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"Wizard101": The Cheating Bosses of Mirage

Melissa MistSinger has been an avid player of Wizard101 since the 2008 beta. She has 6 max level wizards and too many pets.


A Whole New World

The second world of Wizard101's third arc is the beautiful desert world of Mirage. Based on the middle east after the fall of the Persian Empire, with a dash of references to Disney's Aladdin and Frank Herbert's Dune, Mirage has a great aesthetic and is one of my favorite worlds to quest through.

However, you may notice that Mirage is quite a step up in difficulty from Polaris. Behind every ornate palace door and rolling sand dune there seems to be yet another cheating boss. There are 29 cheating bosses in the main questline, more than any other world in the game, although they are not all equal in difficulty.

This guide was a doozy to construct, but here is a guide on defeating every cheating boss in Mirage. Don't read past the point where you are in the storyline unless you want to be spoiled!

Table of Contents

  • Spoiler Boss in Dark Cave
  • Renegade Djinni
  • Mother Ghulture
  • Trengil Hoarder
  • Dumoozid
  • Vizier Rafaj
  • The Mimics
  • Spoiler Boss in Alkali Barrows
  • Loother Ray
  • Melanj
  • Reverend Mother Meowhaim
  • Ricky, Tiki, and Taffy
  • Kobra Kommander
  • Baron Hairkonnen
  • The Four Tomes
  • Goofang
  • Spoiler Boss in Aggrobah
  • Boa Fett
  • Ali Baboon
  • Eerkala
  • Spoiler Boss in Firecat Alley
  • Vigilant Adapa
  • Chronomancer Devlin
  • 4 Spoiler Bosses in Sands of Time

Duncan Grimwater

When you enter Malistaire's sanctum for clues on the location of the Eye of History, you will face a surprising betrayal. Duncan Grimwater, the necromancer who helped you liberate Triton Avenue from a horde of the undead way back when you were level 5, has joined up with the Cabal and is trying to prevent you from reading Malistaire's journal!

Duncan is a death boss with 5360 health, and interestingly he is wearing Darkmoor gear, which might explain his 70% damage boost. Healing against Duncan is a futile effort because he will cast a -100% Doom and Gloom on the first round that cannot be switched out. If you try to heal through it anyway, he will place a -55% Infection on you. Duncan's other cheat involves his shadow pips. When he gets two of them, he will use a Dark Fiend that has a 20% Backlash, and then he will get a +40% Shadowblade. Duncan doesn't prevent any blading or trapping, so he is pretty easy as long as you kill him quickly.


Renegade Djinni

To access the Spiral Door to Mirage, first, you will have to battle the Renegade Djinni in the Sand Sea. The Renegade Djinni has 6000 health and he is a dual school myth/balance boss.

Like a true myth wizard, this boss enjoys summoning minions, using Earthquake on hapless wizards, and spamming the Athena Battlesight spell with glee. You will want to bring Cleanse Charms for his Ra spell, which puts a -40% weakness on your entire team, and either Shatter, Pierce, or Steal Ward, or some kind of damage over time spell. More on this below.

In round 1, the Renegade Djinni will use a balance summoning spell to summon a Renegade Puppet minion. This minion can use Mana Burn, the old version of Power Nova (which gives a -30% weakness), and Availing Hands. In round 2, the Djinni will shield his minion with a -70% universal shield. This is why you need a method of shield removal, or a DOT (damage over time) spell. In round 4, he will polymorph the minion into a sand colossus, which increases his health.

To beat this boss, use Aegis to protect your blades from Earthquake or stack traps on him. Remove shields with a shield removal spell or a damage over time spell and watch out for his Boreas Ifrit spell, which does a lot of damage. Upon defeating him, Mirage will be accessible through the Spiral Door.


Mother Ghulture

This fearsome Ghulture has a strong maternal instinct, willing to guard her petrified eggs for eternity. She is a dual school life/death boss with 4560 health, and she has 60% outgoing damage and 15% resist to both life and death spells.

