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"Wizard101": The Cheating Bosses of Khrysalis

Melissa MistSinger has been an avid player of Wizard101 since the 2008 beta. She has 6 max level wizards and too many pets.


Don't Let Khrysalis's Cheating Bosses Bug You!

From the purple mountain majesty of Tyrian Gorge to the glittering starlight of the Radiant Alcazar, it is clear that Khrysalis is Wizard101's magnum opus. This world contains such a big and epic storyline that the developers had to release it in two parts: the first in November 2013 and the second in 2014.

Memorable characters like Dyvim and Zarozinia Deathsong interact with your wizard and aid you as you infiltrate Morganthe's base of power and take down her warlords, until only she remains. The crowning jewel of Wizard101's second arc is also a long and difficult world, with 277 quests in its storyline, and there are 21 different cheating bosses, with some reappearing in the Galleries. Here is a guide to all of Khrysalis's cheating bosses. The table of contents is spoiler-free, but the main section of the guide is not, so only read up to your current boss if it's your first time through!

Table of Contents

Khrysalis Part 1 Cheating Bosses

  • Kravenly the Hunter
  • Tymen WhiteFlame
  • Broodmother
  • Atlach-Leng
  • Ravik Dreamscape
  • Shadow of the Land
  • Sofia DarkSide
  • Belosto ToeBiter
  • Hisser
  • Quartermaster Rackum
  • Ghost Dog

Khrysalis Part 2 Cheating Bosses

  • 3 Spoiler Bosses in Chamber of the Mind
  • Balor the Broken Fang
  • Elana DarkSun
  • Lord Ombra
  • Tamulus
  • Archmagus Lorcan
  • Moros's Tree Roots
  • Spoiler Final Boss in Shadow Palace

Kravenly the Hunter

Kravenly the Hunter is the first warlord that you face in Khrysalis. He is a life boss with 15040 health, and enters the battle alone. He has a painful cheat where he will cast a life DOT (damage over time) on a random wizard every round. This cheat can be dispelled, but even if he is stunned it will continue. If you are doing Banyan Tower in a group and have a life wizard with you, the life wizard could use a dispel every round to remove this cheat from the equation.

It is best to kill Kravenly in one hit. This is because when his health reaches 75% he will cast a Spirit Blast that hits your whole party for 1000 myth, death, or life damage. This is repeated at 50% and 25%, with him also using a Spectral Blast version of this after 50%. He also knows some big heals like Regenerate and Rebirth.

Killing Kravenly quickly and in one hit is the best way to go. Stack feints on him and blades on your hitter and try to stay alive. He knows Empower, so he can gain pips quickly. Kravenly the Hunter will reappear with Ghost Dog as the first Warlord duo you face in the Galleries, so look at both bosses to determine your deck for that fight.


Tymen WhiteFlame

Tymen WhiteFlame is an ice boss with 18400 health that you encounter in Bastion. He battles alongside two Leaf Shield minions (life).

Every 3 rounds, Tymen will Mana Burn the wizard with the most pips at the beginning of the round. This can be prevented with a well-timed balance dispel on round 2, or you could pepper him with low-cost attacks.

Healing will cause Tymen WhiteFlame to stun you for two rounds. It is better in this fight to use shields to prevent damage. Stun shields can help if you really need to heal, just make sure you have it on before you do.

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Since Tymen knows Legion Shield and Volcanic Shield, fire wizards may want to hit with a DOT spell like Rain of Fire. Storm wizards may need Pierce or Shatter treasure cards.



This queen bee knows how to wrap her subjects around her fingers- er, forelegs.

When you enter the battle circle with the Broodmother, you will notice that she is a fire boss with 18360 health, and she appears to be alone. However, at the end of round 1, she will summon her Royal Guard, a balance minion with 4625 health. The Royal Guard will proceed to summon a myth Yellow Jacket Drone every round. At the end of each round after this, a Yellow Jacket Drone will be sacrificed to give their queen 1500 health.

