"World of Warcraft" Horde Vanity Pets Guide: Where to Find Them

Updated on February 20, 2020
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I am the mother of four boys, all grown. I am an avid gamer, with a particular love for "World of Warcraft"!

This guide will tell you step-by-step where you can find the NPC's that sell the Horde vanity companion pets. These vanity pets are BoE, or Bind on Equip, except for Withers who is BoP, or Bind on Pickup. If you don't want to travel all over Azeroth tracking down these vanity pets, you can always buy them on the auction house, except for Withers, for inflated prices. All of these vanity pets are obtainable by low-level characters, Withers might be a little hard for lower-level characters. (This guide does not tell you how to obtain non-combat pets from quests, cheeves, etc!) It takes a little running around to round them all up, but I will give you precise directions to each NPC.

Starting Out Easy

The cockroach is probably the easiest of the Horde vanity pets to find. You will find Jeremiah Payson, the NPC that sells these creepy crawlies, at Undercity in Tirisfal Glades. To find Jeremiah start at the bank in Undercity and jump off the ledge. If you do not land all the way at the bottom, or don't want to jump, just follow the stairways all the way to the bottom. At the bottom is a stone column that holds up the bank and stairways. Just run around this column until you find a guy just sitting there with bugs running around him. This is Jeremiah Payson, the NPC that sells the cockroach.

The Beautiful Dragonhawks

To find those beautiful dragonhawks you will need to visit Fairbreeze Village in Eversong Woods. The NPC, Jilanne, that sells the dragonhawks is located in the small building next to the Inn. She is not hard to find, she is the only one in this building. If you are facing the Inn, the building Jilanne is in is to the left. She sells the Golden, Red, and Silver Dragonhawks. If you can't decide which color you want, buy one of each!

Creepy Crawly Snakes

To find the Black Kingsnake, Brown Snake and Crimson Snake, travel to Orgrimmar in Durator. Head to the Valley of Spirits, past the Goblin Slums. You will find Xan'tish, the NPC snake vendor roaming the boardwalks between the Goblin Slums and the back entrance to Orgrimmar. He has the three snakes following him around, which makes it easier to spot him. I usually just stand in the middle of the area waiting for him to come along.

The Prairie Dog

Finding the NPC that sells this cute critter can be a little confusing. He is found at Thunder Bluff in Mulgore. Arrive at Thunder Bluff by flight path. Go out of the first opening you come to as you are going down the ramp from the flight path. Do Not turn left or right as you come through the opening! Head straight across the area veering to your right just a tiny bit. This will bring you to the side of a large tent and the back of a small tent. Halpa prairie dog vendor is located inside the small tent. Go to the left side of the tent to get to the front and there you will find Hapla.

If you cannot find Hapla by the above directions head for the building that takes you to the bridge to the Hunter's Rise. The back of the small tent with Hapla in it is just to the left of this building.

And Frogs!

Every three months or so, the Darkmoon Faire comes to Thunderbluff. When the Faire is at Thunderbluff it is located at the base of Thunderbluff. At the Faire, you will find Flik, a young kid chasing a frog around the Faire. He sells the Tree Frog and the Wood Frog. You have to click on him to get him to stop so you can buy from him. He has an unlimited supply of the Tree Frog (BoE) and only one of the Wood Frog (BoE) also. The Wood Frog respawns for sale in 15 to 30 minutes, give or take a few minutes.

What? A Little Tree?

Withers might not be obtainable by characters lower than levels 10 and 11. The NPC that sells this cute little tree is located in Darkshore, (yikes!) Alliance territory! And sadly you can't have a higher level toon go get Withers for you as he is BoP, or Bind on Pickup. The NPC that sells this cool little tree, Apothecary Furrows, is located in a cave in Cliffspring Hollow. To get to him you have to travel to Cliffspring Falls located in Cliffspring Hollow. Cliffspring Falls is located up the mountain a little way. The entrance to the cave is behind the waterfall, just walkthrough. The easiest way to get to him is to jump off the ledge after entering the cave. At the bottom turn right and enter the room you see. After entering the room turn left and go across the water, coming to a big rock. Go around the rock and you have found Apothecary Furrows. He sells Withers to the Horde. (Alliances are able to obtain this pet only by doing a Quest.) If Apothecary Furrows is not there, then an Alliance has been there and killed him for one of the Alliance quests. Just hang out for a little bit and he should reappear soon!

If you don't want to jump off the edge, follow the trail all the way down and then turn left. Enter the room you see and turn left, go across the water and around the rock as above and you will find Apothecary Furrows.

What You Can Find in Orgrimmar

In Orgrimmar you will find Blax Battlesprocket roaming around The Drag area. He is not too hard to find. He is pushing a cart around selling his wares, the same ones you can buy in Dalaran from Jepetto Joybuzz and his assistant. He sells the Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot and the Toy Train Set, along with other fun toys!

Where Are the Rest of the Vanity Pets?

There are more vanity pets out there in the World of Warcraft you can get. If you also want to own the Alliance vanity pets there are several ways you can get them. You can visit the neutral auction house at Booty Bay in the Cape of Stranglethorn, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, or Everlook in Winterspring and buy them there. Or if you have an Alliance toon, you can gather them all up and sell them to a friend with a Horde toon on a neutral auction house, or vise versa. you cannot sell from one of your characters to another on the same account. Blizzard does not allow this.

When you get your character to higher levels there are NPC's friendly to Horde and Alliance that sell vanity companion pets, like the Calico Cat and Albino Snake. They are sold by a vendor in Outlands and a couple of vendors in Dalaran, a vendor in Booty Bay and a vendor in Thousand Needles.

Have fun on your journey to own these cute and creepy vanity pets!

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