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"Wizard101": The Cheating Bosses of Polaris

Melissa MistSinger has been an avid player of Wizard101 since the 2008 beta. She has 6 max level wizards and too many pets.


Polaris: A Cool and Refreshing Experience

Polaris is the first world of Wizard101's third arc. You have now graduated from the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, but a chill wind from a distant world has made Bartleby sick! It is time to journey to Polaris, a world of penguins, walruses, and polar bears, and find a cure for Bartleby's mysterious ailment.

Personally, I really like Polaris. The Russian revolution theme of this world adds some more mature elements to the game, allowing it to grow up with its players. The wild areas of the world really stand out with a shimmering aurora overhead and dramatic icy cliffs to scale. Polaris also introduces some great side characters like Ivan and Mellori, who make your journey more fun.

Polaris is a somewhat short world that gives you some space to breathe after the long intense struggle of Khrysalis. However, this world does have some difficult cheating bosses to create tension. Here is a guide to the cheating bosses of Wizard101's Polaris.

Table of Contents

  • Warden Vissarovich
  • Detolli the Destroyer
  • Spoiler Boss in Forlorn Tayg
  • Tajniak and Jawniak
  • Skeleton Key Boss: Omen Stribog
  • Ludus the Beastmaster
  • Ygor
  • Spoiler Boss in Horizon Hold

Warden Vissarovich

Warden Vissarovich runs the Basstille, a jail for political prisoners who dissent against the Walrusk Queen's rule. He is an ice boss with 12080 health, and he has a pet Icehound as his companion, making him the first boss in the storyline to bring a pet into battle. It is possible for him to drop the Icehound pet, so you can farm for it if you want.

All of the warden's cast cards are used in a predictable cheat cycle, so if you want to use him in your Monstrodome he will be a harmless punching bag who cannot fight back. However, if you summon him as a minion he won't do anything. Here is the order in which Warden Vissarovich will cast his cheat spells:

  1. In round one, he will cast Frozen Armor on himself, saying "Time for me to suit up!"
  2. In the next round, "Cold discipline always does the trick", so he gives himself an Iceblade.
  3. In round three he will use Hailstorm, an ice version of Windstorm. "Welcome to your new home... the Basstille!"
  4. In the fourth round he says "This is what you get for challenging authority!" and casts Blizzard.
  5. After he casts Blizzard he will prepare for his next attack by casting Amplify. "I've been trained to deal with such rabble."
  6. Warden Vissarovich's actions in round six depend on his pip count. If he has at least seven pips, he will cast a 7-pip version of Wooly Mammoth, shouting "Smash one and the rest will scatter!" If he doesn't have enough pips, he will pass.
  7. In round seven his pet will intercede on his behalf, using Availing Hands on him while he casts a 30% Balanceblade. "I didn't become warden by being weak!"
  8. In round eight he will always pass, because "A wise warden always bides his time!"
  9. Round nine is where he gives you "a taste of Polarian justice!", casting a Judgement that deals 125 damage per pip.
  10. In the tenth round, he casts Tower Shield on himself, because "Tower defense is no game."

After the tenth round, the cycle repeats, but he gets two Iceblades instead of one at the start of each cycle. For your strategy, you will want to hit either before the Wooly Mammoth in round six, or sometime before round ten. Wooly Mammoth will stun you, so you will not be able to do anything in round seven while he heals and blades himself. You can take advantage of his predictability by shielding the round before you know he's going to hit. A well-timed Mana Burn can work to stop the Wooly Mammoth.


Detolli the Destroyer

The snow treants of the Forlorn Tayg are being threatened by Detolli the Destroyer, a researcher banished from Tundaria who wants to burn down the entire forest with his Scorched Earth charm. This fiery boss has 10160 health and packs a mean punch. It's best to kill him as quickly as possible with stacked traps, and here's why:

  • Any time you blade, use an aura like Amplify, or a global spell like Time of Legend, this boss will give himself a Fireblade or Firespear that can vary in amount from 5% to 25% randomly. These blades stack with the ones uses normally, and with each other if they are for different amounts, so combine this with Backdraft (which he uses frequently) and he has the potential to one-shot you if he buffs up enough. Traps do not trigger this cheat, so you are free to feint.
  • Detolli will summon a Scorcher minion every odd-numbered round. Once the enemy side of the battle circle is full of minions, one of his minions will cast Brimstone Revenant on a random person. These minions will stick around for four rounds, but on round three the minion will cast a Mass Fire Prism that converts fire damage to a random school on your team. This may be a way to get around fire shields. On the fourth round, the minion will sacrifice its life for its master, using Empower to give him more pips to kill you with.
  • If someone is late to join the battle, they will be given a Fuel trap, which leaves three fire traps on them. Because Detolli and his minions do a lot of damage even without the extra buffs, you should make sure everyone is able to get in the circle on round 1.

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga lives deep in the Forlorn Tayg, and has many secrets that might help you on your quest to cure Bartleby. However, she won’t give them up without a fight!