First, you will need to focus on killing the Royal Guard so he can’t summon any more minions. Then, once the Broodmother is alone, kill her with a powerful one-shot attack. Bring some Cleanse Charm treasure cards because she can Efreet and her Royal Guard can use Weakness.



Atlach-Leng is the first boss with shadow magic that you face in Wizard101. His primary school is ice and he has 18920 health. His only cheat involves summoning a Crypt Spider minion (death) every other round, starting on the third round.

Despite this minor cheat, Atlach-Leng is a hard boss to fight because his entire deck is designed to reduce your damage and protect his minions. He knows Tower Shield, Legion Shield, Plague, Fortify, and Volcanic Shield, and he tends to stack shields on himself.

Atlach-Leng also uses Shadow Sentinel to absorb some of the damage you deal to his minions. Luckily he can't use any attacks himself, so whittle his health down with AOE attacks (spells that hit all enemies) and take out the minions along the way. If he casts Doom and Gloom, change the bubble with one of your own so you can heal when needed.


Ravik Dreamscape

I feel somewhat bad for this Shadow Weaver, who's been abandoned with orders to guard the Eclipse Tower for decades. However, to get closer to learning shadow magic we must defeat him in combat.

Ravik Dreamscape is an ice boss with 20600 health and mastery of the death school. He is the first boss that knows Shadow Shrike, which pierces through 50% of a shield or your natural resist if you don't have a shield, and gives him a 10% damage boost. If he casts this, it's better to have a shield on you to counter some of that piercing.

He has two cheats. At the beginning of the first round and every 5th round after that, he will cast a -5% Doom and Gloom. If you wanted to, you could place a bubble right before you hit and he won't remove it unless it's a round where he casts the Doom and Gloom.

Ravik's other cheat is summoning extra minions to help him. He starts with one Cursed Mouse Knight minion (life), summons another in round 3, and a third one in round 5. If the first minion dies or the battle gets to round 10, he will begin summoning a new minion every round. It is recommended to kill the boss and all of his minions with a powerful attack that hits all enemies at once.


Shadow of the Land

To learn shadow magic, you will have to face your greatest failures. The Shadow of the Land represents your failure to save Azteca, which still haunts you deeply. He is a balance boss with 13070 health, and he is joined by three Laughing Calaca minions (ice).

Your first goal in this battle should be to take out the minions before the fifth round. Every fifth round, the Shadow of the Land will hit you with a Power Nova, and its strength depends on how many minions are left in the duel:

  • If all three minions are still alive, the Power Nova deals 3200 damage to your party.
  • With two minions left alive, the Power Nova hits for 1600 damage.
  • If only one minion is left, the Power Nova will deal 800 damage to the group.
  • If you have managed to kill all of the minions, the Power Nova will do 400 damage.

It is therefore very important to kill the minions with a bladed hit that targets all enemies, and do it quickly. He can randomly resummon minions, so if you are in a group it is a good idea to designate one person as your minion killer.


Sofia DarkSide

To get access to shadow pips and shadow magic, you must defeat Sofia DarkSide, a life boss with 14840 health. She enters the battle alone, but at the end of the first round, she summons Arkyn MoonBlade, a myth minion with 4160 health. Arkyn in turn can summon Dread Paladins, ice minions with 960 health.

Sofia will not resummon Arkyn if he dies, so focus on killing him and the minions will stop coming. Then you are free to focus on Sofia. She is the first boss to carry Shadow Seraph, and her entire deck is focused around healing, so you will have to kill her in one big hit. Blade up and go for it.


Belosto ToeBiter

After learning a fun bee dance, you use it to open up Belosto ToeBiter's lair. He is an ice boss with 20520 health, and he comes with a Lake Elemental minion (storm).

You will want to leave his minion alive while you buff up to kill him, since if anyone in the battle circle dies he will use an ice Scarecrow that does 900 damage and gives him back 450 health. This may mean you will need to heal to prevent yourself from dying in a long fight while the minion hits you hard with storm magic.