Mother Ghulture's cheat revolves around the Guardian Spirit spell. At the start of the first three rounds, she will squawk and summon either a death Ghulture minion or a myth one. When all spaces on her side of the battle circle are filled, she will cast Guardian Spirit on each of her children. Also, if a wizard joins the battle late, she will hit them with a Luminous Weaver.

Since Mother Ghulture knows some healing spells such as Unicorn and Rebirth, it is best to do two multi-hit attacks that deal enough damage to kill the enemy team in one go. An alternative strategy is to have one person use Entangle on Mother Ghulture every round to prevent her from summoning minions while the others set up for a kill. If she uses Virulent Plague on you, use Cleanse Charm on whoever is hitting. The myth Ghultures cannot use Earthquake, so you don't have to worry about your blades being removed.


Trengil Hoarder

This greedy boss in Caravan is a dual-school Ice/Balance boss with 7000 health and a few theft-related cheats. For starters, if any wizard is late to join the battle, they will have one pip stolen from them on entry. Every round where a blade or a shield is cast, the Trengil Hoarder will cast a shadow version of Steal Charm or Steal Ward that will take a blade or a shield from each wizard. He will even steal from his minion, a fire-school Scaly Trengil with 2000 health, if he casts Bladestorm or Legion Shield on them. The boss giveth and the boss taketh away, I guess.

If you haven't already learned Aegis from Qyburn Stellargaze in the Arcanum (it becomes available at level 110), go get it because it makes this fight and a lot of other cheat fights much easier. Aegis will protect blades and shields from removal. Cast protected blades and big traps like Feint to win this fight quickly.



This djinni boss is so obsessed with staying clean that his gleaming bald head shines brighter than my future. Dumoozid is a dual-school storm/ice boss with 5200 health. This boss has a few special tricks to clean-sweep his opponents:

  • If you join late or summon a minion or henchman, Dumoozid will cast Lord of Winter on those who are tardy.
  • Randomly, Dumoozid will show you "the power of pure clean" by casting a storm version of Empower that gives him an extra pip.
  • Dumoozid can also randomly wash your party with a Tempest that rinses away all of your charms and wards, so you may want to protect any blades you cast or stick to traps.
  • If Dumoozid decides that he is overwhelmed with your messiness, he may randomly cast a storm version of Mana Burn on one of the members of your team.

Elemental wizards will want to bring a Shatter treasure card to remove shields before they hit, since Dumoozid likes to use Thermic Shield and Volcanic Shield. Cleanse Charm will be helpful for anyone fighting this boss since he knows several varieties of Efreet. Other than these cheats and the occasional stun from Frost Giant or Storm Lord, Dumoozid shouldn't be too hard as long as you stick to traps and make sure your health doesn't get too low.


Vizier Rafaj

Vizier Rafaj is Overlord Xerxes's forgotten advisor. Left to rot in a tomb, he remains loyal to the evil Overlord even after death and plots to rejoin him . . . after he defeats you to prove himself! Rafaj is a balance boss with 8400 health and 30% resist to balance, and he is accompanied by an ice Forgotten Conscript minion.

Vizier Rafaj's cheats are as follows:

  • If a wizard is late they will be hit with a Mana Burn.
  • Blading or using a global spell will trigger Rafaj to match your spell with a 30% Balanceblade. Similarly, if you trap Rafaj or his minion, he will counter with a 35% Hex on you. Kill quickly before these extra buffs become a problem, or bring a friend with heals.
  • At the conclusion of every round, Rafaj will place a -30% Weakness on a random member of your team. This is made worse by his Power Nova's Weakness and his regular -25% Weakness, which can stack with each other. Add his frequent use of Elemental Shield and Spirit Shield, along with his minion's shields, and your hit is ruined. You will want to bring Cleanse Charms for your hitter, or simply add more blades or traps than you would normally. If you are in a group you should have more than one person hit, or bring Shatter if you are alone.
  • Vizier Rafaj is the first boss to have pip conversion, a new mechanic introduced in the world of Mirage. When he receives a normal white pip, there is a chance that it will be converted into a power pip. This may mean he hits more frequently than you expect, or he can use more powerful spells in quick succession.

