you are late the Dark Cloud Leader will use a shadow version of Queen Calypso on you. He knows a shadow version of Disarm that removes two blades for two pips, so you may want to protect blades with Aegis or stick to traps. The Dark Cloud Leader also has 70% resist to all schools except balance or life, so you may want to let your friend hit if questing in a group with a Sorcerer or Theurgist. This boss drops the rare Forgotten Grimoire pet, so Necromancers may want to farm him.


Neumian Lion

This monster used to be a story used to scare young Aero Dwarves into good behavior, but thanks to the myth energy increasing in the Aero Plains, it has come to life! The Neumian Lion is a star boss with 10880 health, and interestingly all the spells he casts are either star school or shadow school, making Tower Shields your only method of defense here.

At the beginning of round 1, the Neumian Lion will use its first turn to protect itself, casting 6 Aegis-protected Tower Shields and a -50% Fortify aura on itself. It will recast this Fortify every time it gets to the last round, and the aura cannot be taken off by Supernova, so you will just have to hit through it. However, the shields can be removed with two Shatters in a row, and the Neumian Lion will not recast them.

It is also important to not be late to this battle because the boss will cast Impede on the late person and add two Indemnity-protected traps for 25% and 35%. Impede is a star aura that makes it impossible for you to gain pips for 4 rounds. Pack an aura of your choice in your treasure card deck to switch out your aura in case this happens.

On the ninth round and every ten rounds after, the boss will cast a star Chimera on a random wizard to remove shields, but hopefully the battle will not take that long. Blade up, cast a couple of Feints, and you should be able to kill him before round 9 if you have good pierce.


Frog Prince

The Aero Dwarves have a legend where a Frog Prince rules over all of the frogs of myth, and his vomiting creates new worlds... or a horrible mess to clean up. The Frog Prince is a sun boss with 9920 health and masteries of fire, myth, and life magic. If someone enters the battle late, they will be hit and stunned for two rounds with a shadow version of Medusa. He will also eat traps placed on them unless they are protected with Indemnity, or he will only eat the first trap if it's a spell that places multiple traps like Fuel.


Doctor Demented

This Cabal researcher's purpose is to experiment with fears in order to cause unrest between the Nimbari and the Aero Dwarves. Unfortunately, she sets her sights on your friend Captain Pork, whose manifested fears now battle alongside her. Doctor Demented is a dual-school death/fire boss with 8720 health and 120% outgoing damage boost, making this feel almost like a PvP battle. She also comes with three minions: Pork's Fear of Being Surpassed (ice), his Fear of the Future (myth), and his Fear of Gremlins (life). Her many cheats are as follows:

  • At the beginning of the first round, she will cast a 60% Fortify that goes up by 20% for every additional wizard that joins the battle, so if there are four wizards it is at 120%. Unfortunately this aura cannot be destroyed by Supernova. However, when all of her minions are dead, she will cast Frenzy and then hit herself with a Supernova. You can stack traps on her the round right after you kill the minions to increase the Supernova's damage.
  • If someone joins late after round 2, they will be hit with a Burning Rampage. This also applies to wizards who flee and rejoin.
  • She can randomly cheat-cast Incindiate, destroying auras on your group, so you may want to be cautious about using those.
  • Her versions of Poison and Fuel hit all targets. She also has a protected Mass Feint and a protected Bladestorm, and her Steal Charm will steal two blades instead of one.
  • Whenever wizards flee or join the battle, her Fortify aura will change percentages to match how many wizards are in the duel. This also changes if one of her minions gets Beguiled when there are fewer than four wizards in the battle. The aura will change back when the Beguile ends.
  • If everyone gets defeated and returns to the battle, she will be left with only the life minion spawning in. Because the life minion is there, you will have to remove her Fortify by defeating it before you can focus on her.
  • The minions can be very annoying in this battle, with stuns, Earthquake, Frozen Armor, and plenty of healing, so take them out quickly before they become a problem.


After a misunderstanding about which side you're on, Helena will attack you in the clearing beside her tent. She is a storm elite enemy with 3200 health and 70% damage boost. At the beginning of the first round, she will cast a ton of spells in this order:

  1. Frenzy
  2. Aegis-protected Supercharge (12%)
  3. Stormblade
  4. Stormspear
  5. Myth Shield
  6. Indemnity-protected Windstorm (+25%)
  7. Mass Weakness (-30%)
  8. Mass Impede
  9. Aegis-protected Lightning Strike.

Don't be late or she will Storm Trap, Weakness, and Impede you as well. You will want to remove the Impede immediately with another aura, and probably Storm Shield since she has all of those buffs on her. Myth wizards can use Earthquake to kill two birds with one stone and remove her blades and her shield. Other than that, this is a normal battle. Kill her quickly to have a better chance of survival, since she hits hard with her Glowbug Squall.