Also, if you blade or use a global spell, Belosto ToeBiter will use his natural attack on you, which hits you for 300 damage plus 600 damage distributed over 3 rounds. You may find it easier to stick to traps unless your team has a healer.



A roach chef? That's not sanitary!

Hisser can be found in the mess hall of Fort Rachias, and he has a cheat that is very similar to Belloq's. Hit him every round, or suffer terrible consequences. Instead of Ra, however, Hisser will hit you with a 0-pip Tempest, which changes in power based on how many pips he's got. He is a fire boss with 18720 health, and his Gloom Dancer minion is ice school and enjoys stunning people. You may want to bring stun blocks to protect yourself from this.

Like with Belloq, it is best to do this fight with at least one other person, making one person the spam hitter. However, unlike in the Belloq fights, Hisser will shift damage over time spells to you, making the Fire Elf strategy unviable. Stick to wand hits and small single-target spells.


Quartermaster Rackum

Quartermaster Rackum is a storm boss with 18495 health, and he is joined by a storm Corrupted Rhino minion. He blocks your access to the inner sanctum of Fort Rachias, so you must defeat him to get to Morganthe's command center and find the Dying Star Stone.

Quartermaster Rackum and his minion have two cheats revolving around healing if they are hit. If the minion takes damage and does not die, it will cast Regenerate on itself. If Quartermaster Rackum is hit, his minion will use Sacrifice to heal him. Therefore, it is best to take out the minion in one hit, and then you are free to swat this fly.


Ghost Dog

Ghost Dog is the second of Morganthe's warlords that you will fight, but he considers himself a philosopher, meditating on death. You will have to give him something to meditate about in order to capture Fort Rachias.

Ghost Dog starts out as a normal death boss with 12560 health and no minions or cheats. However, when you defeat him, Morganthe will raise him from the dead in his shadow form. When you rejoin the battle, Ghost Dog will summon 2 Hagakure Blade minions (storm) and 1 Seijun Killer (fire) at the end of the first round.

At the end of the second round, and every fifth round after this round, Ghost Dog will cast a damage over time spell on the wizard who has the most blades or has cast the most traps. This damage over time spell will do 400 damage every round for ten rounds, so it is a really good idea to have Triage treasure cards or a life wizard on call. If he casts Shadow Shrike on himself, this damage will increase to 575 damage per round.

At the end of round five, and every fifth round after that, Ghost Dog will use a death Detonate to blow up his damage over time spell for 2800 damage. Dispels will not work to prevent this because if he fizzles the Detonate he will recast it up to four times. You might want to use Shift if you are a myth wizard or have a treasure card to move the DOT to him, if you do not have Triage. Shields are also ineffective here, since he will interrupt to use Shatter.

The best way to defeat Ghost Dog is to kill him as quickly as possible, and remove his damage over time as soon as he casts it. Stack feints on him to increase your damage and hit with a powerful AOE (attack that hits all enemies). His storm and fire minions deal a lot of damage, so it may help if you are struggling to kill them first. Team up with a healer if you can, so they can revive anyone taken out by Detonate if all else fails. Ghost Dog will reappear along with Kravenly the Hunter in the first fight of the Galleries dungeon.


The Chambers of the Mind

The Chambers of the Mind are three instances in Radiance Reborn, where you journey into Morganthe's memories at three key points in her life. In each of these memories, there is a boss you must fight as Morganthe. Their cheats are minor, but it can be a learning curve getting used to Morganthe's stats and spells. Here are the three bosses you fight in the Chambers of the Mind:

A Dream of Avalon - Spriggan Gisela

As Avalon-era Morganthe, you have 1650 health and have learned spells up to level 26. Sir Malory is your companion here and gives you +20% damage. The boss you are fighting here is Spriggan Gisela, a life boss with 2400 health. Every fifth round, Spriggan Gisela will cast a Meteor Strike that deals 215-245 damage for 0 pips. You are weak to life spells but she is weak to death spells, so strike her down quickly with a few blades and traps and a Skeletal Pirate.