The Mimics

You enter the final chamber of the Forbidden Vault, and see an innocent-looking golden treasure chest sitting in the middle of the room. When you reach out to touch it, it suddenly splits into four chests with fearsome rows of teeth, who attack you for disturbing their rest!

The mimics start out as moon enemies, but each one will polymorph at the start of the battle into a random school. They will be polymorphed into that school for three rounds, and then they will change form again. Bring a few prisms of your school in case they decide to match you. Don't be late to join this battle or the mimics will all steal a pip from you, leaving you at a disadvantage. Also be aware that the mimics know all variants of the Efreet spell, including the ones with powerful Weaknesses attached, so pack some Cleanse Charms too. The mimics know many powerful shadow spells such as Raging Bull and Glowbug Squall, so it may save your life to bring shields.


Overlord Xerxes

Perhaps it may surprise you to see the formidable overlord of Mirage as your opponent so early on in the world. Well . . . you'll see what happens.

Overlord Xerxes is a dual-school death/balance boss who starts out with 4000 health and three minions. This changes once you begin the first round of the battle. Xerxes immediately decides his minions are of no further use to him and sacrifices them for permanent boosts in health, ending up with 14000 health. What a terrible boss.

Joining late makes Xerxes hit the offender with a modified version of Sap Health. Normally, this spell sacrifices a minion for 500 health, but this version hits its victim for 1596 damage and 100% piercing, meaning resistance is literally futile.

The main thing that makes Xerxes difficult, however, is the inability to use Feint or blade yourself at your leisure. If you place a Feint on the overlord, he will use Sacrifice on himself to take it off and heal himself. Blades will cause him to use a modified version of Steal Charm that takes your entire team's blades and gives them to him. If they were death and balance blades, this can be deadly for you. You can protect one blade with Aegis, so make it a good one. To defeat Xerxes, you will need to use traps and whittle away his health bit by bit. He will heal back some health with drain spells, but as long as you keep your health up you will eventually outlast him.


Loother Ray

The truce talks between the gangs in Aggrobah fall through, and you must defeat Loother Ray, leader of the Fangs gang, to keep the peace. Loother Ray is a death boss with 9240 health, and at the beginning of the first round, he will summon two minions that can be either Fangs Assaulters (ice), or Fangs Guards (myth). Throughout the battle, the boss may randomly use Steal Health on these minions. If someone is late Loother Ray will use Bad Juju on them, so make sure your hitter makes it in.

If someone uses a Feint on Loother Ray, he will remove it unless it is protected with Indemnity, or if it is a Mass Feint. Loother Ray uses Mass Feint himself, so perhaps he chooses to make an exception for it. Your prisms will get taken away when he removes a feint, so death wizards should place their prisms after they use a protected feint. Healing pets may make this fight more difficult, because every time someone on your side heals, Loother Ray will cast a Mass Infection. Bring Cleanse Charms if you are healing.



In the Cavern of the Wurm, after defeating some Wurm Guardians you will come across an interesting puzzle. Six pistons lie in the lower chamber, each with a letter in Morse code inscribed on them. To summon Melanj, you will have to spell out her name in Morse code. If you fail, you will have to battle three Sand Wurm Larvae (myth), but the puzzle is easy if you just hit the pistons in this pattern as you face them (counting from the left): 3, 5, 2, 1, 4, and 6.

Melanj is a balance/death boss with 10360 health. Here are her cheats:

  • If someone enters the battle circle late, she will Mana Burn them.
  • Melanj will cast a -75% Doom and Gloom at the beginning of the battle. This bubble can only be removed if you place a death dispel on her before you change the bubble. If you intend to do any healing in this battle, it is probably best to switch it out.
  • Melanj punishes blading with her natural attack, an unblockable shadow version of Steal Charm, and a weakness on the caster. For this reason, you will need to stick to traps.
  • If you use a Feint, there is a chance that Melanj will interrupt the turn cycle to cast a Virulent Plague. Luckily, she will not remove the feints. Bring Cleanse Charms to counter this.
  • Every 5th round, a random wizard will be hit with the level 118 balance spell, Sand Wurm.