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Baba Yaga is a myth boss with 22800 health, and as a famous figure from folklore, her cheats are legendary. There are three main cheats that Baba Yaga uses, explained below:

When you first enter the battle circle, make sure nobody comes in late, or they will be transfigured into a gigantic chicken egg. As an egg, you only can use Hatch, which costs 3 pips to unpolymorph you and takes up a turn. The egg polymorph will also transform anyone who flees and comes back, so try your best to stay alive!

Shielding is useless against Baba Yaga. She will remove your shields with Shatter anytime you cast one, shouting “Learned that at Ravenwood? How quaint!” Leave your Tower Shields at home and focus on mitigating Baba Yaga’s high damage output with healing.

Baba Yaga’s third and most dangerous cheat involves the statues behind the battle circle.

  • In round 3, she will cast a sun version of Death Minotaur at a random wizard that does 50+445 damage in two swings of his axe, and then the Minotaur statue behind her comes to life and enters the battle. The Minotaur statue is a boss in his own right, with 12000 health and a 50% damage boost. He knows Bad Juju and can heal and blade Baba Yaga with Dark Pact and Sacrifice, so he is an important priority to target in this battle.
  • Round 6 heralds the arrival of the Gorgon statue, as Baba Yaga uses a storm version of Medusa that stuns its target for two rounds. The Gorgon is a powerful ally for Baba Yaga with 9600 health and a focus on hard-hitting storm spells like Tempest and Storm Lord.
  • At the beginning of round 10, the Wyrm statue will be summoned after Baba Yaga hits someone with a 700 damage Eirikur Axebreaker. The icy Wyrm has 7200 health and loves to spam shields on the enemy team.

This battle is a race against time, since the more minions Baba Yaga can summon, the more difficult the battle becomes. Stun blocks will make this fight much easier since Baba Yaga and the Gorgon love to use stuns. Even her egg pet can cheat cast Blinding Light at random! Pick the person with the highest damage in your group and have them bring a spell that hits all enemies. Trap the enemy team with feints for a powerful one-hit kill. Try to hit before round 3 if possible so you don’t have to worry about the minions. This fight can be difficult but rewarding; Baba Yaga may drop amber for spell crafting or the rare Morganthe jewels.


Tajniak and Jawniak

These troublesome twins pose a riddle for you: which one of them is the liar? You must target the bear that lies to you about what is going to happen next, and kill them first. Tajniak will say what Jawniak is going to do, and Jawniak will say what Tajniak is going to do. Tajniak is a life boss with 10240 health and Jawniak is a death boss with 10240 health.

Jawniak is the one who is lying, and the one who must be killed first. This can be guessed by a few hints in the battle. Tajniak casts cloaked versions of positive charms, while Jawniak casts cloaked versions of negative charms. If Tajniak has a Feint used on him, he will switch the traps, but Jawniak won't, making it easier to kill him first. And lastly, Jawniak's Monstrology description gives it away: "His brother Tajniak is said to be dumb. But Jawniak is much, much dumber."

If you kill Tajniak first instead of Jawniak, Jawniak will hit the person in the sun spot with a 33,000 damage poison and go down the line each round. You cannot stop this by fleeing and returning, since he will just hit you again. As long as you kill Jawniak first, however, you can avoid this cheat.


Omen Stribog

This skeleton key side boss is located in the River of Frozen Tears, and is frequently farmed for the decks and winter-themed mounts and pets that he drops. Omen is a shadow school boss with 40000 health, and he is accompanied by three minions that resemble shadow spells: the Dark Fiend, the Dark Sentinel, and the Dark Seraph.

Don't be late joining this battle, or Omen will hit you with a 1500 damage Mana Burn. Omen will remove Feints cast on the enemy team unless they are protected with Indemnity or if you use a Mass Feint. If you cast a shadow creature spell, he will increase your backlash by 30, adding to the damage that you receive when your spell is cast. If Omen is the last one left standing, he will use an Amplify that boosts his damage by a random amount ranging from 10% to 50%. This Amplify lasts 99 rounds and cannot be removed with Supernova.

In addition to Omen, two of his minions have cheats too. The formidable Dark Sentinel is probably going to be the biggest pain in this fight because he has 80000 health and uses Enfeeble on anyone who casts a blade or a global spell. Protect your blades with Aegis and try to stack traps to kill this tanky creature. At the start of the fight, he will cast his special version of Shadow Sentinel that lasts 99 rounds, intercepts 75% of the damage, and has no backlash attached. Because of this, he will make himself your first target in this battle. Shielding may prompt him to use Steal Ward on you, so unless you have a method of shield removal I would advise against it. The only cheat that the Dark Seraph has is that every time it heals, it gives its team an absorb shield, making it annoying to kill the Dark Sentinel. Use shatter the round your hitter attacks to get around this.


Ludus the Beastmaster

To best this master of beasts, first you must deal with his pets. The first room of the Kennels has an unavoidable battle with some Watch Lions, but the second room has a puzzle that you can complete to avoid a second battle. To get past the Watch Lions, first feed them bread, then fish, then fruit. The Watch Lions will go to eat and will let you pass unharmed.