A Dream of Wizard City - Malistaire Drake

As Wizard City-era Morganthe, you have 2050 health and despite apparently being an Adept level wizard, you have access to death spells up to level 42. Malistaire is your opponent here, with 4800 health in this incarnation. Malistaire has 25% death resist as the death professor, but luckily Morganthe brought some prisms this time. Use life draining spells like Wraith and use Death Shield when you think Malistaire is about to hit you hard. Morganthe also has Death Ninja Pigs, which leaves a 25% weakness on Malistaire. This duel will automatically end at round 13, so you don't necessarily have to kill Malistaire, just outlast him.

A Dream of Khrysalis - Spider Adept

This is the last battle in Morganthe's memories, and here she has 3450 health and death spells up until level 88. She is accompanied by Taylor Coleridge, who gives her 20% critical and 20% critical block. There are 3 enemies in this fight, a Spider adept with 3020 health and 2 Skinner Conscripts with 1450 health. This fight is harder with three enemies, so take advantage of Morganthe's Fortify and drains. Your pet stays on in this battle, so it is very helpful to equip a pet with may-cast heals. Put Fortify on as soon as you draw it. Try to use a buffed Scarecrow to take out the minions, and then take out the boss with Avenging Fossil. The boss knows Medusa, and Earthquake, which may make this fight even more difficult for you. Try to reset the battle until you go first if you are struggling.


Balor the Broken Fang

Warlord Balor is the third of Morganthe's warlords that you will face, and he really loves his right to bear arms. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting him, he threatens to bite your head off and place it on a stake, and then mentions how much he loves hot blood and the sound of screaming. How charming.

Balor is a storm boss with 15545 health, and he comes in with two death minions even if you are solo. His main cheat is a 70% Tower Shield cast every three rounds on himself or one of his minions. Ice dispels will not prevent this cheat, but the shield can be removed with Pierce, Shatter, or Steal Ward.

His other cheat takes place at the beginning of every third round. Balor will pick the wizard with the most blades or amount of cast traps and use a storm DOT on them. This spell does 200-280 damage on its initial hit and 90-540 damage over the next three rounds, depending on how many pips he had when he cast it.

To defeat Balor, either set up a one-hit kill and remove his shields the round before you hit, or use a DOT of your own like Rain of Fire to remove his shield and hit him for massive damage on the following rounds. In the Galleries, he will be teamed up with Santa Muerte, a death warlord who does not cheat.


Elana DarkSun

Elana DarkSun is your second shadow magic instructor, trapped within the Solar Arc. To free her, you must defeat her in combat. Her only cheat is summoning a Deer Mouse Revenant (balance) at the end of the first round of battle. She is a death boss with 18365 health and she starts off with two myth Wraith Knights if you enter the instance with 3 or 4 players.


Lord Ombra

Lord Ombra guards a mysterious artifact of Morganthe's, and offers you a deal for it: if you win you get it, but if you lose, he takes your head.

At the beginning of the fourth round, and every four rounds afterward, Lord Ombra will use a 0-pip Mana Burn on whichever wizard has the most pips, stealing 3 regular pips or power pips, and giving him 3 regular pips. If all wizards have 4 pips or less, however, he will not cast the cheat. He does know the regular Mana Burn, so you can still lose your pips at any time. For some reason, sometimes his Mana Burns deal no damage.

To beat Lord Ombra, it may be best to stick to lower pip spells, or cast Unbalance on him the round before he uses Mana Burn. Lord Ombra joins forces with Archmagus Lorcan in the final battle of the Galleries.



Tamulus is a scorpion champion that dwells in the Palace of Fangs. He will cast a Death Fuel on a random wizard every four rounds, and every five rounds he will cast a death DOT on a random wizard. Sometimes his targets are the same person and sometimes they are not. Since Tamulus doesn't prevent you from buffing in any way, treat him like a normal boss with a bit more consideration for healing from the DOT.