Reverend Mother Meowhaim

The Binny Jezzerits are up to no good, and to stop their power-grabbing antics you must defeat their Reverend Mother in combat. Reverend Mother Meowhaim is a life boss with 10080 health, and +100% outgoing healing boost. Because of this, it is best to kill her in one hit.

Wizards who are late to the battle will cause the Reverend Mother to place one 500-health Spirit Armor on herself per late wizard. Her main cheat is to Beguile a random wizard on every third round. This cheat can be stopped with death dispels since that is the only death spell she knows. Also, she will swap the traps around if you use Feint, giving you the +70% while she receives the +30% trap. This swap can be prevented by using Indemnity to protect a Feint or by timing your Feints to occur during the round she uses Beguile. Mass Feints will not be affected since the trap amount is the same for you and your enemies.


Ricky, Tiki, and Taffy

In the Mongu Refuge, there are three Mongu brothers for you to battle.

The first room has the youngest brother, Ricky, a storm boss with 5600 health. Ricky will steal your blades, so it is wise to protect them with Aegis, steal the blade back with your own Steal Charm spell, or use Quench to prevent the theft entirely. For some reason, he does not steal Supercharge even though he would benefit from it as a storm boss. If you are late to join this battle Ricky will ironically call you a cheater and cheat-cast Healing Current on himself three times for 100, 400, and 1000 health.

After defeating Ricky, he flees to the next room and calls on his older brother Tiki to help him. In addition to Ricky's cheats, you will also have to handle Tiki's. Tiki is a life boss with 6720 health who dislikes damage over time spells. If one is cast, he will use Lifeblade on himself, remove the overtime marker, and heal himself and his brother with Sprite Swarm. This can be triggered by a pet's Spritely, so it may be best to use a pet without over time spells here. If you are late while Tiki is present, he will cast Guiding Light on his brothers and an Aegis-protected Spirit Armor on one random brother.

When the second battle is over, the brothers will run to the third room and summon their oldest brother, Taffy. Taffy is an ice boss with 8400 health, and he dislikes traps. You must protect your traps with Indemnity unless they are mass traps like Windstorm, or else he will remove them. Because of needing to protect both your traps and your blades from removal, it may be simpler for your party to simply spam multihit spells until the brother that most annoys you is dead, and then use buffs to finish off the others. Taffy shields a lot, so it will be an easier fight if he dies first. If someone joins late in this last battle, Taffy will use a protected -55% Tower Shield on each of his brothers and a protected Frozen Armor on himself.


Kobra Kommander

Kobra Kommander, Snake Plizkin's old nest-mate nemesis, guards the Aridian Chronoshard formerly owned by House Calixco. He is a storm boss with 8400 health and 65% outgoing damage; he has a few minor cheats but they are manageable.

Like many Mirage bosses, Kobra Kommander has a cheat waiting for late wizards. If you are tardy, he will cast a balance version of Steal Pips, which gives him three white pips. If he receives two shadow pips at any point in the battle, he will cast Dark Fiend and receive a +40% Shadowblade afterward. At the end of round 5, he will cast a Wild Bolt that hits your entire team for varying amounts of damage. Other than these cheats, watch out for his Enfeeble, which removes all of your blades, and his Rusalka's Wrath, which deals 1350 base damage.


Baron Hairkonnen

The mad Baron Hairkonnen refuses to step down from his position in favor of his daughter Teddy, so you must depose him by force. Baron Hairkonnen is a myth boss with only 9 health, but he is much tougher than he seems.

On round 1 of the battle, the Baron will cast an aura that makes him invulnerable to attack. This aura cannot be removed with Supernova, and can only be pierced with over a 100% boost to piercing. After the aura is in place, Baron Hairkonnen will summon 1-3 minions depending on how many wizards are in the battle. These minions can be death, ice, or storm minions, and their health ranges in the 4000-5000 ballpark. To defeat Baron Hairkonnen, you must first defeat all of his minions to force him to change his aura to Berserk. Do not be late to enter this battle, or he will use a balance version of Steal Pips on whoever's late, and he will summon an extra minion to handle the new threat.