Sadly for the brave and warlike Nimbari, their leader Vanitus has turned out to be a complete coward, running away to preserve his own life at the expense of his people. Your role here is to make him face the consequences of his actions.

Vanitus is a star boss with 11340 health, 110% outgoing damage boost, and mastery of the three elemental schools. Round 1 starts off like a normal battle, but on round 2 he will call in his servants, storm Justicons, to defend him. The amount of Justicons summoned depends on the amount of wizards in the battle. If someone is late, he will summon an extra Justicon when they join, and Beguile them for three rounds. Since this is a star spell, it can't be dispelled, so make sure everyone makes it into the battle on time. Be aware that he also knows a shadow version of Crow, which does 180 damage and Beguiles its target for one round. If anyone attacks him, he will sacrifice one of his minions to heal the damage. Once all of his minions are dead, you can attack him and he will cast a spell to surrender, ending the duel.


Admiral Dynt

Dynt is back from outer space, and he may have worked out at a gym or two while he was gone. Now he is a shadow/fire boss with 10560 health and 120% outgoing damage boost, fitting with his new muscular appearance. Admiral Dynt's cheats have been tweaked as well:

  • Instead of flipping a coin to decide whether you get bad luck or good luck, Admiral Dynt gives you "Good Heads!" every round. He can cast Bladestorm, Legion Shield, Precision, Rebirth, Spirit Armor, Sprite Swarm, Stun Block, or Unicorn on your team.
  • If someone is late to the fight, Admiral Dynt will hit them with a Grand Phoenix, which does 580-660 damage and leaves a -45% mantle on them.
  • Every 5 rounds, he will cast Wild Bolt from a random wizard, and then remove all traps that are on him. Protect traps with Indemnity, or don't trap until you are ready to hit soon. Keep count of the rounds.

The Bat

The Bat needs to regain his shadow magic, so you must make him your personal punching bag and hit him with shadow spells! Each time you hit him, he will gain one shadow pip. He cannot attack, so just hit him with 5 different shadow spells to end the duel. Wand hits will also work for this if you are having trouble gaining shadow pips of your own, so you can equip a wand with shadow attacks to speed up this fight. Note: Dark Shepherd currently does not work to allow him to gain a shadow pip.


Vigilant Sargun (Astral Grove)

Vigilant Sargun proves again that he is really good at jumping to conclusions. This time he thinks you are siding with Spider because you are accompanied by the Bat, and so he attacks to protect Raven and the light side. Here, Vigilant Sargun still has his 7999-damage limit Equalize, and he will still cheat-cast a shadow Queen Calypso on unfortunate latecomers, but this time he has 15999 health instead of 8000, and his minions are moon-school Luphilim Soldiers instead of Death Ants. Bring three hits and you should be fine.


The Rat and The Scorpion

Before the final battle, you must battle Bat's older brothers one more time, but this time, they're together. This incarnation of the Rat is a shadow boss with 28000 health, 65% damage boost, 15% resist to all schools except fire and ice, and fire and ice mastery. The Husk version of the Scorpion has 16800 health, 55% outgoing damage, 30% universal resist, and mastery over all schools. Thankfully, neither of them come with minions this time, and they take potshots at each other because they don't get along.

In the first round, the battle begins with the Scorpion giving himself two shadow pips. The Rat, like many older brothers, decides he wants one and takes it from him. The Scorpion then gets angry and says "I'll take that, weakling." and steals two pips from him, giving himself two white pips. After this sequence, the battle will proceed mostly as normal and you will need to pay attention to their individual cheats, with the occasional burst of sibling rivalry directed at the other boss.

The Rat

  • The Rat still does his Dimension Shift cheat on late wizards, transferring negative hanging effects (weaknesses and traps) to the latecomer and putting +60% fire, ice, and universal traps on them.
  • Only one Feint can be placed on the Rat; any extras will trigger a Dimension Shift, moving all traps from the Rat to the wizard who used the second Feint.
  • If the Scorpion uses Glowbug Squall or Enfeeble, the Rat will become angry at his younger brother for getting in his way and he will use Scorching Scimitars on the Scorpion.
  • Sometimes when the Scorpion uses Iron Sultan on the Rat, the Rat will yell "You DOLT! I have had enough of you!", and he will hit the Scorpion with Grand Blue Phoenix and immediately follow it up with an Impede aura.