Once you get to Ludus the Beastmaster, you will notice that he is a dual-school balance/myth boss with 10880 health. His main cheat revolves around minions. Every four rounds he will summon a storm Attack Sea Lion minion. He will protect his minions with Cleanse Charm if they receive a weakness, and Cleanse Ward if you trap them. If you attack any minions, Ludus will give himself a Balanceblade, and if you kill any he will cast Berserk. His pet will help him out by randomly using Bladestorm.

Thankfully, Ludus does not know Earthquake, so you are free to blade to your heart's content. If you use Feint, however, he will switch the traps, which can be prevented with Melt or Indemnity. Anyone who joins this battle late will be hit with Mana Burn. Make sure everyone is in the circle on round 1, blade up your hitter, and kill both the boss and the minions to have a smooth run. Ludus is worth farming for some rare hairstyles like the Goat Horns and the Ice Horns, as well as his Beastmaster's Eagle Pet, which is nice for support wizards since it comes with a Bladestorm card.



Waiting for you at the end of the Kataba Iceblock is Ygor, one of Rasputin's most loyal followers and an obsessive bookworm. Ygor is a dual-school death/fire boss with 19760 health, and is joined by 1-3 Lesser Borealis Golems.

Ygor is relatively easy as long as you're not late. If you enter the battle after round 1, he will cast a -100% Weakness, a -100% Black Mantle, and a -100% Infection. Put some Cleanse Charm treasure cards in your sideboard just in case you don't make it in.

Ice and life hitters will need to bring Shatter because Ygor will cheat-cast Breeze Shield at the start of the first round and every six rounds after that. Also, if Ygor or his minions take damage, he will ask his book pet to help, and his pet will cast Power Link on the offender. The book can also randomly cheat-cast Deer Knight, Poison, and Rain of Fire. Ygor himself knows Beguile and Choke, and interestingly his minions are programmed to always stack two different Fireblades in rounds 5 and 6. Ygor can drop his grimoire as a pet, as well as amber for crafting.


The Rat

Finally, you have come to the final and most difficult battle of Polaris. Rasputin is revealed to be Grandfather Spider's eldest son, the Rat; he plans to destroy the Spiral and you, Mellori, and Ivan are the only ones who can stop him. The Rat is a triple school boss with 28000 health and mastery over shadow, ice, and fire. You have 30 rounds before the titan behind the Rat ends the fight with a million-damage hit to your entire team, so set up for a one-hit kill and work quickly.

The Rat will cast 60% fire, ice, and universal traps on latecomers, and then he will use Dimension Shift to transfer any traps and weaknesses on him to the late wizard. He will also only allow one Feint; the second one triggers a Dimension Shift onto the caster of the second Feint.

The Rat will also summon three different types of minions based on if you trap, blade, or heal. You have three rounds to kill these before they self-destruct, so I recommend one or two members of the team should act as minion killers. These minion killers need to have at least 8% pierce to damage the minions, since they have immunity to all schools with increasing resist each round.

If you cast a trap on the Rat, he will summon a Titan Experiment 07. Strangle can dispel these death minions, so if you have a death wizard this can make it easier to trap Rasputin. In the first round this minion is active, it will use a -25% Plague on your team. Then it will polymorph to have 10 health and 105% resist. In the second round it will use a -65% Mass Infection and polymorph to have 100 health and 107% resist. In round 3 it will Bad Juju everyone and self destruct. If you can't kill this minion in time use Cleanse Charm on your hitter.

If you cast a blade, the Rat will summon a Titan Experiment 291. Dissipate will dispel this minion. In the first round after this minion is summoned, it will cast a +25% Windstorm and polymorph to increase its health and resist. In the second round, it casts Wild Bolt on a random wizard and polymorphs into its final form. On turn 3 it will Insane Bolt everyone and self destruct. This will always hit your team.

If you heal someone, the Rat will summon a Titan Experiment 34. This minion cannot be dispelled because it's a shadow minion. On the first round that it's out, Titan Experiment 34 will use Guiding Light and Sanctuary, and morph into its second form. The next turn, it will cast Regenerate on the Rat if he's been injured, and pass if that's not the case. In the final round it will cast Rebirth if the Rat has been injured or cast Spinysaur on a random wizard if he hasn't. Then it will self destruct.

The best way to do this fight is by putting on buffs only as fast as the minions can be killed. Don't blade or trap unless you know all the minions can be killed in that round. Stick one feint on the Rat and consider protecting your traps with Indemnity in case a Dimension Shift is triggered. Go slow and steady and you'll win the race.

Your Ascent to the Top Is Over!

On completing the final battle, you have saved Polaris and the Spiral at large from devastating destruction. Congratulations! Now you can move on to the shifting sands of Mirage, where warring Qhat clans fight amongst themselves for power. What kinds of intrigue and adventure will you encounter in that vast desert? That's for you to discover!

© 2020 Lissa Clason

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