The Four Tomes

This battle involves fighting four books, three of which cheat: the Tome of Righteousness (life), the Book of Bias (myth), and the Codex of Contempt (ice) cheat, while the Tome of Mystery (fire) does not. These books are technically normal enemies and not bosses, and it is best to blade up and use a spell that hits all enemies to kill them in one hit. This is because if the Codex of Contempt or the Book of Bias are defeated first, they will Mana Burn your entire team. The Tome of Righteousness will also Mana Burn any latecomers who join after round 2 ends.

You may want to remove your healing pets for this battle because anytime someone heals, including with a pet heal, the Tome of Righteousness will use Wings of Fate, damaging your team while healing theirs. The Book of Bias will remove all traps from its fellow books, so it is best to stick to blades unless the traps are protected with Indemnity. The Codex of Contempt will force a random wizard to cast Distract on themselves, starting in round 2 and repeating every three rounds. This will make the wizard taunt the books and attract their attention. Protect the taunters with shields and healing if necessary.



Goofang is a mad scientist working for Chairman Meow, and his battle style with its experimental effects makes him one of the more interesting bosses in Mirage. Goofang is a dual-school fire/ice boss with 7000 health. Whenever he casts a fire spell, he may interrupt to cast a similar ice spell, and vice versa.

  • If he casts Meteor Strike, there is a chance he will follow it up with a Blizzard.
  • Ice Colossus can be followed by a Fire Colossus.
  • King Artorius of either school may be followed with the other school's version of Artorius.
  • Fire Cat may trigger an Ice Cat, and additionally, either of those spells has a chance to trigger a Steal Charm along with it.
  • Ice blades can cause him to cast a fire blade as well.

All of these spells can chain-trigger more spells multiple times in a row if you are unlucky. I died the first time my fire wizard tried this fight from five King Artorius spells in a row. For this reason, it is a good idea to pack Thermic Shield treasure cards, which give a 70% shield for both fire and ice, and you may want to bring a healer with you. Latecomers will be Mana Burned, so you want to make sure that everyone is present in the battle circle on round 1.


The Scorpion

In a dramatic encounter at Aggrobah's North Gate, Overlord Xerxes is revealed to be Spider's second son, the Scorpion. Ozzy accompanies you for this battle and gives you a 5% armor piercing boost, which you will need since the Scorpion has 30% universal resist. The Scorpion is a shadow boss with 16800 health and mastery of all schools, and he is going to be the toughest boss you've faced so far, and probably in the top three hardest bosses of Mirage. Here's why:

  • For starters, if you heal the Scorpion will use his natural attack on you, which does 75 damage to start with and 1430 damage over the next three rounds. This wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have his Detonate cheat. At the end of every round, he will use Detonate on all DOT markers, dealing all the damage at once and probably negating any healing you did. Take your healing pets off because they can trigger this cheat too.
  • Every third round he will cast a shadow version of Poison on all wizards at once. This is also subject to his Detonate cheat.
  • If you are late, or you flee and come back, he will cast Bad Juju on you. Bring plenty of Cleanse Charms.
  • Feints will be removed unless they are protected Feints or Mass Feint.
  • In addition to all his cheats, he knows Shatter and Steal Ward so shielding is risky. Blading is also risky because he knows Enfeeble and the shadow version of Glowbug Squall, which takes away three blades. He will Tower Shield himself, stun your group, and destroy your auras with Supernova.
  • He is accompanied by three storm minions who use high-damage spells like Sirens and Leviathan. Take these minions out first to have an easier time.

The best way to get through this fight is to get rid of his minions first, then stack one protected feint and a few non-feint traps on him, and then attack with a powerful spell like Storm Owl or Fire From Above. Try not to heal or shield unless absolutely necessary, and kill as quickly as possible.