Archmagus Lorcan

Archmagus Lorcan is the head of the Spider Magi, and one of the final bosses you will face in the Hive. He is a balance boss with 17665 health, and he will summon two Elder Magus minions (fire) at the end of round one. Once he gets his first shadow pip, he will cast Shadow Sentinel every three rounds, and summon two more minions. Three rounds after he summons minions, they will sacrifice themselves for their master, healing him for 1500 health.

Lorcan's deck revolves around boosting his minions' damage and protecting them and himself, so you may find it difficult to deal damage here. The new global spells you received in Radiance Reborn may help you pierce through his shields, and using Pierce and Shatter to remove shields right before you hit will also help. Try to deal a lot of damage in one hit if you can, because his minions will keep healing him. At least Lorcan has no damage spells of his own. He will make a return appearance in the Galleries with Lord Ombra in the final fight.


Moros's Tree Roots

This is a quadruple boss battle, so it is going to be a lot easier if you bring a team of 3 or 4. Moros, the Doom Tree, summons his roots to fight you, and they are all bosses of different schools. There is a death root with 12845 health, a myth root with 12695 health, a balance root with 13145 health, and a life root with 12995 health.

Whenever a tree root dies, it will respawn again as an elite minion with a lower amount of health. It is recommended that you take them all out with a powerful attack that hits all enemies. The myth root knows Earthquake, so it may be difficult to use blades. Try to place traps first so you have less time for a blade to get removed. If you need to go for one first take out the myth one, it cannot use Earthquake in its elite minion form. Stay healed up and you should make it through.



After battling all six of Morganthe's warlords in the Galleries, you will finally face the shadow queen herself, in a quadruple boss battle where she has divided herself into four forms. There is an ice Morganthe with 21910 health, a death Morganthe with 21125 health, a storm Morganthe with 19920 health, and a balance Morganthe with 21725 health.

Behind the Morganthe squad is her shadow form, an unnatural looking spider with a human head. Every fourth round, at the beginning of the round Ice Morganthe will use a shadow spell that makes Shadow Morganthe attack your team for 600 shadow damage to all players. If her ice form is dead, it is cast by death, storm, and finally balance.

Each Morganthe has a unique personal attack with a special effect attached.

  • Balance Morganthe's attack does 325 balance damage and casts a -45% Black Mantle on your entire team.
  • Death Morganthe's attack does 325 death damage and puts a -35% Infection on your whole team.
  • Ice Morganthe does 125 ice damage with her personal attack and gives all Morganthes a 200-health absorb shield.
  • Storm Morganthe's personal attack deals 500 storm damage and gives every Morganthe a +25% Balanceblade.

There are also a couple of cheats specific to each Morganthe form.

  • Death Morganthe will remove any prisms cast on her and hit herself with a DOT spell that hits her with 350 damage over only one round.
  • Storm Morganthe will use a DOT on herself if you use a global spell.
  • Ice Morganthe will use a DOT on herself if hit with any enemy attacks.

As you may expect for a final arc boss, the Morganthes are pretty difficult for a group of wizards at their level. Death Morganthe can Mass Infect your entire crew, Storm Morganthe can Enfeeble your hitter, Ice Morganthe loves Legion Shield and stunning with Frost Giant, and Balance Morganthe can weaken you with Ra and Mana Burn your pips away. In addition, they all know Shadow Shrike and can summon shadow creatures. It is strongly recommended that you do this fight with four players, and have at least one healer.

Upon defeating the Morganthes, you may receive her athame or her amulet for your school. These items are highly sought after and give stats that could last you up to level 130, so this is a fight worth repeating.

Congratulations on Completing Arc 2!

When you have beaten Morganthe, you should be proud of your accomplishment. Khrysalis is a long, sometimes very difficult struggle, but you have now made it through Arc 2 of Wizard101's storyline! Now, enjoy the upcoming ceremonies and celebrations, because you will be beginning Arc 3, starting with the icy world of Polaris. Congratulations!

© 2020 Lissa Clason

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