The Scorpion

  • The Scorpion still casts Bad Juju on late wizards, so bring Cleanse Charms with you just in case.
  • The Scorpion still casts Poison at the end of every third round, and Detonate at the end of every round, so shielding probably won't help much here.
  • If you Feint on the Scorpion, he will say "The Rat warned me of that!", and he will remove it, unless it's a Mass Feint. Because the Rat can only have one Feint on him, and the Scorpion doesn't remove Mass Feint, it is extremely beneficial to use Mass Feint here as your only Feint.
  • If a wizard heals, he will use his natural attack on them, which places a DOT on them. That DOT will then get detonated because of his Detonate cheat, dealing massive damage and probably negating the effects of your heal. Because shielding and healing is so hard against the Scorpion, he should be the boss that you take out first.
  • If the Rat casts Steal Charm or Steal Ward, he will hit the Rat with an Iron Sultan, which may in turn trigger the Rat to retaliate with his Grand Blue Phoenix cheat.
  • Sometimes when the Rat does his Scorching Scimitars cheat, the Scorpion will whine "Enough! I'm telling father!", and cast Impede and Supernova at the Rat.

The Storm Titan's Trident

You've seen the fire titan, the dragon laying atop Dragonspyre's Crown of Fire who somehow slept through you beating Malistaire to a pulp. You've seen the ice titan when you fought his four children in Wintertusk to keep him asleep. Now you encounter the storm titan, your first titan who's awake, and he is not happy! You must defeat his trident to save the Spiral from his wrath and dispel him.

General Strategy

The Titan's Trident is a shadow/storm boss with 1 million health and mastery of star magic. It has 135% outgoing damage boost and resists 62% of storm damage, 50% of shadow damage, 25% of fire and ice damage, and 20% of balance and death damage. Myth and life wizards are probably the best hitters for this battle since they boost on him by 5%, but any wizard can hit as long as they can deal 30,000 damage to him three times. The easiest way to get that 30,000 damage in three hits is through a strong damage over time spell, for which you will need 13 or more blades or auras:

  • Myth hitters should use an Epic King Artorius
  • Life hitters should use an Epic Spinysaur
  • Death hitters should use an Epic Skeletal Dragon
  • Fire hitters should use an Epic Heck Hound, preferably at max power pips
  • Ice hitters should use an Epic Snow Angel
  • Storm hitters should use either the Thunderstorm pet card from the Rain Core pet or a Storm Hound treasure card
  • Balance hitters should use a Steel Giant treasure card

Buffs can be trained, from treasure cards, and from pets or equipment, but you will need at least 13 of them to kill with one DOT. For your team here, it is recommended that you find a death wizard who can spam Indemnity-protected Bad Jujus on the boss, as well as support wizards with high resist gear, because it is easy to get wiped out otherwise. Protect your hitter with shields and heal your team as much as you can. A second hitter is also needed to take out the minions when they appear. Speaking of which, let's get to the Trident's cheats.


  • The Titan's Trident uses an Equalize global spell on the first round that caps damage at 949999 to prevent people from destroying it in one shot. This spell will just be recast if it is removed, so you can't use global spells to buff your hitter here.
  • If someone uses a Feint on the Trident, it will remove all traps, even if they were cast with an Indemnity.
  • If someone enters the battle after round 2, whether joining for the first time or coming back after being defeated, they will be picked up by the Storm Titan and squeezed like a stress ball, dealing 3000 to 5000 shadow damage. This can critical. Make sure everyone knows the plan before starting the battle and makes it in. Heal dead teammates to avoid this cheat.
  • Randomly, the Titan will laugh at the end of the round. This is a sign of danger, because at the end of the next round, he will shoot shadowy lasers from his eyes that deal 3000 to 4000 damage to all wizards. Be ready to place a Tower Shield on your hitter and heal them if their health is low, or else they will die and lose all their blades.
  • The Storm Titan can also randomly pull up the trident and slam it down, removing all charms and wards on it unless they are protected with Aegis and Indemnity. This is why it is important for your death wizard to put Indemnity on the weaknesses they spam.
  • If the Trident gets 5 shadow pips, the Titan will pick it up, making it untargetable. While the trident is up, the boss can only pass, squeeze, or laugh. When three rounds are up, the titan will swing the trident down at your team, dealing 5000 to 8000 damage to each wizard. Stack Tower Shields and Legion Shields on each other to have a chance of surviving this.
  • The first and second times the Trident is hit for 30000, it will heal itself fully and summon three myth minions with 3780 health each. This is the cue for your second hitter to wipe them out with an attack-all spell like Tempest or Fire Dragon. Kill the minions as soon as they appear because they can shield the boss, preventing him from dying from the next DOT ticks.

This is probably the most difficult boss battle in the entire main storyline. Talk your strategy over with your teammates before you enter, and make sure you are prepared to heal and spam shields and weaknesses to survive while you buff up your hitters. Keep a cool head, stay determined, and you will eventually prevail.

Congratulations, you've saved the Spiral again!

With the defeat of the Storm Titan's trident and a special boss afterwards (not telling, but they are not hard!), you've completed the world of Empyrea and saved the Spiral from its most dangerous threat yet. Take a break, raise a glass of yum, and celebrate! The next adventure awaits you in the colorful candy world of Karamelle, where you will begin the fourth arc of Wizard101's storyline. Have fun!

© 2021 Lissa Clason