Boa Fett

Boa Fett has a very particular set of skills: he was hired as a bounty hunter to drag you back to Istanboa's prison! This Underden boss can use both fire and ice magic, and he has 8400 health. He is accompanied by a myth minion.

Boa Fett starts off the battle with a protected Mander Armor spell on himself in the first round. Round 1 is also your only chance to place unprotected traps on him, because he will remove them after that. Don't use a Feint, however, or it will be taken off anyway unless it's a Mass Feint.

Boa Fett's natural attacks trigger additional spells. His ice natural attack will be followed by Freeze on his target, and his fire natural attack comes with a Smoke Screen on all wizards. He may randomly cast Power Link at any time. Also, he does not like damage over time spells. If one of them is cast on him, he will use Shift to move the DOT marker to the caster.

Besides his cheats, Boa Fett can use both fire and ice Efreet, so bring Cleanse Charms with you. Stun blocks may also be helpful given the variety of stuns that Boa Fett and his minion can use. The myth minion does not know Earthquake, so you are free to stack blades.


Ali Baboon

Now you've made Ali Baboon angry! Ali Baboon is the leader of the Thuggie Gang of Aggrobah, and he is a fire boss with 13440 health.

Like a good gang leader, Ali Baboon doesn't fight alone for long. When the first round starts, he will summon a random minion that can be either balance, death, or storm. If his minion is defeated, he will summon another one until three minions have been defeated. After that, his summoning spell will fail. If one of his minions is attacked but survives, he will tell you to pick on him and not his men, and cast Mander Armor and Healing Current on the injured minion. It is best to do as he says and take him out first unless you have enough attacks to take out three minions in a row along with the boss.

If Ali Baboon uses his natural attack, he will give you a "gift" afterward, which is really more of a curse because it's a cloaked Weakness for your entire team. He will also remove all traps from himself if you put a Feint on him, so place a protected Feint first and then add other traps. Mass Feint is exempt from this cheat, so it won't be removed unless you put a regular Feint on afterward.

For this battle, storm and ice wizards will want to bring a method of shield removal since Ali Baboon knows Glacial Shield. Cleanse Ward is another useful card to bring to remove his Backdraft traps. He doesn't know Efreet so you don't have to worry about that, however, his balance minion can cast Loremaster and he can use his cloaked Weakness, so Cleanse Charm may be helpful here. When you defeat Ali Baboon he has a chance of dropping the Macaw pet, so if you want it you may want to farm this boss.



Eerkala is the final boss of Eerem Palace, and the Dark Djinni who used to rule the Djinn of Mirage with an iron (sultan) fist. She is a shadow boss with 19600 health, and she is a major pain to fight. Here's why:

  • Try not to cast any blades or global damage spells during this fight. If you do, she will give the caster a +25% protected curse, and the recipient of the blade will get a -75% weakness that is protected by Indemnity. You could blade and then knock off the weakness with a wand hit of a different school, but it is probably easier to stick to using traps.
  • Using traps in this battle can be dangerous, even if it is the best way to complete it. When the first trap is placed on Eerkala, she will receive a +10% damage aura that will increase by 10% for each trap placed on her. Mass Feint is the only exception to this rule. The aura cannot be removed by Supernova, because she will cast a +50% aura in its place that goes up to +100% each time you try again.
  • Killing quickly is extremely important in this battle, and not just because of the damage aura. Every five rounds, she uses an all-enemies version of Death Efreet that repeats based on how many people are in the battle. If you have four people, the spell is cast four times, which will put your group at very low health if she has a lot of damage in her aura. It is best to kill her before round 5. Stack Feints on her and kill her with one powerful hit.
  • If anyone is late, Eerkala will use a shadow Mana Burn on them.

Gretta Darkkettle

Surprise! Your second betrayal in Mirage comes from Gretta Darkkettle, the supposedly friendly witch who helped you save Firecat Alley back in the beginning of the game. She has been a Cabal agent this entire time, watching your actions for her masters to see if you were capable of switching sides. Gretta is a death boss with 9800 health.

It is best to fight Gretta Darkkettle alone, because if more than one person is in the battle circle, she will Beguile one of you in the first round and every three rounds after, or if there are three or four of you someone will get Beguiled every round. Also, if someone runs in after the battle has already begun, they will receive a +25% and a +35% Curse for their trouble.

Healing is more difficult in this battle since every five rounds she will place a -65% Mass Infection on your team. If you want to heal, bring Cleanse Charms to remove this. Do not bother using Feint on Gretta because she will use Sacrifice to take it off. The best way to do this fight is to go in solo and stack blades and traps like you would normally, just with no Feints.


Vigilant Adapa

Vigilant Adapa is the final boss of Zruvan Grotto, and the Luphilim protector of the Timeless Tower that conceals the Chronocle from the public eye. He is a sun boss with 8400 health and mastery of the fire, life, and myth schools.

At the start of the first round, Vigilant Adapa will cast Sanctuary. Any attempts to change the bubble will be unsuccessful, since he will recast it. If anyone joins the battle late, he will punish them for their tardiness with a Luminous Weaver.

The Vigilant dislikes shadow pips. If you get one, he will take it from you and convert it to a power pip and a normal pip for himself. He will also convert his own shadow pips, since he doesn't know any shadow spells. Simply stick to non-shadow attacks, kill him in one hit so he doesn't have the chance to heal himself, and you can defeat him easily.


Chronomaster Devlin

Chronomaster Devlin, the leader of the Chronomancers, has barred the door to the Sands of Time, and to enter it you must go through him. The Chronomaster is a balance boss with 9800 health, and he is joined by a fire minion. Make sure everyone is in the battle circle for the first round or he will Mana Burn any latecomers. Also, if every wizard in the battle dies, you will have to redo the battle in the room before this one, so make sure you stay alive.

This battle is an exercise in pip management. For the first four rounds, Chronomaster Devlin keeps up a +45% Power Play bubble. But at the end of round 5, he changes it to a Dampen Magic bubble that limits your max pip count to two pips (shadow pips can still be earned) and decreases your chance of getting power pips by 45%. If you've got more than 2 pips when the bubble switches, you can keep them until you spend them. These bubbles will swap out every five rounds, and cannot be removed. His other cheat is against traps. If you place a trap on the Chronomaster or his minion, you will receive a Weakness and a Black Mantle.

Stick to blades and go for a one-hit kill with a powerful all-enemy attack on the Chronomaster and his minion. Be conservative with your pips and only spend them when you absolutely have to, because it will be difficult to get them back.



Shadowbones is the first of three bosses from your past that Grandfather Spider resurrects. The former Rattlebones is now a shadow/death boss with 12800 health and ice mastery, and he is eager to get his vengeance by any means necessary. Here are Shadowbones's cheats:

  • Shadowbones will swap Feints around, so it is a good idea to protect your Feints with Indemnity.
  • Shadowbones will also cast a Doom and Gloom anytime someone (or their pet) heals, much like Exalted Rattlebones does. To get around this, you could pack extra global spells of your own to switch the Doom and Gloom out, or put a death dispel on him right before you heal.
  • If anyone uses a fairy spell (e. g. Dark Sprite or Pixie) he will get excited by how cute it is and cast Magnify on himself, which boosts his damage by 20%.
  • Like many Mirage bosses, if you are late he will Mana Burn you.
  • Shadowbones can randomly cast Dark Convert on himself, which changes three regular pips into one shadow pip.

Bort Shadowmane

Bort Malletmane, a gladiator from Krokotopia's Grand Arena, seems like a strange pick for resurrection. But nevertheless, Bort Shadowmane waits for you in the West Time Dunes, guarding the Aridian Chronoshard. He is now a shadow/myth boss with 12600 health and a whopping 120% damage boost. Yikes.

Shielding is not very useful against Bort Shadowmane, since after his natural attack he will cheat-cast a shadow version of Shatter on whoever he hit. Stun blocks do not get removed by this spell, however, and they are very useful in this fight due to all the 2-round Medusa stuns and Blinding Lights being thrown around. As usual, don't be late to join this battle. If you are late, Bort will steal a pip from you. It is best to one-hit KO this boss because if he survives being attacked he will cast an Aegis-protected Bronze Armor on himself.


The Shadowwock

The final resurrected boss is a meteor blast from your past that you'd probably rather forget. The Jabberwock is now the Shadowwock, a shadow/fire boss with 16970 health and 120% outgoing damage boost, which makes his meteors even worse.

Yes, the Jabberwock's terrifying meteor cheat is back. This time it is a shadow version of Meteor Strike that can do between 1650-3300 damage. Afterward, he will place a +200% trap on himself unless he managed to kill one of your team members. To counter the Meteor Strike, fire resist gear will no longer work since it's a shadow attack, but Bad Juju and other negative charms will save your life here.

Every other round, all traps will be removed from the Shadowwock, so make sure you take advantage of the big trap he places on himself after the meteors hit. Since the meteor takes place at the beginning of the third round it is best to hit that same round. If you place Feints of your own he will switch them, so dispel this cheat with Melt or protect your Feints with Indemnity, and use them quickly.

Fizzling will trigger the Shadowwock to give himself 2 power pips, so you may want to equip gear that has decent accuracy or use spells that increase your accuracy such as Infallible and Precision. Make sure everyone gets in on the first round or the Shadowwock will hit the late people with a 3000 damage shadow Mana Burn.


Grandfather Spider

And now we are at the last battle of Mirage. It is time to engage in combat with Grandfather Spider, aka the Lord of Chaos, the Weaver of Shadows, and, in some strange corners of the internet, "sassy bug daddy." Grandfather Spider, a shadow/storm boss with mastery of balance, is one of the primordial creation gods of the Spiral, and his stats prove it, clocking in at 30800 health and 120% outgoing damage. This fight will be difficult and chaotic, but don't give up, you've made it through all of these other bosses and none of them could stop you. Here are his many cheats:

  • In round 1, Grandfather Spider will summon a Spiderling minion (ice). This minion becomes active the turn after it is summoned, and it will cast a Shadow Sentinel that gives it +80 critical block, -30% incoming damage, and the ability to intercept 90% of damage coming at Grandfather Spider. This spell will last until the minion is dead. When a minion dies, Grandfather Spider will wait three rounds before summoning another one. This is your best time to strike, since he is vulnerable without a minion protecting him. Only one of these minions can be out at a time, and he will only summon them enough times to match the number of wizards he's fighting, so you will only have to kill the minion a maximum of four times, and hopefully only once if you do your big hit at the right time.
  • Every three rounds, Grandfather Spider will switch around the turn order of the duel. This means if you were going first for the first couple of rounds, now he will go first in the next three, and vice versa.
  • At the end of a certain number of rounds, Grandfather Spider will use Dimension Shift to steal all charms and wards from your team. The frequency of this cheat depends on how many wizards are in the battle. With a solo player this happens every eight turns, with two wizards it is seven, with three wizards it is six, and with four wizards it is five. Take the number of players you have with you into account when planning your buffing strategy.
  • Grandfather Spider will swap Feints around. This can be countered by placing a Melt dispel on him before you Feint, or by protecting your Feint with Indemnity.
  • Bad Juju will not work on Grandfather Spider because he will use Sacrifice to remove it.
  • At any time, Grandfather Spider can get bored, and then he will hit you with an Iron Sultan.
  • When Grandfather Spider uses his natural attack, he will heal himself with a Healing Current afterward.
  • If you are late to run into the battle circle, you will be hit with a shadow Insane Bolt that does 2000 shadow damage and takes away three of your pips. Don't be late.

Congratulations on Finishing Mirage!

Now that you've beaten Grandfather Spider and saved Mirage, celebrate knowing that the world with the highest number of cheating bosses is behind you! Next up is the sci-fi inspired world of Empyrea, the center of Wizard101's universe and the site of the ultimate battle to save the Spiral from its own creator. It is time to face your destiny, young wizard!

© 2020 Lissa Clason